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  1. Ally V8

    computer says NO

    ECP couldn't organise a drinks party in a brewery. Even if they supply the correct parts the quality is likely to be poor. This is not my opinion, it's what all my mates in the trade say, I've never bought anything off them.
  2. Ally V8

    computer says NO

    Absolutely, the local factor I use has the DVLA access system. Melksham motor spares, they are brilliant some of them even say hello Jon before I even speak as they recognise my workshop phone number. I just give them a rego and say "oil,air, fuel and pollen" quick chat about the state of the motor trade and say cheerio. They are rarely wrong and will send out choices of parts if there is no way of telling what is fitted or if I don't yet have the vehicle in. Not the cheapest, but truly excellent service.
  3. Ally V8

    computer says NO

    The public gets what the public wants... Pay some decent money and you would get a very good parts person. Because everything is boned to death on price,you don't get well paid in a parts department. My 18 year old daughter works in Screwfix as a fill in job. She is smart and learns very quickly,but is constantly frustrated by customers expecting her to know everything about everything they sell. I can't remember how many thousands of product lines they have ,but its massive. Give the youths some encouragement,do some research on what parts you need for your Landrover,its not hard to find part numbers on the net.
  4. If you have sunroof's they are probably leaking down into the passenger compartment fusebox or the BCU or both. Water ingress is a bad thing which is all too common in many vehicles,not just Landrovers... Have a look around the footwells and above,normally its quite obvious,corroded parts and damp carpets are the norm...
  5. Ally V8

    V8i random starting problem.

    From distant memory the extra pin is used to feed the heaters in the oxygen sensors. You need to make sure you get the right one,I was called out to a Morgan Plus 8 with the RR3.9 v8. It had failed its MOT on high emissions,I found that the fuel pump relay had been replaced with one that powered the oxy heaters all the time the fuel pump was off...
  6. Ally V8

    Breaker bar & impact sockets?

    The Snap On ones break too, not always the quality they were...
  7. Ally V8

    Td5 refusing to start now...argh!

    Your Indy is asking the right question,send him those bits and it will get sorted. I am totally sober now and at work... You can send them to me and I'll do the same job,time and postage might be a bit more in both cases ! Save up for a Nanocom too, you could do all this yourself then - on the side of the road if need be.
  8. Ally V8

    Td5 refusing to start now...argh!

    Ok,bit more sober now... You have two possibilities, hopefully it's just lost it's synch between the alarm ecu and the engine ecu. That it fires a few times then stops confirms this when you subbed a ground to the start relay. The other possibility is that the alarm ecu has developed a fault. A Nanocom is the way forward now if you can't get a local Indy to look at it.
  9. Ally V8

    Td5 refusing to start now...argh!

    Ah well, if it had been South I'd suggest the person you need is Tom at ; http://www.british4wdspecialists.co.nz/
  10. Ally V8

    Td5 refusing to start now...argh!

    North or South island ?
  11. Ally V8


    Bogmonster is right,you can disconnect it for as long as you want.
  12. Ally V8

    Faultmate or JLR VCI SDD ?

    It depends on what you need or expect from a diagnostic tool, I have Snap On Modis, Testbook T4, and a Nanocom Evo for TD5 stuff. But what now gets used most of all is the DA512 tool from Diagnostic Associates which may be worth you looking at. They all have good and bad points,but you need to tell us what you want to do with it.
  13. Ally V8

    Disco 2 Immobiliser

    Usually corroded wiring in the nearside A pillar behind the plastic trim panel. Also be aware that plips can lose their synch with the BCU and need re-synching with Testbook or Nanocom etc.(Ie,the RF system may still be working,can be tested by Testbook or Nanocom)
  14. For the amount of effort involved I wouldn't bother. ABS on D1's was a poor system anyway, nowhere near as good as the electro hydraulic system on RRC's or P38's.
  15. Yep, go for it. I have just used one of their DII 1/4 Chassis Galvanised units. Very good fit and finish. I've been using their Defender ones for several years with no problem. The last ones that I had from Britpart and the like were awful...

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