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  1. CV joint failure

    Must admit If I was buying Ashcroft CV's and you knowing what the Raptor stuff is like, I'd be bunging some cheap CV's in and saving for Ashcroft shafts - as above if the go, they are going to chew everything up, and it will find the weak link !
  2. Please some give me some good news

    As above magnet in through the slave hole ( Hmm ..........that just dont sound right )
  3. ibex 300 build

    When I did the SVA I drove it, there and back Just had with me insurance, an MOT cert to prove it was road worthy (not sure if you can do this now with it being electronic), copies of all the paperwork showing it was booked in, receipts for all the major components) just in case I was stopped bearing in mind I had no number plate lol
  4. Paint

    Glad you got it sorted mate
  5. Fairey Overdrive manual

  6. Fairey Overdrive manual

  7. ibex 300 build

    Having been there for the SVA,and thinking - I have I done this right, have I done that right etc etc wishing you all the best
  8. Series radiator heater matrix replacement

    Heater core arrived from Motorads today, not had chance to look at it yet, but well packaged and next day delivery. will do a build/pics on my thread when I do it
  9. Lock up swivel

    sounds like above, not seated correctly, you should a a bit of end float to shim out
  10. Discovery one inhibitor switch

    Reverse switch = Brown Light Green with Brown Trace Auto Inhibit = Black Black with light green trace
  11. 1996 discovery autobox wiring colours

    Its in my thread linky below.....somewhere lol Reverse switch = Brown Light Green with Brown Trace Auto Inhibit = Black Black with light green trace
  12. Series radiator heater matrix replacement

    Glad this came up, looking to swap out the one on mine this summer as its lukewarm at best, was going to go for Alisport one, but may take a punt at one of these
  13. 300TDi Non Starter After Fuel Filter Change

    I have a Delphi Lift pump, with a flanged engine bracket, but no spacer, changed the fuel filter at the weekend, opened the bleed nipple and only get a trickle, should it fire everywhere or is that it ?? ..might be the same issue
  14. New Work bench advice

    Do not get a Machine Mart one----total Carp well the one I had was flimsy as fupp, got a metal welders one in the end