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  1. Yep, got this. My confusion was that this is a non-modified setup on level ground with no load. But what I hadn't appreciated (and pointed out by you) is that a very small adjustment of the stop makes a big difference. In my case 2 things caused the rubbing. One was chunkier tyres. The other being wear on the axle where the stop bolt makes contact so the left wheel could turn just that bit more. As you say, a mm makes a big difference. So sorted for me, and i may put some rubber/plastic caps on the bolts to prevent the wear on the axle with the required re-setup of the stop-bolt (shorten it).
  2. If I put the washers between the locknut and the hub, i.e. on the outboard side, it would effectively shorten the max length of the stop bolt, yes? On the inboard side they would do nothing, except rattle around. If I did have a problem getting a long enough stop, only way would be to replace with a longer bolt, I think.
  3. Outside of Australian forums, seems to be no wide experience of these tyres. However.... Cooper France and their distributor were very quick to respond and helpful, but said that supplies would remain poor until end of summer. So decided that the Hankooks looked a good bet and went looking for the best price. Then out-of-the-blue while I was looking at a site I have searched before, I found some St Maxx 245/70R16 at a good price. No idea where they turned up from. So ordered them quickly, and waiting for delivery. Let's see what they are like!
  4. gave the left hand stop-bolt a turn out, and seems to have stopped the rubbing. Note my question wasn't the fact that there was rubbing , just that both sides looked to have the same stop settings and only one side was rubbing. If both sides were touching, no issue. Anyway, where the stop bolt contacts the flange on the axle, there is a bit of wear. Assume enough to reduce clearance and with the chunkier tyres.... Got some 245/70 R16 on the way. Not remoulds (actually found some ST Maxx). So will see where that puts me. Might put some plastic or rubber caps on the bolt heads to reduce the wear while I'm adjusting everything
  5. Thanks. Had sort of arrived at the "try adjusting them anyway" conclusion! Will start with a short campaign of using some releasing oil, and then try to loosen the lock nut.
  6. Rims are the 3 spoke RR type, alloy. Not sure of the offset value. Don't really want the expense of a new set of rims! Can get various tyre sizes, but not in the type of tyre I want, Cooper Discoverer St Maxx. Seems there is a real shortage of them, and Cooper reckon it will be late summer before the situation gets any better. 225/75 is an option but for some reason that size is way too pricey. I realise that I will get a reduce turning circle, but want to reduce obvious rubbing for the CT (=MOT). But looks like on my vehicle I am already at maximum (or is that minimum?), at least turning right.
  7. I have 2 sets of 235/70 r16 tyres. One set of )not very rugged) Michelins and a set of Ins Turbo Traction Track. The Michelins are fine, but the Insas rub the radius arm on full right lock. Plenty of clearance on the other side (left lock). The stop bolts seem to be about the same, and nearly fully out on both sides. Anything else to look at to explain the difference? Anything else to do to limit the lock slightly? Longer stop-bolts? I want to get a new set of tyres and can only find 245/70. Should be fine in most respects but don't want them to rub too much
  8. flexibles? Pads moving freely, pistons not jamming?
  9. Any comparison with other tyres? I have no idea how KL71's performed, were they OK for an MT? If the MT51's are only slightly better than a normal MT on wet roads, then that is not too good in overall terms! Any experience in light snow? I assume you get some in the Peak District 😀
  10. Can only find the Kumho MT71 on the US site (along with MT51, KL71 is gone), seems to not be available in Europe. And on the US site, the sizes are no good for me, so I think this may be a non-starter unless I wait a while. I am aware that there are always some penalties for using more MT style tyres. The open lateral path is what makes them good at clearing, but also generates noise and rolling resistance. That is why these hybrid styles have become more popular, with an open outer tread and an interlocking central pattern. My old BFG Trac Edges were perfect. Some more noise than my ATs, just that "is my wheel bearing on its way out" noise level. Not the airplane-landing-howl that the Insa Turbos have, even with an identical pattern. And the Trac Edge gave me enough grip in mud without giving too much away on the road.
  11. As said in the original post, I want a more aggressive AT (Hybrid is a term used in some places). I had a set of BFG ATs, and while good for road, stone tracks and dry(ish) grass/mud, they are totally useless on the sticky clay mud that I have round here. One turn of the wheel and the interlocking tread fills with what is effectively a thick layer of grease, and even a 6-wheel drive would be no use. Same for most normal AT tyres. ATs are also not so hot on deeper snow, or at least not as good as MT-like tyres. But full MTs leave a lot to be desired on wet tarmac and thin/shallow snow. This is why so many lament the passing of the old BFG Trac Edge, and why quite a few manufacturers are heading this Hybrid route. Goodyear Duratrac (not really available outside of the US), Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX (but as I said, I'll have to wait quite a few months till they are available again in the size range I need), Maxxis, but size issues for me. The nearest I can get are the two I mentioned, unless any other suggestions? 225 up to 245, 77 or 70 R16. Please go on saying BFG ATs, great tyres for a lot of people, a poor compromise for others.
  12. oops, got my numbers wrong, should be Kumho MT51. Hankook MT2 sometimes called the RT01
  13. Hi all, looking for a new set of tyres. Currently running on Insa Turbo Traction Track. Great tyres for grip etc, but noisy and put a dent in fuel consumption. Plus they still run at about €100 a tyre and as remoulds, their life is shorter! Looking for an "aggressive" AT (like the Traction track and the long gone BFG Trac Edge). Cooper ST Maxx look great, but at the moment getting them in the size I need is very hard (confirmed by Cooper France). So looking at what is available, came up with the Kumho MT52 and the Hankook MT2. Not so much independent info about them around, other than Australian sites and there the conditions are a bit different to Europe 🙂 . But generally seem good in terms of off-road mud and dry earth etc. So has anyone any experience with either of these around road noise, grip in shallow snow, wet road etc.?
  14. The Norauto pink (VW, GM etc. approval) does state O.A.T compatible on the label. I need to use this for my old Saab.
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