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  1. and just lifted your mod approval, jees youve been here 8 years and still on mo approval ????????????????


    Nige :D

  2. There's an adult family ticket for £85 which is for 3 adults bizarrely. If you buy a single camping (1 adult £45 I think) and then an extra adult (£35 I think) then the two of you are sorted for £80. I only noticed this afterwards.... HTC Mike
  3. Just wanted to thank everyone for a good event at the weekend. We had a great time and even came home with a trophy! See you next time. Cheers Mike PS the motor drove home without issue.
  4. It is a great shame the series isn't running again this year. I really enjoyed the one event I did last year, and was planning on two of the four this year. Thanks to all those who put it on last year, and hopefully things will change so if can come back in the future. Cheers Mike
  5. Thanks Boothy, I'll pop along to watch then. I want to enter round 4.... Cheers Mike
  6. I replaced mine recently; unscrewing the old aerial from the wing and screwing in the new one is fairly self explanatory. I then cut the old cable and taped up the new plug to the end of the old cable. If you take the radio out (2 x 2.5mm allen bolts in the small holes on either side of the unit for the standard radio/cassette) you can then unplug the aerial from the radio, set the radio aside and gently use the old cable to pull the new one through the grommet in the bulk head. It's obviously a tight squeeze with the old cable and new plug and cable, but if you have a second pair of hands you should be able to ease it through. You're then left with the new cable and plug to go in the back of radio. Screw that back in and you're all done. It might be a bit of a squeeze working through the radio hole, but it's much easier than taking the dash apart. HTH Mike
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