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  1. how much would you be willing to sell it for i am looking for a project cheers
  2. I had some from here on my 90,the lime green ones were ment for me but he accidently sent black ones offered to exchange , good lads
  3. I did this to a navara top ball joint couldnt press it out so thought a little bit off heat, must of only heated for abut 10seconds started making a creaking noise so moved back then bang he noise sent me back was that loud, couldnt hear in my ear for 5 months, the other side i took to a mechanic . Watched a few videos and they have been known to shoot out and go flying
  4. I would try Leeds Caravan centre, had a few bits from there for my hobby. Seitz are one make for blinds If it heiki could use standard window catches Also would get some security as like defenders they like to be stolen.
  5. What is to stop someone getting a richards/marsland galvanised chassis, galvanised bulkhead, a crate engine/gearbox. fibreglass pannals and going to get a iva/sva or whatever they call it and getting it registered?
  6. After the theft of my dads 90, what's best security to get will be another 300tdi without air con, on the list is X engine steering column thing, Ether a ardcase or x defend pedal lock options please Also was reading that they are now putting mobile trackers GPS on is it worth wiring a blocker on? Also what trackers are any good that doesn't use GPS that can be blocked? Thanks for the help in advance
  7. Well after my dads 90 got stolen the other week, and doesnt want another defender seen as theres been 8 gone in the area,. He has been looking at discoverys, i know the problems with discovery 1s but anything to look at at td5s and discovery 3, Will be used for towing 23ft caravan, and a horsebox and short journey to work. cheers
  8. Hi there when i did mine 200tdi and me dads 300tdi took to a place in harrogate and said that hes had one bloke bring a 300tdi head in and skimmed it 6times and still going strong 600,000 miles as for back and front bolts i wouldnt worry too much, was same on mine had it pressure tested and skimmed new bolts and gen gasket which believe is 1.6 off it my memory is correct
  9. Phillis


    I got a 200tdi Disco engine in my 90, earlier this morning the car got a bit sluggish, then started making a noise (like from a compressor when disconnect a tool hissing) checked and it had blown bottom intercooler hose off, so put it back on tonight, was fine for about a mile, then all of a sudden a big woosh and now its blowing from the back of the cylinder head, could it be that the waste gate has seized shut and the excessive pressure has made it go ? anything to look out for when I have stripped it down ? cheers phil
  10. which is deep bronze green , I painted my 90 this summer, got some spare but not sure which green it is, not sure how to upload a pic, phil
  11. mine went at 74k, cracked head
  12. So what are the solid red wires they was two, also have got 2 spare white wires
  13. Right wired in warning panel everything worked ok till I tried to start it glow plug light was on soon as key is pos 1 turned it so glow plug was on it went dull and started smoking but they was 2 yellow black off same one , also two red ones which are sidelight, which I joined to same one are the glow plugs earth and positive that's why it smoked cheers
  14. Have you already got a base down? If not how about putting 100mm rigid insualation then concreting over the top, gives a nice sturdy base too.
  15. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160661676037?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 is that any good? i was going to use that for the same job
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