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  1. Spark plugs for 4.6 P38 on LPG

    I don't know ! I hardly ever see petrol v8's now, nearly everything I see is TDV6/8 or 4 pot diesel. I guess you can only try. In general I'm finding that parts quality is poor, even genuine LR. This week I fitted 4 new front side/ind lamps to the front of a 200 TDI 110. I had to file out the holes in the front wings to get them to fit, how poor is that ? Plus the indicator lamps are pretty much twice the price of the side lamps,the only difference is the colour of the lens.Genuine Landrover,why did I bother...
  2. Spark plugs for 4.6 P38 on LPG

    Dave, if there are no misfires and the fuel trims are in the parish I'd leave the leads alone. The last lot of new leads I fitted were genuine LR - made in China... Did not inspire me with confidence, don't know where to get any decent ones now.
  3. Spark plugs for 4.6 P38 on LPG

    The smaller gap on the BPR6ES plugs also helps keep the HT voltages down,making the leads last longer. Damp,arching leads upset fuel trims and push emissions up. They should be good for at least 20k, more than once on doing the first plug swap on Thor engines I've had threads come out with the old plug where they have "welded" themselves in place...
  4. P38 radio/sat nav problem

    Yep, usually cos they are full of water...
  5. Please talk me out of buying this L322

    Some things are cheaper on the L322's than they were on P38's. Yesterday I replaced a body computer to fix the power steering on a TD6, the BCM was about £220+Vat retail. I thing the last P38 BECM I replaced for an insurance job was about £800+vat.
  6. Please talk me out of buying this L322

    Looks like the cover is missing off the front towing eye - that's enough for me. Those towing eyes are often well worn...
  7. EAS Fault

    I think I've got a couple of compressor seal kits in stock, give me a shout in the morning.
  8. EAS Fault

    Give me a shout if you want it on Testbook...
  9. Discovery3 Xmas tree dash

    The loom is prone to rubbing through on the plastic shield that is supposed to protect it. They also suffer from corroded retaining clips up the lh rear pillar on the same loom. I have to say if you couldn't sort out a DII, you are out of the frying pan and straight into the fire with a D3 with this kind of fault,they can be horrible...
  10. 6cyl SWB?

    My father fitted the 3ltr version of the 6 into one of his SWB's when I was growing up in the 1970's. It was great,very smooth and excellent for towing, he ran a tree surgery business,so large trailer loads of dead elm were common. I don't know where the overheating bit comes from for the 2.6 six comes from,my brother and his girlfriend recently did a 45,000km lap of Australia in a 109 six,including plenty of low range work in sand etc.Overheating was never a problem, they are now in Burma,making their way back to the UK. Nice engine if you treat it sensibly and look after it.
  11. The reason it starts when the CEL lights is because its showing you that it has received the correct code from the alarm ecu. If it was a P38 RR in the same situation it wouldn't even crank,NAS Discovery and Defenders with GEMS will crank and fuel,but not spark. It is a very good system,despite what some people say, I would have a good go at fixing it before tearing it out. Send me an e-mail address and I'll send you a factory document.
  12. The alarm c/locking ecu is a green box about 5" long,1"thick and about 3" wide. I really can't remember where it should be... BUT... If you pm me an e-mail address I can send you a factory document that has far more data about the GEMS fuel/ignition system than in any of the original workshop manuals or Rave discs.
  13. I think Bogmonster has a point here, from memory the NAS spec cars had Gems injection,so no distributor,instead coil packs at the rear of the engine.I don't think they used an alarm spider like the UK models. But the Gems ecu will still want to see a valid code from the alarm ecu.And I think thats why it won't go when the check engine lamp doesn't light up.(Same deal with early P38 RR's) Do you have the two button key fobs with it ? (Google images - YWX101220 )
  14. TD5 glowplugs - needed or not?

    As Sierraferry says they ARE important,but also that your engine starts well without waiting for them is a good sign.It means that the fuel system is in good shape and the engine has good compression.Look after it well and it will do alot of work. Also be thankful that it isnt a TDV6 D3 etc, once they get to around 80,000 miles most if not all of the glowplugs will be dead.Also engine compression will be down a bit... When the temp drops below about -3 they won't start. Not an easy task to replace the glows on them.
  15. Won't unlock through fob - not receiver

    Nanocom also has a key Synch function, try that, I have seen them before where the BCU recognises the key on the RF test,but won't operate the locks.A re-synch has sorted it.