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  1. Hi to All: I would like to know if it extractor in Amazon is suitable for the steering pointers of Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Discovery 1 and 2. Its look very strong but I don't know if it is too small or not https://www.amazon.com/EWK-Splitter-Separator-Remover-Extractor/dp/B00H8KLGT4/ref=nav_ya_signin?keywords=ball+joint+extractor&qid=1560538421&s=gateway&sr=8-25& Thank
  2. Hi to all: The discovery Td5 uses the arm of Cluth Fork N ° 576137 of casting. Is this the same as using the clutch fork arm of santana 3576138? Are they interchangeable? Can it be used in a Tdi 300 to impersonate the lightest of sheet steel? The modelo 576137 is used in others LR like a 101, Disco V8, and Td5 too, is the same that use the Serie 3 made in England? Thanks
  3. Hello all. For my D1 I will make a "Home Made" Camel style snorkel, and would like tu make it in 3" tube. The question is if it is possible, If the 3" tube will enter good in the front mud-guard correctly. Is The Mantec Camel version made in 2.5" or 3" tube ? Thanks
  4. Gracias.....................Arjan
  5. Hi, The exact color for the roof in serie 3 109 English or Spain Made, is Limestone? or other kind of white? And the color of the Wheels? Limestone too? The General color will be: MID GREY Year of the Serie 3 109= 1979 Thanks
  6. I recently purchased part of LR on the 4island-4x4.co.uk The payment used in this case was PayPal. The payment was made in two parts, one for the parts and another for the shipment. We are from Uruguay, far from England ... very difficult to make a complaint The days passed ..... and no news of my purchases. Some emails were sent to island-4x4.co.uk ......... No replies were received. Total Quiet on the 4island-4x4.co.uk (?????¿¿¿¿¿) A total lack of respect for customers. I had to turn to PayPal to be told something. Very bad procedure of this company In several cases I bought LR parts in England in differents LR Parts stores and never had problems with them. I'm going to advise my Uruguayan friends not to use that supplying house H. Enrique de Soto Club Land Rover Uruguay http://www.clublandroveruruguay.org/
  7. Hi to all I would like to change my original manual radio antenna AM FM for a full electric one. What brand and model would be the correct one? Thanks to all Enrique
  8. hosting imagenes BaileyMorris sent me the correct flange yoke Thanks to all. Enrique
  9. zim : I am from Uruguay, and here is little the list of LR parts in the stores and used parts western: Thanks for your link. I will search here. Do you know the part list in Hardy Spicer or similar? Muttland
  10. For my news PROPELLOR SHAFT in progress I need same JOINT-PROPSHAFT (27 mm x 92mm) plate to fix them . This is the plate I need: I need 3 of them, if some of you know where is possible to by them. I will apreciate this data
  11. I need 4 wide angle flange yoke for the joint SPICER U354 or Hardy Spicer Joint TVB 100610 But I do not know the code of them. I will use and will modify a Humvee Propshaft with U354 Joint very similar to H.S. TVB 100610 I will appreciate that data. Humvee Propshaft Thanks
  12. I am making a new couple of PROPSHAFT Here in Uruguay I will use a par of new Spicer Humvee PROPSHAFT to do these. The Humvee JOINT (U354 ¿?) is the same of the LR Hardy Spicer TVB 100610 But the Humvee Plate (flange yoke) of the join IS DIFERENT. More bigger . And the length of the propshaft will change too. I need the wide angle LR Plates (flange yoke) to do my news propshafts I would like to buy 4 wide angle LR plate (flange yoke) bUt I do not know the correct number in Spicer or Hardy Spicer, if some one know the code i will appreciate. NOTE: Is imposible to import from england a par of LR propshaft . The cost will be very very hi Humvee Propshaft Standart defender Plate and Join Hardy Spicer
  13. Tanuki thanks for your replay In a deap searching I found this article. http://www.aulro.com/afvb/1522158-post30.html
  14. Hi to all, For a trailer connector I need the male connector for this defender female connector. where I could buy one? sube imagenes Thanks
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