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  1. easytiger

    Faulty Stat?

    I generally fill through the plug on the rad and then do as Ralph suggests and finally check that the heater is getting hot before replacing the cap.
  2. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    It will be interesting going forward as it seems that Marsland are now branded as Britpart (not sure if the Chassis' are delivered in blue boxes LOL). It also proved impossible for me to get a price directly from Marsland and when I got a dealer to enquire for me I was told £2500 + the dreaded (£3k), although I did see that Rimmers (who list them at £3031) are offering to price match on them
  3. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    No doubt this is the case, the guy from Shielder did say that it is a nightmare dealing with people who ring half a dozen times asking questions and then perhaps don't even buy.
  4. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    They use 2.5m steel for the legs same as Richards and 4mm for rear x member, bolt in gear box x member as standard. They don't remove any excess galv from bolt holes but the chassis they had on display didn't look bad TBH. Guess I'll see when it arrives in 3 weeks! I'll be sure to put up a rebuild thread and let you all know what it is like.
  5. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    Thanks for this Peaklander, I did a bit of digging on this and am told that Marsland are now supplying Britpart, hence the trade only status. Mark
  6. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    Update! Trip to Peterborough for the LRO Show yesterday and did a cash deal with Shielder for a new galv chassis, about £700 cheaper and lead time of 3 weeks. Now busy studying @western's chassis swap thread to see what else I need before it lands.
  7. easytiger

    Alternative level plug for Salisbury axle?

    What a cool piece of bling - I want one!
  8. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I should have ordered at the start of the summer when I thought about it. But I decided not to mainly because of the lead in time, I put a new engine in in July and had thought to do both jobs together but when the lead in time meant this wasn't possible and the truck passed its test I decided against, at that stage there were no real signs of how bad the chassis was. Tried ringing Shielder chassis on Weds, still waiting on a call back so still trawling around trying to find best price / lead time combination UGH!
  9. easytiger

    defender 200tdi injectors

    Sorry I don't have the answer to your problem, but I can recommend someone if you need to get your injectors tested / refurbished. I used http://www.bobbeckfuelinjection.co.uk/ and they tested the injectors for free, then refurbished them with new nozzles at £40 each (others had quoted £100 each). Mark
  10. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    Yes was about to place an order but thought I would ring to check lead in time first. Hadn't thought to have a trawl around the parts suppliers though so doing that now thanks @reb78 . really need something sooner than 10 weeks or the truck is going to be off the road all winter!
  11. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    Thanks Toby, I rang them earlier this week, the lady who answered said that they are now only taking trade enquiries and wouldn't even entertain discussing prices or availability with me. So I got somebody who is an independent LR specialist to ring them for a price, he came back with £3k (I've no idea if he added a handling charge). Cheers Richard I'll have a look.
  12. easytiger

    Chassis purchase

    Hi I'm finally ready to take the plunge and fit my truck with a galv chassis but sourcing this is becoming a bit of a nightmare: Marsland will only supply to trade customers and are expensive Designa not currently making defender chassis only series stuff Richards quote me 10 to 12 week delivery time and there is anecdotal evidence that they often miss deadlines. Bearing in mind that the truck is already off the road now and even if they delivered in 8 weeks i still need to t wash, prime, paint and waxoyl before fitting so that is an extended period VOR. Which brings me to Shielder, an Irish supplier that I haven't heard of before who are substantially cheaper than Richards but I am a little nervous about making such a key purchase from an unknown maker. I wonder if anyone has any experience of their products or work? Thanks Mark
  13. easytiger

    110 1991 CSW door lock barrels & ignition switch

    I bought this set from sp4x4. https://www.sp-4x4.com/QRF100880_DEFENDER_IGNITION_LOCK_SET_p/qrf100880-3.htm it does get you away from the many key situation but I fear that it does little to boost security.
  14. easytiger

    sheared body mount 110 csw

    Owning two Land rovers I am of course both time and cash poor LOL.
  15. easytiger

    sheared body mount 110 csw

    Thanks for your replies. Just to put everyones mind at rest the truck is off the road. The damaged occurred in Scotland and I took it to an MOT garage for temporary repairs. They plated both sides with 3mm steel to get me home. The front half of the chassis is in much better shape than the rear so I'm considering a half chassis from the people Mike mentioned. Has anyone had any dealings with RCP at Southam in Worcs? Thanks Mark

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