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  1. No permanent-live connection wire? Orange or yellow normally. If not connected could be causing memory features to drop. If just the code, check if there is an internal button battery that may have gone flat.
  2. OK, assumed the 60A was a "last resort" level. Off to sort out some wire (5.7 or 6mm2) and an inline fuse . I'll probably expose as much of the existing NO wire (attached to the connector) as I can and cut/join that to the new fuse. Of course I'll put an insulated connector on the bit left sticking out of the harness/loom. It's dead right now but might spontaneously fix itself some day 🔥 By the time I get the bits and find time in the next few days, the weather will be warmer and I won't need the plugs, but it'll be ready for next winter 🙂
  3. The NO and YB wires have an exterior dia of about 6 mm, which would be 5.7 or 6 mm2 section . This is rated 42 or 50A. Sound about right? 60A is 8.5mm2 , a bit heavy to work with!
  4. Thanks. Is the NO line always live, i.e. not switched by the ignition key? But you are right, i can't see any in-line fuse. The wire goes into a loom enclosed in hard plastic flexible trunking, then branches. I one of the branches does head to the adjacent fuse box, but no easy way to trace the wire route without making a mess. So as suggested, take a live feed with 60A fuse. May try one of the waterproof trip/reset ones you can get. About the same price as a conventional waterproof inline fuse!
  5. 97 Disco, 300TDI LHD. Some help needed please to understand what I should be seeing. No power getting to the wire on the glow plugs (0 volts) . Relay clicks on and off, light on the dash goes on and off. Relay/timer situated right behind the fuse box near the battery. It has 4 smaller black wires and 2 large , a Brown/Orange (N/O) and a Black Yellow (B/Y). I guess the B/Y is the feed to the plugs. The N/O has no power to it (0 volts), even with the key turned to the position where the plugs should operate. I am assuming this is the problem. Am I right that the N/O should be live? Any idea where it goes to? It disappears into a loom, and it's a hard plastic covered example. Is there a fuse somewhere? Any help or ideas appreciated. cheers
  6. zoom in on the pic and look at the roof line. You can clearly see where the image has been "doubled".
  7. If only they might consider ramping up production.... Parts of the armed forces might be interested!
  8. Yep, looks like it! The floor-dip must be a later addition/modification. Probably after the other one broke a few times.... Thanks, will relay the info to my friend. cheers
  9. HI, asking for some help for a friend. He recently acquired a 1955 Series 1. It's an ex-Swiss fire -service vehicle, and has been maintained to very high standards. No rust and all original (including the soft top). Along with nice big chromed horns/klaxon on the wing, there is something we can't work out. On the steering wheel hub, above centre, is a small knurled brass knob/button. Can't tell if its to push, pull, or turn (don't want to force it). Engraved next to it on the plastic hub is a small curved arrow pointing clockwise, and the word "DIP". It has a floor dip-switch, so anyone any idea or seen this before? cheers for any info.
  10. Intercooler blocked? EGR stuck wide open?
  11. Thanks, that got me what I want, type is RV8P. Had been looking around, and found a part number CWE10032L. But this got prices of €60! The standard key code can be of as low as €4-€6. Bit of a difference!
  12. Hi all, recently moved from long term RR classic ownership (excessive bodywork rust problems) to a '97 Disco 300TDI. Basically in very good shape (the car, not me) but with a few small things to sort out (squeaky belt tensioner pully, whistling turbo...) and one simple thing; I have only 2 keys. one for the door/fuel and one for the ignition. Went to the local key cutting place, but this being France they couldn't find a blank. Looked on the Rimmer site, plenty of key-blanks to choose from, but no indication of which type for a Disco 1. Not easy to tell by looking at my key and comparing with the pictures, and no code or indication on the keys that I have. Anyone happen to know if these are standard for the Disco, and what type they are? cheers
  13. OK, found it. It cut out and I accidentally hit my knee on the steering column. Wipers started. Some time ago I had replace the switch on the back of the ignition, and one of the connections had become a bit loose. The White with red trace, 4mm feed.
  14. Any hint where these links are? My manuals are on CD, and my laptop with CD reader is dead. So first job is to get an external box for my other laptop... cheers
  15. 93 200TDI classic Driving alone in the rain, then heard the radio give it's "turned off beeps", wipers stopped working, electric windows stopped just short of destination. Lights, indicators, rear screen heater, interior lights all working. Checked fuses anyway (all on different circuits) and none broken. Got out of the car, wiggled wires under the bonnet, no change. So gave in, decided to do what I had travelled for and limp home. But getting back into the car, suddenly all came back on. Anyone any idea of a common point for these items?
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