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  1. Yeah but how much extra did the vehicle cost in the first place. If I wanted to replace our current estate with something like a VW ID4/Skoda Enyaq, I’d be looking at spending at least £15K extra, and even then it would be missing some features that I have now. That buys a lot of fuel.
  2. Hi is 3mm galvanized sheet ok to use to make brackets to support a pair of drawer runners rated at 200KG? I’ll use 4 L shaped brackets on each side, probably about 200mm wide, 60mm high and 60mm along. thanks for your help Steve
  3. Thanks Stephen, it does. I just ordered the 400mm one of these from Smithfield… https://www.smithfieldtools.co.uk/smithfield-s400-rt-hydraulic-metal-folder-9-p.asp cheers, Steve
  4. Hi A bit of advice please - what’s best to get to bend flat bar to make brackets at home? I don’t need to bend sheet metal often, and have used local fabricators for this when needed, so doesn’t have to double up in use. I can’t remember the last time I needed any tubing or solid round bar bending, so again this I can cope with on a one-off basis, but having the ability to make up a bracket suitable for up to heavy duty use whenever I need it would be very useful. I’ve looked around and seen a few that look like they could be good, but I have no idea really, so any experience and advice you have is welcome Thanks, Steve https://www.wnealservices.com/product/wns-form-bar-bender-fb100/ https://www.wnealservices.com/product/wns-universal-bar-bender-ub100/
  5. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/2022-atae-munro-rugged-electric-4x4-enters-testing-phase When you can buy next year a Ford F-150 lightning retail at £28K in the US, you’d think it would make more sense to buy in trucks from Ford convert to RHD, or even rebody with Ibex and then IVA them here. The specs of the Ford are considerably better than that proposed by Munro… 563bhp and 775lb ft – the most torque yet offered on an F-150. It will be offered with two battery capacities, offering official ranges of around 230 and 300 miles on the American EPA test cycle. Ford claims the F-150 Lightning will be “wickedly quick off the mark”, with a 0-60mph time in the mid 4.0sec range with the optional extended-range battery. The firm claims a maximum payload of 907kg for vehicles fitted with the standard 18in wheels, along with a towing capacity of up to 4536kg. Ford will offer the a home charging station as standard with the truck and says it will be capable of 150kW DC fast-charging, allowing a 15-80% charge in 41 minutes.
  6. Price has inflated heavily since they first gave ballpark figures. Originally they were talking early to mid 30’s exc VAT for entry commercial that’s now £40K exc VAT, and for private buyers the 2 door van starts at £48K with the station wagon now in the £50K’s 🙄
  7. Just advertise as a half finished project that you don’t have time to finish and stick it up on eBay for 5K like many others do! 😉😉😉😉😉😉
  8. Have you spoken to Dave at Ashcroft to see what he has on the shelf from his earlier HD axle sales?
  9. Usually it’s down to the fact that the paint doesn’t atomize well. Typically if it can be applied with an airless sprayer it will go on with brush or roller ok.
  10. Are you sure it’s not just an insulated bulkhead post that passes through the bulkhead. Description, plus brown wires would suggest this and the fact that I’ve never heard of a positive earth range rover classic so it wouldn’t have been factory.
  11. Your rear radius arms are still standard Mo - oh the shame of it 😉😉😉😉
  12. As above, you’ll need to run a new wire of sufficient capacity to the rear, good compressors for example can draw 30-40 amps on their own. 12voltplanet is a good easy source of parts.
  13. Raptor needs a good key to adhere, so you’d have to abrade the coach paint before applying. You’d also have to let the coach enamel fully gas out before overcoating and lastly Raptor finish is Satin at best. So in a nutshell - no good 😉😉😉
  14. Who needs gauges now? I only use the digital speedo display and then occasional look at fuel gauge on my daily. Even with the fuel, I tend to thumb scroll to the range estimation. Having a configurable digital display is much better in my opinion. Everyone can customize it to exactly what they want to see and nothing more. I personally like the overall look, and the pre wired accessory switches. Hopefully they price them in the same way Ford has done with the new bronco, and don’t follow LR’s example of charging £100 for a dog bowl and £500 for a carp shower attachment 😉😉😉
  15. If you’re using M14 I wouldn’t worry about type of thread or pitch
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