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  1. 2. Find some windows that side open, and can fit 2 of down each side for maximum visibiity. I know they exist as have seen them on other 110's, and I know they are not the standard 110 SW windows, or TC rear windows. Anyone know what they are from / where to find them? Liveridge 4x4 supply & fit them to their 3 door 109/110 van conversions. www.liveridge4x4.com/Refurbs Fitted to my 110 Dormobile conversion.
  2. Hi Nige, What is happening about this ? My standing order is still being returned & have now had three increasingly snotty letters from my bank (NationWide) asking me to sort it out Should i cancel my S/O & do a new one ? Mark
  3. http://www.frost.co.uk/automotive-engine-and-mechanical-tools/bead-form-for-metal-tubing.html http://www.frostrochdale.com/swaging_machines.php
  4. Why don't you have a dormobile conversion on your 110 ? expensive but the best of both worlds & well worth it
  5. http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/10467/JEC500320-AUXILLARY-ENGINE-CABIN-HEATER-ASSEMBLY.html
  6. Accessories for the cf-p2 http://www.pan-toughbooks.com/panasonic-toughbook-cf-p2-accessories-86-c.asp
  7. what about a defender reversing light got one in the front of the 110 camper, plenty of light & cheap
  8. i took the starter out & stripped out the solenoid to find the two brass contacts were nearly worn through, so i cleaned them up & bent them a bit so they made contact with the spring loaded plunger thing problem solved for now cheers, Mark
  9. Hi, i have got a 1999/2000 2.0 turbo diesel (not td4 ) which has developed a problem over night the car was ok yesterday, but went to start it today, turn the key & nothing the dash lights all come on ok but the starter is not turning, I opened the bonnet & there is a loud buzzing noise coming from the injector pump when the ignition is switched on i tow started it with the defender & it fired up & ran ok with no problems, turned the enine off & tried to restart it on the key & nothing again Anyone got any ideas of where to start looking for the problem ?
  10. Hi, the three hole in the battery box on my 110 are, The battery negative cable- top right hand hole, Top left hand hole is the alarm immobiliser ecu wiring, - & the large hole on the bottom is the battery positive wire, hope this helps, Mark B)
  11. Hi Les, how much are they ? & how much for p&p cheers, Mark
  12. just done the same on my bumper, Shot blasted then galvanised which will hopefully keep the rust away for a while longer
  13. better than an air bed but a hell of a lot dearer from Dormobile
  14. Try Leggs http://www.legs.co.uk/pricing.html
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