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  1. Thinking back (i'm getting old) I think you might be right, will have a delve in the old file and see what I produced for the actual test Right remembered now..... I proved age of the Engine using Engine code: (be one of 11L, 12L and 13L) and productions years 89-92 IIRC and they were satisfied with that and listed emmisions as N/A
  2. When I had mine SVA'd trying to get anything out of Land Rover, was like pulling teeth with a grinder ........ They accepted the emmisions from the official Land Rover Workshop manual in the end as it was a 200Tdi and that was quite limites in production year so they also accepted that as age Mine was SVA'd as a commercial so any info I can give is prob useless for IVA 😃
  3. I popped into Glos store on Saturday on the off chance, they had 6 allocated to the store, four were sold the other two were knicked 😮
  4. Its also worth having a look a WAZE on your phone
  5. I had a look-see locally but all gone, be good to see what I've missed out on
  6. I shall be along selling a few bits - yes I am still alive 🤣
  7. B curve are generally domestic type, C & D cater for a greater current in-rush on start up for motors, inverters, transformers etc, D taking the highest, the downside is they have a lower maximum earth loop impedance value (Zs) to meet the disconnection time within the requirements of the Regulations unless they are RCD/RCBO protected which is 1667 Ohms for a 30mA
  8. Hypothetical interest here as well ...
  9. When the torque converter has fully located onto the pump it is essential to then measure the distance from the bellhousing front face to the torque converter feet ( also known as the flange that the flexplate is bolted to). This may help IIRC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygYQpd29ipY Its been a long while since I did mine so hopefully correct
  10. Ralph, Where is the thread re: the bilge pump boost, looked but cant find it, search not working correctly on works PC for some reason Many thanks
  11. Mann and Humell - Pro-vent would be my choice for crankcase
  12. D2 - IMHO but trying to find one that's not rotten is going to be the challenge
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