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  1. Chevron / Unit designation ?

    In 2003 on Operation Telic/Operation Iraqi Freedom, the coalition marking was a chevron pointing to the left as you viewed it - so that, on the right hand side of a vehicle it pointed to the rear, on the left hand side it pointed to the front. In 1990/91, on Operation Granby/Operation Desert Storm, the coalition marking was a chevron pointing upwards.
  2. 300 tdi low coolant alarm

    There might be some in my build thread linky below....
  3. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Ohhh....Nice work and shiney
  4. Seem to remember I drilled all mine out !, but its been a while TBH
  5. New Member Logos !!!!!

    Well I'm under review...ready for the chop it seems..............
  6. Great pics Dave, I really ought to get the new bus down there, its been a long time since I was last there
  7. Fuel Filler design

    http://www.lrsoffroad.co.uk/COR203.html I used one of these.. but boy its gone up in cost since I got one
  8. Rattler's Bulkhead swap

    Nice work - GLWS
  9. Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/heat-shielding-protection/nimbus-lite-heat-shield This perhaps ?
  10. Defender 90 Rear prop alignment

    Yes - its the yokes that will not align by roughly 5 degrees, the nose of the diff does angle very slightly upwards due to the King set up, but no more that the tray back used to and that was fine with a normal rear prop in, looks like I picked up a old dog one TBH, the one from Gwyn was ordered late Friday and it arrived by 11am this morning cant ask for better than that
  11. Defender 90 Rear prop alignment

    Thanks for the replies, bit the bullet and ordered one from Gwyn Lewis, cant be having with faffing about, hopefully it'll cure it, knowing my luck however it prob wont make any difference
  12. Lumenition install instructions

  13. Defender 90 Rear prop alignment

    But would'nt that then be miss alligned ? I'll try and get a picture
  14. Defender 90 Rear prop alignment

    Cheers Western, Thing it they will not go in-line ?, they are always out of phase I can get it close, but go another spline and its way out, go 180 and its the same
  15. Hi Chaps, Been having a few vibrations ever since it want back on the road, so time to try and sort it out, It's through the tranmission mainly on acceleration between 35-60, removed the rear prop and its very slightly out of alignment by about 5-10 degrees where they are supposed to be in-line, no matter how how move it around it won't line up. surprised I missed it when putting it together TBH So could this be the cause or be at least adding to it anyway ? and as the prop was bought 2nd hand could it be a front which is supposed to be mis aligned albeit by much more sold as a rear/ or a mis-matched - cobbled one one ? Cheers