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  1. Hi Tony They’re JW Speaker speaker 8700 dual burn headlights in chrome - also available in black. So not the cheapest option of e-approved LED 7” headlights. cheers, Steve
  2. Personally not a fan of the chassis in one paints as they don’t work. Fine for touching up chips etc. once you’ve done your chassis, but they don’t provide the protection they claim if you use them direct to metal. So, if your going to all the effort of cleaning down the chassis to bare metal, use a good primer first. Corroless S has worked well, but any decent brand of red oxide primer will do. Best primer for not rusting I’ve found is bilthambers zinc rich Electrox primer, but that will work out expensive for a whole chassis. If I was doing my chassis again, I’d be tempted to use
  3. What’s happened was entirely predictable, and is basically a result of LR getting too greedy. They wanted their 3 brands, Range Rover, Discovery and Defender to each have multiple vehicles and capture as much of the growing SUV market as possible. The problem is instead of toughening up the Discovery brand to make it more rugged/adventurous to reinforce that brand perception of LR, but also make it appealing to a wide audience of families, young, old etc. and differentiate the discovery from other car makers. Instead they’ve softened up the Defender, so as it’s been said numerous times
  4. I get all that, but again not sure what point you were trying to make. People were commenting how expensive the Defender it is. The Hilux’s, Rangers and L200’s you mentioned being leased in your post will all be a lot less over a 3 year lease compared to a Defender. I just looked up an example for a 3 year lease, 10K miles p.a. and 1 month upfront payment... Defender 110 - £793 p.m. https://www.vanarama.com/land-rover-van-leasing/defender/3-0-d300-hard-top-hse-auto-10066.html Top spec Wildtrack auto Ranger - £375 p.m. https://www.vanarama.com/ford-van-leasing/range
  5. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here as leasing costs are directly proportional to the purchase cost and the residual value at the end of the lease term. So for example a £50K car that’s worth £25K in 3 years is going to cost twice as much to lease as a £25K vehicle that’s worth £12.5K in 3 years. Now I get the fact that a £50K vehicle that’s worth £35K is going to cost a lot less to lease than a vehicle that costs £50K and is worth £20K in 3 years, but that didn’t seem the point you were trying to make.
  6. If you fancy a project, you could build your own frame and create the equivalent of these for a 2 door ... https://www.frontrunneroutfitters.com/en/uk/storage-systems/gullwing/front-runner-gullwing-window-aluminium-land-rover-defender.html
  7. 32” with no rubbing, 235/85 16 is popular or 33” with a little, trimming of the plastic arches will remove most if not all of it. 255/85 16’s are a good size, but now more difficult to get decent mud tyres in this size. Ashcroft lsd or arb locker in the rear will help, and is probably the best you can do to avoid getting stuck.
  8. It is very much ironic though Mo 😉 and it’s designer is moronic 😉 🙄🙄
  9. To answer your question, yes you would be able to charge it on public chargers. They’ve even just reverse engineered the CCS charger, so you can fast charge 50-125kwh dc charge at public chargers that support this. So 80% charge in about 25-60 minutes. Depending on the rate. ‘Timing wise, it’s probably wise to wait 2-4 years, as there’s so many EV’s coming to market in the next 12 months that availability of battery packs, AC Motors, inverters etc will increase from accident damaged cars and prices will come done. The packs and motors are getting more efficient every year too, the la
  10. I suspect most of you will like this video of Nat talking through the various metalwork machines and welders they have in the workshop...
  11. Good luck with the treatment Steve. Every case and person is naturally very different, but my Dad lived with a terminal diagnosis for prostate cancer for 8 years. At first any physical change you start to suspect it may have spread somewhere else and suspecting the worse. After a short while he soon moved into a mode of what will be, will be and started to live again, and even when it spread multiple times he just moved into a mode of fitting the treatments around his life, rather than fitting his and everyone else’s life around the various phases of treatment. Not saying this is the best
  12. I’ve got one and it’s been very good, but I’m not a heavy user. I probably only do about 10 minutes of actual cutting and grinding in one go. The longest single use is on the flap wheel, where I may use it for 20 minutes or so in one go. The batteries 5ah, if fully charged are still usually on 3 bars and by then the battery is typically then in another tool, so sorry no idea how long they last. I’ve noticed when cutting 5mm steel that it didn’t seem to have the power of the mains one, but otherwise no noticeable difference. As other have said, they flexibility of no lead is great, only pr
  13. I thought this was a neat idea and light weight as possible - could make a good project on a 110 or 130 building something similar (hardest thing would be getting someone to make up the fabric... https://atoverland.com/pages/at-habitat-truck-topper
  14. Ah, but they can sell it for more money next summer to fund their spec’d up Bronco on 35’s when that arrives 😉😉😉
  15. If you’re just using it to monitor drain, why don’t you fit one of these?... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07W7XXKVF/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_i5ZYFbTZMYYBY or you can spend a bit more and get a Bluetooth one to use on your phone. Obviously not portable like a meter, but how often will you need to monitor individual items and using a shunt permanently attached to battery will give you access to it all the time.
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