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  1. Thanks for the replys, iv found a couple of bushes that need replacing, so it looks like im going to replace the lot, might as well while im under it lol. bring on the snow.
  2. Hi i recentley bought an 1997 disco, however when slowing down from speed it seems to veer a bit to the right, also when breaking it pulls a bit to the right. Im not sure where to start with this as the disco is pretty modded. Its got pro comp lift, correction arms on front and rear, disslocation cones, recip tyres (horrible things).What i have noticed on inspection is. 1 Rear anti roll bar removed 2 A braded hose on left front caliper, and a rubber on right caliper ?? I was thinking pre load on swivle bearings as i have done them before, but could it be the 2 points i have noticed as well. would putting an antiroll bar back on be advisable with a 5 inch lift? Thanks in advance for any input, i have got a few probs with this truck but this is my main concern.
  3. ok thanks, they are pro comp springs and dampers
  4. Hi i have been offered four springs and dampers 2" lift off a defender 90, what im wondering is if they will fit on my disco. Or will i have to mess about with any welding. thanks
  5. I have used lrdirect but i dont like the payment system, the garage k motors isnt far from me but i have found they dont allways have the items needed in stock. so i have been using buckley brothers in darwin, only thing with them is the website ordering service seems to charge you more for the parts than if you go in???
  6. buckley brothers in darwin, they have normally got everything in stock
  7. Cant comment on the others but i had a set of yellow britpart and alot of them didnt seem to fit right so i stuck with original landy ones.
  8. i did mine 2 week ago, used britpart housing, timken bearings. i was going to use the britpart bearings which came with the kit but was warned off. see my post.
  9. my diesel disco does this as well when im drivin like me dad. Allways wondered what it was ,i just drop the gear and give it a bit more juice.
  10. Yes i got one sat on me table, bought wrong one i needed abs, mail order never again. frc7065 swivel bearing top and bottom frc5105 swivel bottom bush at top
  11. My 14 year old disco no longer does its top speed like when it was new, and i have 23 year old defender same story. so the plod can suck eggs. Just drive carefully and stick to the legal speed limit, done
  12. Thanks for that but iv given up and im hoping this second hand stub will be sound. One can only cross fingers.
  13. Thanks alot, im going to get on it this aft.
  14. Hi 2 all, i am about to replace the bushes and links in the rear anti roll bar , it states in manual to rest axle on stands. I have 2 big ramps can i put the disco on them as if the wheels where on the ground and just unbolt the whole thing? Was just wondering what probs i would come across if i do that way. thanks
  15. Hi to all ,after stripping n/s because of binding noise found that there was no grease in housing , and stub axle bearing was ground too dust. I cant seem to free the various parts like the brass washer. any ideas???? thanks
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