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  1. Thank's Bowie, hadn't even thought of that will clean that once I've got daylight.
  2. I have installed the full kit from Nigel onto my 3.9 v-belt that was originally in a range rover classic. I got a pre-built ecu that was loaded with a map, I'm running ms1 extra 029v on megatune. As per the manual got the laptop to communicate with the ecu and got it running, only had the VR sensor to swap wires on which was good. After setting the tps and removing the pwm I started adjusting the hex head screw for the idle and cannot get it above 670 rpm, even had the screw out at one point and still can't get it any higher. So can I get some pointers on where to go next ?
  3. After installing the kit from megasquirtv8 I got to building the spark plug leads. And managed to snap 3 of the clamps that hold to boot on at the coil end. Are there any better quality clamps available in the UK as I can't seem to get my hands on any over here in Canada ? Or do I just order a set from magnacor ?
  4. After going through all that I have one more question about the pwm valve, does the orange to 12v switched live hook into the white 12v switched live from the ignition ?
  5. Thanks for the reply Nige, was there suppose to be a piccy involved with it ? So the three solder terminals are ground, 12 volt from battery, a 12 volt switched from ignition ?
  6. So I have the brackets and bits bolted onto engine all supplied in the kit from Nige Then bought the relay board from diyautotune now going to start running the wires. After looking at the board was wondering if anyone has a diagram for which wires go where ? Most I can figure out but cannot see Pwm or where the white ignition wires go? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Thanks FF will see what I can find for higher pressure fuel line over here.
  8. Ok I have a 89 110 that was a carbureted V8 I'm just starting my MS install. I have a rangie fuel pump PRC8318 and wondered if there's any bits I needed to swap over ?
  9. As the title says will I have to swap any bits over from the one in the tank at the moment, this is on a V8 110, thanks
  10. Thanks for the Bosch number there should be able to find that in Canada
  11. Thanks for the replies guess I'll be on the lookout for a tired disco or p38
  12. Ok will check these ones. But I do need a full set for the 4.2 vbelt I have waiting to be rebuilt .
  13. Can anyone suggest where to get a new set of injector's from ?
  14. Have just got hold of a 89 110 CSW that belonged to the merseyside police it has a salisbury front axle ser # 24L00378 and could use some help finding a part's list for it and diagrams Thank's in advance Cheer's Johno
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