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  1. 8 hours ago, simonr said:

    Until fairly recently, I would have agreed.  But the number of apparent coincidences is starting to make me wonder!

    I don't think I'm particularly prone to conspiracy theories or irrational belief?

    It is possible of course, as =Jon= pointed out that maybe Sarah googled for contactors to find out what the hell I was talking about and the others are genuine coincidences.  Who knows!


    Raiders of the lost ark is, I suspect, popular at the moment due to the death of Sean Connery, and this may have been the reason you and Chris were talking about it. People search for the films Sean Connery has been in, and the popular ones naturally are watched more, moving them up the main popularity charts and hence they’re appearing in both yours and Chris’s recommended lists - combination of current popularity and your previous viewing preferences.

    The problem with Google is that even if you turn off monitoring your browsing/search activity, as you say they go on household activity, friends in Facebook etc.etc. even your emails if you don’t again turn it off. Facebook share a lot of data back and forth with Google to increase effectiveness of ads. The more people share on Facebook, the more effective the ads will be. It’s the reason why I personally have had all my Google tracking turned off from the beginning and only use Facebook for LR groups.

    I personally, find the ads annoying, in the same way that when I walk into a store and immediately an assistant will come up and ask how they can help or offer to show me their latest range of .... Unfortunately, some people like it, and also the retailers have found that people are more likely to buy/leave satisfied if they do this.

    The voice devices from the main players are only listening when the wake word is uttered, or in Siri’s case anything vaguely resembling the wake word 🙄. Then everything is analyzed- most of it aimed at answering your question/instruction. If the voice assistant doesn’t understand your request it’s typically further analyzed, sometimes by a human being to improve it. For the next 5 years or so, if you don’t like voice activated devices, simply don’t use them. The problem comes when every car starts shipping with them, every new build house is mostly controlled by voice- then it will be harder.

    My fictional comment earlier was aimed at the folks that make the leap to asserting that these companies are up to no good, are evil, plan to take over the world. For Google and Facebook, their goal is to serve more ads and make them more effective. For Amazon it’s to be the marketplace you choose to buy from. It might be annoying, but it’s not evil.

  2. So to the rear of the RR, I’m running two lighting looms, one for each side (6 way connectors), then running an extra loom for fuel tank pump, sender, and a rear power outlet, plus 3 spare on the 6 way connector. For the rear wiper and rear heated window, I need to run heavier gage wire, so I could run these two in their own loom from the relays on the bulkhead, or I could run a single 12v feed in say 12mm2 to a distribution pole in the rear and position the wiper and heated rear window relays in the rear. That way, I have a fused 12v permanent feed at the rear with plenty of capacity already wired in for potential future use. I can signal the wiper and heated rear window relays from the spares in the extras loom above.

    For earths, the wiring would be the same for both options, I plan to put earth distribution blocks on each rear corner, earthed to the RR body frame. The frame will be earth strapped to the battery in the engine bay.

    Any thoughts, downsides that I’m missing etc.?

    cheers, Steve 

  3. 1 hour ago, FridgeFreezer said:

    I'd be very curious to see reviews of the original Defender when it was new, see how it compares.

    Do agree that buying anything brand new in the 1st year of production is a risk, I also feel like JLR lately are always treading very close to the edge in terms of how much technology they can shoe-horn into a vehicle and make work properly but I guess that's how they can stay ahead of companies with 10x the R&D budget.

    It will be interesting to see if they’ve solved the problem where a gentle wet grassy slope will bring it to a complete standstill. Previously no amount of fiddling with the various terrain options would get it to cope with the initial amount of wheelspin on every wheel.

  4. 11 hours ago, Bowie69 said:

    ....and another, though I think he is getting a bit carried away, plus attempting to not get banned from test driving any other LR vehicle 😄

    Best quote yet though from a reviewer “about as much flex as an ironing board” 😉😉

    All the jarring, tipping and bouncing makes it look like an extremely carp experience driving it off road - comfortable everywhere else, but...

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  5. Assuming you have the alarm, and not just central locking, then yes you’ll need an alarm remote key to deactivate alarm/immobilizer otherwise it won’t start. You could have your alarm and immobilizer deactivated fully by someone with a diagnostic tool like nanocom etc. or buy a key with alarm fob from someone like remotekey  and have this added and synced to alarm with a diagnostic tool.


  6. How good are these where there’s tight access, for example the hole is near a bend/vertical surface? I have a memfast Rivetnut tool, and it’s mostly good, but if a hole is 8mm or less to a vertical surface I can’t get the tool in there to sit flat.


  7. I suspect not, probably manufactured before it was a requirement. It’s usually two digits for the week and two for the year.

    I’m not certain, but I also think it’s only a requirement for tyres manufactured in EU to have date stamp, not for ones manufactured outside and sold into EU, so you’ll find new US and Far East tyres without any date stamp.

  8. I think it must be me getting old, but I just think all of the LR products are overpriced and unappealing. 

    I gave up buying them ages ago, so I’m not really qualified to judge, but I find they’re not much value compared to estates for a vehicle that for me spends practically all it’s time on road. For the last ten years my three new purchases have alternated between Skoda and Mercedes. Mainly because the Superb and E-class estates are the biggest on the market, so plenty of room for the two dogs. The first was 4x4 superb 2L diesel, then E-class 2L diesel RWD, then the latest, 18 months ago, is a 1.5 petrol superb FWD. All were bought with approximately 20% off list price. All three have been reliable, not one single issue. 

    None of them set the pulse racing, but equally they’re extremely accomplished at what they do, comfortable, easy to drive, good mpg, and all the gizmos and plenty of passenger and boot space. The latest is the least desirable as I’m not a fan of FWD, but the 1.5 petrol is surprisingly good. After the Merc, I changed tack in an attempt to not keep buying new, and went for a 4.6 lpg P38, which after fixing the brakes all round, air suspension compressor and valve block and a few other small jobs when I got it, was completely reliable for 8 months. But, my wife couldn’t get on with lpg, as we didn’t have any nearby garages, to make it convenient to fill up, so I went for the easy option and went for new again and picked the Superb. I was going to go for a 4x4 again, but they were all factory order, 4-5 months, so picked up the 1.5 in top spec for about £25K. (The 4x4 superb and merc were both about £33K each)

    So for the cost of a base spec New Defender I can have what I use today, and then you’d have £20K free to spend on whatever for off road fun. The only thing I can think of where the New Defender would be an advantage on road, is the 3-4 times it’s flooded here in the last year. With the estates you have to take a 5-10 minute detour, whereas in the Defender you could drive straight through it, but that’s about it.

    cheers, Steve 


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  9. I thought I read that’s it’s going to be early 40’s plus VAT and will be classed as a commercial vehicle. Can’t see that somehow, given that it’s clearly set up as a passenger vehicle. No doubt they’ll do a commercial vehicle too.

    So, if above is correct, it’s going to be about £50K in Uk- seems a bit much to me. Not compared to Defender, but I think that’s overpriced too. 😉

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