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  1. I was looking around like yourself finally found it was easiest to use a local stainless exhaust shop they are happy to knock up whatever i want however i want it im just going for stainless pipe out of the wing top and then either a mushroom or a K&N on the end Im using www.tonybanks.co.uk if thats of any help to you all the best James
  2. Hey guys Just wondering if anyone has to hand the diameter of a 200tdi turbo hose. many thanks James
  3. thank you for your help your a star James
  4. thank you for your help your a star James
  5. thank you I have some of the plastic bowls will they work with the military headlights? Also would you recommend anywhere to buy some new ones from or is LR parts counter my only option ? thank you very kindly James
  6. I have been struggling for a while now to find the right headlamp units for my defender this is the type I have / want i also would like the numbers for the relevant backing bowls if possible many thanks James
  7. i have the protection and performance truck cab cage on with a single diaganol bar across the rear hoop http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4068/4404196046_6552183e2f_o.jpg crappy picture taken on my phone its awkward to take a picture of the cage in situ on the body at the moment as the body is just waiting for paint i was thinking along the lines of welding a length of bar from the rear supports the the back of the truck cab and making a plate to bolt it to the cab and then the harness to this plate also mostly just looking at ways of doing a neat job on it without dropping the 500 quid that devon 4x4 want thanks for your time James
  8. I am going to be fitting 4 point harnesses in my 90 truck cab and i was wondering if anyone had come up with some neat solution of fixing them to the roll cage preferable one that doesent cost the earth from D44 And also where should i fix the lower points ? I have been told that the mounts must go to the chassis or the cage is this correct ? Thanks James
  9. Really hope this happens and hope I've finished rebuilding my truck in time to partake I initally started my build with winch challenges in mind but then the more I read about the gear needed and the expense to buy most of it along with me not really wanting to get in the way of the " big boys " I went off the idea so this to me as someone totally new to this event sounds fantastic ! James
  10. I'm thinking about fitting some small twin headlights to my truck but don't know if I will run into any legal/mot issues if I do i was looking at this set. http://motorcycleproducts.co.uk/catalogue/dominator-twin-round-headlamp-set-matt-black-p-17142.html Thanks in advance for any advice. James
  11. what made you decided on the nanocom rather than the hawkeye ? if you dont mind me askin Thanks James
  12. yes i saw that but from reading the blurb on the nanocom it only comes with settings for one vehicle too does it not ?
  13. hi A mate of mine asked me to post up and ask which is the better between the hawkeye and the nanocom devices would be for his disco 2 defender and range rover any advice that i could pass along to him would be great many thanks James
  14. I havent even started thinking about the ducting for the heater yet was going to see how dodgy the smell was without one fitted out of interest how did you make your heater fit in I had to cut a bit out of the top of mine and then a few loving strokes with the hammer to be able to squeeze the wing in currently looking at diesel heaters so i can throw the stock one away James
  15. tricks

    what bumper

    hi thats almost what i need just one that sits a bit higher still have tried ones like yours on and it looks a bit daft having the bumper then a 2 inch gap then the bottom of the wing i would like the bumper to run inline with the wing bottom thanks James
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