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  1. Here you go, you can fit one of these... http://p38webshop.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=97
  2. Just standard LR accessory part - steering protector.
  3. If for an engine change it makes sense to lift body off, then it’s a no brainer to swap the good body over. In the context of a D3 the body is not considered a major components in points system, so it would be considered a modification, and you not need an IVA, and no issues with registration, just colour change with DVLA as you’ve stated and requirement to have the vin number clearly visible.
  4. btw these are the specs of the 1 way and 4 way blue sea isolators.. Specifications Cranking Rating: 30 sec. 1,200A Intermittent Rating: 5 min. 600A (UL 1107) Continuous Rating. 350A
  5. So, I’m putting 2 batteries, same make & type purchased at the same time in the range rover classic. I would like an isolator switch that isolates both batteries. I don’t need to split supplies, and I’m mainly putting both batteries in so that I have the extra capacity when winching. In the 90, I simply had two batteries wired in parallel, with a single isolator connecting to mains supply. This worked fine for over 8 years before I sold the 90 on. So I’m fine with doing this again, but equally realize that it’s better for the batteries to be isolated from each other when not in use/ch
  6. They’re cameras, any car that has 360 view has them.
  7. You could look at turbo, waste gate and inter cooler setup first, as white smoke is sign of lack of air mix. Obviously could be your injectors not providing enough diesel, but you can verify whether your getting enough boost pressure, waste gate is operating ok etc. to eliminate this first. For example, even a loose or disconnected intercooler hose would give the symptoms you discuss.
  8. If you’ve been monitoring ones for sale, you’ve probably already noticed this, but most of the ones from France are in pretty poor condition and tend to have a lot more rust than those from Portugal and Southern Spain, so personally I’d focus more effort on those two countries, although I’m sure the odd gem does turn up in France. There’s a Facebook group for 2 doors... https://www.facebook.com/groups/RangeRover.2Doors/ with members from across Europe, so worth asking there is anyone can recommend one for sale, and you may find a fellow enthusiast nearby that’s willing to check out a
  9. I can totally understand that point of view, for me it doesn’t have to be logical. I don’t plan to sell the RR, so I’m building it to how I want it to be. I’m completely re-wiring it from scratch and I personally like the neatness, flexibility and functionality that these PDM devices offer. I’m fitting the 10” screen too, using gps Speedo etc. and assuming meqasquirt supports it, I will feed the engine data via canbus stream so that I can access engine sensor data etc. through the screen too. I’m also using the canbus keypad too. The data logger may prove useful too. Naturally, I don’t ne
  10. I’m fitting one of these to the RR... https://www.aimshop.com/pages/power-distribution PDM32
  11. I’m fitting one of these to the RR... https://www.aimshop.com/pages/power-distribution PDM32
  12. You mean the 1st gen and 2nd gen RR sports?
  13. Yes it is, not sure why you’d be using anything but in this day and age. PVC hasn’t been used in automotive manufacturing for the last 20 years at least, probably more. Not sure why Autosparks would recommend it for a new loom build. PVC has less chemical resistance, lower range of temps and as you can see about half the load rating.
  14. Not sure where you sourced your data from, but multi-stranded single core copper wire will give you 16.5A for 1mm2, 25A for 2mm2 and 33A for 3mm2. 👍
  15. For the air suspension, best place to start is to overhaul your compressor and valve block - only takes a few hours and kits can be ordered here... https://x8r.co.uk/ These cause the majority of issues. Then you can check bags, making sure they are in good order, especially where they fold over at each end. You can also check pipes for condition. Then if you have leaks, you can isolate then them and if necessary swap out bags/pipes. ECU rarely fail and tanks can corrode, so worth a once over.
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