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  1. Just do a search on eBay for remote servo. They're a popular retrofit to mini's and mg's so lots of kits are available. I have a single line servo from S3 in my 2a. Fitting involves removing the tie bar that goes from the bulkhead to the footwell and cutting the wing top and inner wing to give enough space for the servo. Alternatively you could fit a s3 front wing. If you do go remote servo you can mount it where you want so no cutting required.
  2. The guy that started the land rover orphanage works out of there now and yes they do know there stuff.
  3. I bought mine around 5 years ago and am perfectly happy with it - good fit and a good heavyweight canvas. A friend bought one around 6 months after me and it was completely different. Terrible fit and the canvas was really flimsy. If they still chop and change suppliers that quickly the only way to know is to get one and send it back if it's carp.
  4. I went to the Newbury sort out today and one of the stalls had a rear axle coil spring conversion for a SWB series. I've never seen one before and just wondered if anyone else has experience of them.
  5. Good few hours were wasted and some purchases made - some more useful than others. Bottle Jack Little bag of M8 washers Seat belt mounting brackets Washer bottle to replace my leaky one Small oil cooler All of £27 spent. Now I'm sat on the sofa with a glass of wine the oil cooler seems a little silly but it is in good nick and was only a fiver so not the end of the world.
  6. The place in Shrewton closed more than a year ago. That's if it's the one I think. On the left if heading west into village going down the hill. Anything I can't be bothered to do myself I pass on to a guy in Shaw just outside Melksham. He has a small workshop and only deals in cash so costs tend to be quite reasonable. Will PM details if needed.
  7. I drove it last March in a standard SWB 2a without too much trouble - not that it seems to matter anymore. A friend of a friend lives locally and is a mad keen mountain biker. He cycled it recently only to discover the steps have been packed with loose gravel and stone forming an even incline. Seems a waste of time and money to me but I'm sure the Park Authority know what's best.
  8. Oh. Paid to renew my membership last month too. Will see how I get on asking for a refund.
  9. Compton Bassett is now closed. Foxham under new management since last summer and have heard good reports about it since on this forum. Haven't been since their first week in charge though. Went to Minety last month and had a great day out. If I had to pick one I'd go for Minety I think - bigger site and not so much brick/block in the holes.
  10. I'll just add my 2 penneth worth as a paramedic and say not to pick off the scab as it does a pretty good job of keeping the outside outside. If it starts becoming more painful or the inflamed area increases and gets pussy you'll need a course of antibiotics from the GP. Big problem with burns is infection afterwards so keep an eye on it and stop sticking things in it. You have been warned ;-) Adrian
  11. What about a set of 750x16's then. Will fill the arches better than the 205's
  12. I removed the deafening, whining, worn out overdrive from mine a couple of years ago. Sent it off to a Landy transmission specialist who stripped it and replaced the worn parts for £150 IIRC. It was then listed on ebay as a recon unit with full explanation of works carried out and it sold for a very pleasing £650. Wont help with the initial purchase costs but it's worth bearing in mind as you may be able to recoup some cash later.
  13. The holes in the guard are all the same size and are too small to fit over the spring bolts so I'd have to drill out the holes. The only words of advice offered by Rebel were not to use the spring bolts but that seems the most obvious place to put it.
  14. Was given a rebel 4x4 steering guard for the 2a as a Christmas present. I offered it up to the vehicle yesterday and couldn't obviously see where best to fit it. Called rebel 4x4 this morning and they were less than helpful in providing any advice. Would be grateful if someone could explain how they've fitted theirs or post a pic before I get a big drill out. Adrian
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