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  1. 1000 CCA battery here... https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/hankook-heavy-duty-commercial-battery-mf31-1000/
  2. Thanks, no haven’t updated thread -couldn't be arsed with all pics etc. 😉 I’ve got pics of most things if you want any. cheers
  3. Cheers DD 👍 Thanks, getting there slowly.
  4. Thanks John, my first thought was to build them myself. it took 13 1/2 months, but body finally went back on chassis...
  5. I wanted to fit flexi lines to my front calipers and run them down the radius arms, then straight to the master cylinder as this is a lot simpler solution than the factory mix of hard lines round the engine bay and along inner wings, flexi line, then hard lines from top of swivel to bottom of caliper. However, with the design of the RRC front calipers, the straight M10 x1 fitting hoses will foul on the track rod. Is it ok to fit the angled banjo fitting to all calipers? I’m assuming yes, as there’s appears to be nothing obstructing fitting one, so if I get an M10 x1 banjo fittin
  6. As has already been said you don’t need too much to move a rolling chassis. I use a cheap atv winch if I’m on my own to pull the chassis back up the slope into the garage. It’s just bolted to a workbench that’s secured. If you zoom in you can see it in this pic..
  7. Good to hear that you’ve found some time free 👍, I often see it in the corner on the walk around videos 😊
  8. The reason the front is not compressing above probably has more to do with running HD springs. Here’s a 90 on standard height factory springs running 255/85 16’s. With the right setup, there’s no problem getting enough upward travel front and rear...
  9. Not sure how many preorders JLR had for the New Defender, but it looks they’ll have go some to beat the bronco... https://techcrunch.com/2020/07/30/ford-bronco-reservations-surpass-150000/
  10. It won’t work as there is no ground connections 😉😉😉😉 In this scenario, would it make more sense to have winch off Batt 2? So therefore have no anticipated high drain conditions off the starter battery. Also, I assume you don’t ever want to connect the batteries (and alternators) in parallel for the winch?
  11. Hi My son is in Sennybridge for the next month, and wants to get his clutch replaced on his D2 whilst down there, so can anyone recommend a good LR independent garage in the Brecon area? cheers, Steve
  12. Sorry don’t know why I typed China, I meant India
  13. Whether it comes here probably depends on if Ford plans to sell it in India. If they do, then that will justify RHD version and so it may come here.
  14. I think they call it TSRV now Mo, Tough School Run Vehicle. 😉😉😉😉
  15. Ok just measured GL4x4 standard height turret with relocator and it’s 94mm, it would be about 100mm without the relocator. So, either way, you’ll have plenty of room for your shocks. so that’s these ones... https://gwynlewis4x4.co.uk/product/front-std-height-hd-turrets-including-re-locators-gl1056/ I suspect the +2 turrets would be the same. cheers Steve
  16. https://www.ford.com/suvs/bronco/2021/ New Bronco, with optional GOAT, and Sasquatch package that includes 35” muds, bead lock rims and front and rear lockers. Colours like Antimatter blue, Area 51 grey and starting at £24K in the US...
  17. I can measure the Gwynn Lewis ones tomorrow morning for you. What height suspension are you running as this will cant the diff over and make the shock off centre?
  18. Thanks for the reply, I just have the tools for brake lines, so I think I’ll go for best flexible hose, and yes I was planning to buy the SS clamp style rather than jubilee clips based on previous advice I’d seen so thanks for recommending them too. cheers 👍
  19. What’s best for fuel hose - suitable rubber hose, or braided? I see copper too as an option, but having never seen that used before, I’ve dismissed it. However I’m looking for guidance, so any recommendations? cheers, Steve
  20. I think the spec and looks are good, keen to see prices, this could be the killer if they have the same inflated egos of LR and Jeep (now in Europe) All the folks defending the spec & design of the new Defender, and all the bullpoo from LR that you can't meet modern safety and climate regs any other way, kind of have to eat humble pie now. I can’t wait to see the first back to back decent off road test between this and the new Defender.
  21. Unscrew the cover plate inside the boot and use mole grips to pull bar on each side to release.
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