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  1. Sounding more like a fault developing in the alarm module. Here in the UK I send faulty 10As units to Remotekey.co.uk to be fixed. Very helpful chap,don't know if they will deal with stuff from the US though, even my Motor Trade insurance policy has a bit where it asks if I sell or provide anything to the US.
  2. Ally V8


    The easy/cheap way to fix this is with a s/hand ABS modulator/pump unit from a DII and do the shuttle valve switch mod whilst in there.
  3. Ally V8

    Clearing fault following overheating

    Nope, it needs its fault history clearing. Even though it may not show any recorded faults the process of clearing it will turn the fans off.
  4. Ally V8

    TD5 ECU

    As I said,if it will start and idle its not going to be the injectors, I'd be putting money on the loom around the engine being shorted to the block or head somewhere,killing the 5v supply to the throttle pedal.
  5. Ally V8

    Disco 3 Christmas Tree Dash

    Where did the replacement alternator come from ?
  6. Ally V8

    P38 - which battery to buy?

  7. Ally V8

    P38 - which battery to buy?

    A 644 battery will fill the battery box nicely. Worth doing.
  8. Ally V8

    Can anyone assist adding a key fob?

    Trying to give up booze... A £20 note would do it.
  9. Ally V8

    Can anyone assist adding a key fob?

    I can do it for you if you fancy a trip down the M4 to Bath...
  10. Ally V8

    TD5 ECU

    So, you are only able to run the engine at idle still ? If that is the case its not going to be the injector loom or the injectors.If it will start and idle on 5 cylinders then they are doing their job. You need to look at why it won't rev. Here there are a few options, as I said before the most likely is that the 5v supply is being corrupted, (Driver demand 5v supply comes from the same source in the ecu as all the other 5v fed sensors) often a sensor feed wire rubbing the cylinder head or block around the front of the engine. The 5v supply itself can also fail within the ecu,( I have one on the shelf that has failed in this way) but this is not so common. There is also the possibility of failure of the actual driver demand part of the loom,but this is more common on Defenders where its a common work around to replace that part of the loom with a length of 7 core trailer cable. I would say at this stage diagnostics is the way forward before any other parts are changed.
  11. Ally V8

    Discovery 1 Key Fob Program

    Oh dear, you will need Testbook then... And don't forget if its an EDC equipped auto it will need to have the EDC learn process done aswell - After the fob learn.
  12. Ally V8

    Discovery 1 Key Fob Program

    Looks right,but only on 1994/5 model year with the single button fobs, later two button fobs need Testbook or similar to code fobs.
  13. Ally V8

    TD5 ECU

    Its part of the actual throttle pedal itself,but be careful there are 2 and 3 track types,the ecu needs to know which type is fitted - Use Testbook or Nanocom etc to set the ecu. Its a long time ago,but I think there are part numbers on them.
  14. Ally V8

    TD5 ECU

    The refresh rate on diagnostic tools is nowhere near quick enough to diagnose a faulty throttle pedal on a TD5. There are 2 ways to prove the throttle pot is faulty, substitution or with an oscilliscope. Often the 5v supply to the throttle pedal is corrupted by other 5v sensor feed wires shorting against the cylinder head on Discoveries and also the gearbox or transfer box on Defenders.
  15. Ally V8

    Slight Overheating Causes and Tests

    Two things, P38 diesel rads are not the best and many aftermarket ones are very poor in cooling effectiveness. Secondly, TD5 temp gauges do not move from the normal position unless the engine ecu sees it overheating.If you monitor the actual temp as seen by the engine ecu it will vary quite a bit,going up in stop start traffic and steep hills/heavy loads - but dropping off as speed /airflow increases.

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