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  1. hxk494

    300 tdi, oil under head bolts

    don't think it's a crack - more like the shape of the casting but will examine in more detail in the daylight tomorrow and report back.
  2. Hi, really puzzled by this. Have come across similar in some searches but but no definitive cause. Oil appearing under a couple of head bolts on manifold side of engine, initially thought from rocker gasket but it was replaced and everything cleaned off and it's back again and definitely coming from these bolts, one at front, other near rear. Engine is at 92k. I've also got white/blueish smoke on cold startup if it's sat overnight but that's another post I think, otherwise drives & runs great. Any ideas or advice? ? Cheers, Martin
  3. I'll buy the parts which fit under the tub and connect to crossmember - especially interested in the nearside one! Let me know if you do decide to sell please. Thanks, Martin
  4. hxk494

    Petrol engine help - seized?

    thanks for all the suggestions. I'll not have time to do anything else until the weekend but will report back after that, hopefully with pistons out. There are a few more photos I took during the strip down so far here: http://s1235.photobucket.com/user/martinduncan/library/Series petrol engine There is evidence of moisture around the valves/head of cylinders 3 & 4. Would a piston at DTC be level with the top of the block or sit slightly below it as shown with 2 & 3? I've not cleaned the piston tops up but there does appear to be some markings on them - you can just about see it in one picture U-030 (?). Would this indicate a previous re-bore to 30thou? Reading my haynes manual suggests 40thou is the max oversize permsissible? Cheers, Martin.
  5. hxk494

    Petrol engine help - seized?

    two aren't tdc, so the other two won't be quite bdc. I've tried a bit of gentle knocking with a hammer and wooden block and nothing budged, will give it another shot and then I guess it's sump and crank off. I realise we're in re-bore territory but there never seems to be anything completed or even near complete and running in this neck of the woods. Hopefully a bit of further investigation will yield whether even a rebore/rebuild is going to be a goer. Cheers, M.
  6. hxk494

    Petrol engine help - seized?

    Is this enough to completely sieze it? Other bores look OK
  7. I picked up a complete 2286 petrol engine with a view to changing my s3 back to original engine type, currently 2.5nad as original block was cracked and 12j was available at the time. However it appears to be seized solid. Plugs looked OK, so I put release oil in bores for a week or so, still nothing. Took head off yesterday and there is a bit of rust in no 4 but not loads. No sign of water in oil so I'm assuming bottom end is OK, could it just be rings stuck in bore holding it? If I strip out crank should I knock pistons down or up to get them out of block, I'm thinking down? Photos to follow once I manage to reduce file size. Cheers, Martin
  8. hxk494

    300 Tdi - Engine Part(s) Missing?

    here's a couple of shots of mine, though looking at your engine bay photo I'm guessing that the lower metal turbo-intercooler pipe is there, just hidden under the upper plastic intercooler-manifold pipe (blue)
  9. hxk494

    300 Tdi - Engine Part(s) Missing?

    or maybe an early 300tdi and it never had one fitted - like mine! The first pic of the defender engine - where the red circle is I think is where the metal turbo-intercooler pipe runs on mine. I can get a pic for you later for confirmation if you like?
  10. hxk494

    Are my Springs back to front??

    front and rear are same diameter on a 90, larger rears on 110 only
  11. thanks guys, thin smear of blue hylomar it is then. I've already go the replacement long waterpump bolts ordered and delivered so all ready to go. Thanks, Martin.
  12. Hi, hopefully I can get a definitive answer to this on here? I've read various opinions, how to guides and forum posts and it looks as though I have the following options and not one definitive method; -install dry (think this is what the WSM suggests - as slave studs are required when fitting P gasket to keep it in place) -install with thin coating of gasket sealer -install with some other coating (grease?) I've got it all stripped down ready to rebuild but obviously want to get it right first time and not be doing it again anytime soon! Any advice/opinions/personal experience gratefully received. Cheers, Martin.
  13. Anyone got one of these fitted? If so could you give me a measurement/picture of the section below the bottom edge of the rear x-member. i.e. how far down does it go? Cheers, Martin.
  14. hxk494

    New Landy

    thanks for the comments - I do like it too. Big difference to the nearly 40 year old series that I've had up until now! Nothing too major planned; fit either two inward facing flip up seats in the back or refit front centre seat and get a forward facing one for the rear Fix or remove the Overdrive Investigate a bit of a leak on one of the oil cooler pipes Source some new rubber in place of the road going 205's that are on it. Cheers, Martin.

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