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  1. I'm still alive .......😆 I think there are still a load of pics on my build thread, happy to post any you need
  2. Thinking back (i'm getting old) I think you might be right, will have a delve in the old file and see what I produced for the actual test Right remembered now..... I proved age of the Engine using Engine code: (be one of 11L, 12L and 13L) and productions years 89-92 IIRC and they were satisfied with that and listed emmisions as N/A
  3. When I had mine SVA'd trying to get anything out of Land Rover, was like pulling teeth with a grinder ........ They accepted the emmisions from the official Land Rover Workshop manual in the end as it was a 200Tdi and that was quite limites in production year so they also accepted that as age Mine was SVA'd as a commercial so any info I can give is prob useless for IVA 😃
  4. I popped into Glos store on Saturday on the off chance, they had 6 allocated to the store, four were sold the other two were knicked 😮
  5. Its also worth having a look a WAZE on your phone
  6. I had a look-see locally but all gone, be good to see what I've missed out on
  7. I shall be along selling a few bits - yes I am still alive 🤣
  8. B curve are generally domestic type, C & D cater for a greater current in-rush on start up for motors, inverters, transformers etc, D taking the highest, the downside is they have a lower maximum earth loop impedance value (Zs) to meet the disconnection time within the requirements of the Regulations unless they are RCD/RCBO protected which is 1667 Ohms for a 30mA
  9. When the torque converter has fully located onto the pump it is essential to then measure the distance from the bellhousing front face to the torque converter feet ( also known as the flange that the flexplate is bolted to). This may help IIRC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygYQpd29ipY Its been a long while since I did mine so hopefully correct
  10. Ralph, Where is the thread re: the bilge pump boost, looked but cant find it, search not working correctly on works PC for some reason Many thanks
  11. Mann and Humell - Pro-vent would be my choice for crankcase
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