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  1. Don Del

    Maxtrax Alternatives

    Anybody out there with experience of the Britpart lookalike for the Maxtrax sand track? The Maxtrax units are eye wateringly expensive at the best of times but by the time you add approximately 150% to get them shipped and customs cleared to where I live (La Paz, Bolivia) it is hard to swallow. The Britpart units are more reasonably priced but........???? Cheers, Del
  2. Don Del

    Truetrac Selection

    The 24-23 Ashcroft shafts and CVs are on the wish list for next year! The ATB, Truetrac and various other necessary bits and pieces have got as far as Frankfurt courtesy of TNT. With a bit of luck I should be in possession of everything by the end of next week and on schedule to have everything installed by the end of the month. Feedback will definitely be forthcoming! Cheers, Del
  3. Don Del

    Truetrac Selection

    Many thanks to everyone for their input. After a bit more checking I have decide to follow Red 90's suggestion and I placed an order today with Ashcroft for one of their ATB units for the front and a Truetrac for the rear. I have ordered up the additional parts that will be needed from MM4x4.With shipping and custom's clearance I don't expect to be in a position to start on the installation before the beginning of February. But all in all a good start to the New Year!
  4. Don Del

    Truetrac Selection

    Thanks for the reply confirming selection and the links. I would be interested to hear why you would recommend the Ashcroft unit over the Truetrac for the front. Cheers Del
  5. Don Del

    Truetrac Selection

    After agonizing about it for a couple of years I have decided to fit Truetrac differentials fron and rear on my '99 Defender Station Wagon 110. The chassis number is XA159828 and the front axle serial number is M1400125A. The rear axle is a Salisbury unit and the half shafts have 24 splines all round. From my research I have identified part number DTL-912A407 for the front and TT912A593 for the rear. I am located in Bolivia and I spoke with one supplier in the States today and they didn't exactly inspire confidence in the selection of the right units which is understable considering the rarity of Defenders there. When you consider the base cost plus shipping plus customs duty and no possibility of exchange you can appreciate why it is important that I get the selection right. I am fairly confident that I have picked the right units but I would appreciate it if someone can put my mind at rest!
  6. Done! I feel a right pratt because I only posted out of desperation after having made numerous searches of the site without any success. Cheers, Del
  7. Has anybody got an ignition advance map for a MegaJolt unit suitable for a bog standard 3.5. Please not the one from Autosport Labs! At a push a map for a Megasquit installation would do it would just mean a bit of time with some graph paper. Cheers, Del
  8. Don Del

    Britpart X-Column lock protector

    Many thanks for the replies. And as Litch says "Another layer of security". I think I will definiteiy get out my credit card details and get one ordered. Cheers, Del
  9. Don Del

    Britpart X-Column lock protector

    Western thank you for the link. But does it do what it says on the tin? Del
  10. I recently came across an advertisement for a steering column lock protector manufactured by Britpart. Any comments on the quality and usefulness this device would be appreciated. Cheers, Del
  11. Don Del

    3.5 V8 Vee Belt Tensioner Bearing

    Thanks again Neil. The next time I'm in the UK I will get a complete unit to bring back. Cheers, Del
  12. Don Del

    3.5 V8 Vee Belt Tensioner Bearing

    Neil, Thank you for the information. Del
  13. I have been thinking about simple things that could cause me grief in the middle of nowhere and started to think about the water pump vee belt tensioner bearing. Checking on the John Craddock site they are offering a replacement bearing for £82.42 ex vat and a complete tensioner unit for £44.78 also ex vat, make of that what you will. The price for the bearing seems a little excessive to put it mildly! I was wondering if anybody out there happens to know what the bearing part number is from a supplier such as Timken or SKF? I know the LR part number is 614154 but that doesn't get me far and I don't feel like stripping out the tensioner to find out either!! According to the JC site the same tensioner is fitted to the 200Tdi engine. Any assistance gratefully received. Cheers, Del
  14. Don Del

    Rear View Mirror

    I knew it would be something bl***y obvious, duhhh! Thanks ballcock.

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