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  1. Meddings - should be able to find a nice secondhand one for £200-£300. I've got a Meddings floor standing drill, my Dad has a bench mounted Startrite - both are fantastic tools, and i've no doubt both will outlive me.
  2. I would also leave the second spare wheel at home, and just take a tyre... I took 2 spare wheels to Bosnia and Morocco, and wouldn't bother agin, however I would chuck a spare part-work tyre on the roof rack just in case.
  3. I did a round trip to southern Bosnia in my old 300Tdi defender, which had over 100k on the clock - only problem I had was a knackered wheel bearing.. I also did a trip to Morocco in a >100k 300Tdi dsico in 2006 - only problem we had was a knackered Alternator.. I'd check your wheel bearings over, and make sure your cooling system is up to the job. Might be worth putting a spare fuel lift pump in your box of bits - and if the transfer box is on the way out keep an eye on it.
  4. i used really useful boxes in my disco.. good solution to the problem.
  5. Les is correct - slacken the nut off while holding the hex-key still, you can then turn the hex key a bit to adjust it, don't go mad though, as all you are doing is pushing the worm-gear assembly together.. half a turn should be enough. Then hold the hex key still while you tighten the locking nut back up.
  6. I will not buy cheap tools.. i've had a cheap hex-key split along its entire length and cut my hand, and several cheapie sockets break.. its just not worth it.
  7. I've got an LED Lenser Headfire revolution... cost about £18 from costco. It is dim-able, and has the option of a red LED to preserve night vision, it is as Bright as my D-Cell LED Mag-lite, and is my default choice for camping these days. I'd certainly recommend it... great value for money. Its just a shame I can't find a rubber strap for it as i'd like to use it for work on my hard hat...
  8. I've got loads of Halfords Pro stuff, most of it is around 5-7 years old.. the quality is superb and equal to any other pro tools on the market (except maybe Snap-on) - however i've noticed the stuff they are knocking out these days isn't quite so good... I'd recommend Teng or Britool as an alternative.
  9. i've got the 40-200NM one from Halfords - a great tool and will do most applications on your 'Rover.
  10. If you are using stainless against ally bodywork you should isolate the two with a plastic/rubber washer - the ally will rot incredibly quickly when placed next to stainless (galvanic corrosion) 8.8 tensile bolts are industry standard and perfectly acceptable for most applications, however if Landrover have fitted a higher tensile bolt you MUST replace like-for-like... Although regular A2/A4 stainless bolts are not tensile rated they are quite acceptable for non-loadbearing applications.
  11. ideally they shouldn't lose any air - however in reality they nearly all do.. As the others have said, paintbrush and soapy water round all the joints will help to track down any big leaks, which could be solved using PTFE tape...
  12. Photoshop is your friend ;o) I was going to call you tonight to find out when you are stopping by, but I guess that is also dependant on the DVLA??
  13. personally i'm a Garmin fan... have old school GPS V and a Nuvi 250W..
  14. ^^ what he said. The propane/butane would have mixed as a full solution while the gas was in the liquid phase, and will boil off as a mixture with properties between the two... Best bet is to not let the cylinder get too cold in the first place, then keep it as warm as poss while you are using it.
  15. I'd build a 100" defender hard top.. Buy a mid-90's 300Tdi disco MOT failure (could be as little as (£600 these days) A new galved 100" defender chassis (think Richards chassis do them for around £1200) a stack of defender body panels from autojumbles, with a bit of cunning you could build a really good 300Tdi, 100" defender for around 4k...
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