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  1. Hi, I refurbishing my sankey trailer, which all in all is going well. However I'm having trouble identifying parts (ie serviceable parts): Wheel bearings Seals Damper and bushes Leaf spring bushes Grease nipple Leather oil seal Oil seals Shoes Shoe springs Brake adjuster Brake extender I believe these parts are series based. Is this true. Thanks for any help
  2. BIG thank you to everyone. i could have spent a fortune and made a completely undriveable vehicle. I'm now confident that standard springs & shocks are the way forward. and in the event the rear gets a 'saggy arse' i'll install helper springs/ air bags.
  3. Hi, I've had some conflicting advise from two land rover parts suppliers/ specialists, i'm not going to mention them as not to undermine their businesses. Scenario: I own a defender 90 1986 (300tdi), and was thinking of upgrading the suspension without increase the height of the vehicle. Therefore my thoughts are to fit: +2 Big Bore Expedition Shocks Std height heavy load springs Dislocation cones allround Assuming over 5,000 miles per annum the 90 is used for 20% green laning, 30% traveling (tarmac & unsurfaced roads) & 50% normal road use. The vehicle w
  4. Hi, The wifes disco 1 has one more mot in it, then i'm planning to strip it for parts ie engine, axles, etc for my 90. Which left me with the conundrum what to do with the leftovers... the chassis and body. One thought was to chop the front end off to re-engineer into a trailer/ camper (as sketched attached). My questions are: 1. has anyone done this conversion and/ or towed a conversion like this? if so, how was it? is it to heavy? 2. am i better to cut the disco down from the A pillar or make it shorter by cutting from the B pillar? 3. Could i lighten the chassi
  5. That makes sense. I'll adjust it and let you know.
  6. I spoke to the parts supplier yesterday and their technical person. 2 responses: 1st via sales... "We has lots of instance of this seal failing. One guy tried it 4 times before giving up." 2nd technical... "The plastic/ rubber seal can create hair line mark on the shaft that van course failure when under high pressure"
  7. I took the whole thing apart and cleaned. The bottom seal was leaking before hand.
  8. Help! I've recon'd a PAS box...We'll new seals, cleaned put it back together thought I did a pretty good job. Refit, bleed and ran in (stationary on axle stands, lock to lock) worked perfectly. However once on the deck I tested the steering then notice fluid on the floor. The bottom seal leak/ pours out only on right hand steering/ lock. Does anyone know why? Thanks
  9. Thank you to everyone for your replies. I thought i would add a status update regarding the 'Upol Raptor' paint given its been on the truck for 2 years. Application: Due to limited space, the good wifey let me take over the garden/ yard to paint the following under a gazebo! doors (front & back) Wings Bonnet Roof 1. Generally everything was rubbed down and bare alu was hand painted with acid etch. 2. all surfaces rubbed down and cleaned 3. 2 pac primer applied by brush 4. rubbed down & cleaned 5. upol raptor sprayed on with 20
  10. I forgot to ask how msny coats did you apply?
  11. Thanks Donald. How thick is the paint when applied? Would it cover brush marks, scratches, etc? Did yiu thin your paint? Im thinking of thinning it down to achieve a less course surface
  12. Ok ive going for it....ive purchased upol raptor tintable. Ive prepared the surfaces by: Sanded with 80 grit Etch bare metal Applied epoxy primer by brush Rubbed down with 180grit And going to spray the upol raptor My question is "how well does the rub down need to be prior to application of upol?" Will the upol raptor hide the imperfections that other paints (ie normal celly & thinners) would show? Thanks, as I could save alot of time
  13. Thanks for the help and advice. Finally got her started.
  14. Hi, I'm thinking of painting my 90 with upol raptor paint and application by roller. Does anyone have any advise? How many litres? Thanks
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