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  1. As above, you’ll need to run a new wire of sufficient capacity to the rear, good compressors for example can draw 30-40 amps on their own. 12voltplanet is a good easy source of parts.
  2. Raptor needs a good key to adhere, so you’d have to abrade the coach paint before applying. You’d also have to let the coach enamel fully gas out before overcoating and lastly Raptor finish is Satin at best. So in a nutshell - no good 😉😉😉
  3. Who needs gauges now? I only use the digital speedo display and then occasional look at fuel gauge on my daily. Even with the fuel, I tend to thumb scroll to the range estimation. Having a configurable digital display is much better in my opinion. Everyone can customize it to exactly what they want to see and nothing more. I personally like the overall look, and the pre wired accessory switches. Hopefully they price them in the same way Ford has done with the new bronco, and don’t follow LR’s example of charging £100 for a dog bowl and £500 for a carp shower attachment 😉😉😉
  4. If you’re using M14 I wouldn’t worry about type of thread or pitch
  5. You might be better with a RAL colour code - everyone mixes these. A quick google shows 6021 Pale Green as a close shade.
  6. Might be easier to make it all manual for what you want and use a blue sea 4 way switch… https://www.bluesea.com/products/9002e/e-Series_Selector_Battery_Switch_with_AFD hang your accessories off the common pole, main battery on 1, aux battery on 2. 1. Accessories running off main battery 2. Accessories running off aux battery 1+2 Accessories running off main and aux (plus aux charging) OFF
  7. You can bleed D2 brakes to a sufficiently ok level without a power bleed, so I’d do this first. Once you have all four corners done, then power bleed to firm up the pedal to the correct level.
  8. Ah but what year? I’m guessing 1968 😉
  9. A crane as in one of these… 😉😉 Should help to deliver the anvil 😊
  10. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-ineos-grenadier-roader-delayed-until-2022 New Ineos Grenadier off-roader delayed until 2022
  11. Or go for the pin pin OME shocks and Gwynn Lewis mounts that offer more rotational movement of the shock instead of the eye mount.
  12. Glad you’re feeling better 👍 How about sticking with the Ranger for another year and seeing what the Grenadier is like? Personally, I’d pick the Rivian (pickup not Amazon delivery van 😉) over the Tesla Cybertruck cheers Steve
  13. Have you tried NFU? Fortunately, I’ve not had to use it for a long time, but I’ve never had an issue with them when it came to main dealer quotes for repair.
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