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  1. So is the daytime session going onto 4/5pm as usual? Just wondering what to do about food on the Saturday night as sounds like wont have time for the pub and will have a cook up at camp instead?
  2. They are the same seats in the MGZR but the subframes are flat in the MGZS. Just needed to grind off a small spacer under the base of the frame to fit them flush.
  3. I fitted MGZS seats in mine. Need to be a short arse though as they make you sit up quite high.
  4. Just looked at the exhibitor list and was surprised to see that Foundry 4x4 aren't on there? Was hoping to have a look at the X-eng pedal lock thingy . Oh well, it'l still be a good day! Neil
  5. Well the fluid is held within the same canister.... But I feel I may have rushed that post , as the brake fluid and clutch fluid are seperate!
  6. Have got a slight leak on my clutch master cylinder (oil dribbling down pedal) and obviously have got air in the system now as my clutch pedal has no feel till it goes about 2" off the floor. I am going to replace both the slave and the master cylinder and also the rubber pipe between them all in one go. Whats the best order to do this in? And at what stage bleed it through? I have the original bean can on my 2a so obviously dont want to get too low a fluid in there else I may have to bleed the brakes as well?
  7. Cheers for that!! Often wondered why
  8. I keep meaning to ask....What is the purpose of having a "small" peice of air hose between the tool and the main air line?
  9. I havent been to one in ages myself Ralph, not sure they are still having one? I will be in Lincolnshire then so wont be able to attend even if there is a meet.
  10. Got a link to your thread Nige? I tried "search" but couldnt find it. Its ok Nige, Google found it for me!
  11. Saw those for sale at Newbury on Sunday too. Don't know who it was though sorry, but might help jog someone else's memory.
  12. Would probably be able to borrow off a mate of mine his trailer and a winch or persuade him to help me. Could always use your new winch ( oh but you haven't fitted it yet!!) lol
  13. Thanks for the offer Fridge, but I always carry one! Fitted the other new prop tonight and took it out for a test drive and was a totally different beast. No vibration whatsoever, so must of been the prop at fault. 7 sisters here we come!!
  14. Have just picked up another new prop that I will fit tonight and see if there is a difference. Might end up coming down the M4 with just one prop on at this rate, and fitting the second one on site at 7 sisters then removing for homeward journey!
  15. Some play in the diff but not a huge amount out of tolerance.
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