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  1. Very thanks. yes, This price Is high , But in eBay USA the price Is less than it. (https://www.amazon.com/-/es/Laser-6728-Herramienta-acampanamiento-tuberías/dp/B01N39OIKA) Laser Is a good tools productor in uk not?? Or they import all from china or india?
  2. What type of FLARE has the discovery 1 in the brake lines? Tuve: 3/16" Double flare terminal? Bobble flare terminal? Is a good option the Laser flare tools 6728 to make some repairs? https://www.lasertools.co.uk/product/6728 Thanks
  3. Hi to All: I would like to know if it extractor in Amazon is suitable for the steering pointers of Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Discovery 1 and 2. Its look very strong but I don't know if it is too small or not https://www.amazon.com/EWK-Splitter-Separator-Remover-Extractor/dp/B00H8KLGT4/ref=nav_ya_signin?keywords=ball+joint+extractor&qid=1560538421&s=gateway&sr=8-25& Thank
  4. Hi to all: The discovery Td5 uses the arm of Cluth Fork N ° 576137 of casting. Is this the same as using the clutch fork arm of santana 3576138? Are they interchangeable? Can it be used in a Tdi 300 to impersonate the lightest of sheet steel? The modelo 576137 is used in others LR like a 101, Disco V8, and Td5 too, is the same that use the Serie 3 made in England? Thanks
  5. Hello all. For my D1 I will make a "Home Made" Camel style snorkel, and would like tu make it in 3" tube. The question is if it is possible, If the 3" tube will enter good in the front mud-guard correctly. Is The Mantec Camel version made in 2.5" or 3" tube ? Thanks
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