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  1. I use a dust deputy equivalent into a bucket then into duct fan, similar in setup to this... https://www.howtomotorcyclerepair.com/dustdeputy/
  2. Forgot to add that I sealed the cabinet and viewing screen with foam tape, and yes I use acetate sheet too over the polycarbonate.
  3. I bought a couple of cheap 12v led lamps like these... Ricoy 7inch LED Light Bar 2pcs 240W Offroad Driving Lights LED Pods Spot Flood Combo Beam (2 Pcs 7inch 240w) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07LBRLZ1H/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_q-77EbXVZ6G37 Now no issues with light I burned through a couple hoovers, an old Miele and a cheap fireplace vacuum off eBay. So I then went down a different route of fitting one of these... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183748043689 duct fan with a brushless motor, used in model jet aircraft. I used heatshrink to place it in the exhaust duct. I had to ge
  4. Teng one has stood up to use so far. I’ve destroyed a couple of the flat head bits, on bolts I’ve ended up cutting off in the end, on screws they haven’t failed yet. cheers, Steve
  5. What about just hiring a lwb van? They are so easy to drive long distances in now. Obviously you’ll get hit with mileage, but maybe cheapest and easiest option.
  6. I wouldn’t bother with the handheld one as you’ll be filling it up all of the time. I suspect the pot will be fine, it’s essentially all the blast cabinets are, a tube into base of cabinet to suck up grit/sand. Downsides of both are that they are one time use of the grit/sand, but if you have a ready supply of suitable sand that solves that issue. I’ve never had an issue with dampness, but I’ve always used a cabinet, so might be an issue if you’re sourcing the sand locally. I’ve found that 90-100psi is optimum for the stuff that I do. My compressor manages to maintain this pressure f
  7. For the motor, you can just blow it and the casing out with compressed air, and if you feel there’s sufficient build up to necessitate a wipe down, the best thing to use is electrical contact cleaner as it will leave no residue.
  8. If you can get Wi-Fi in your garage, how about an echo dot.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Echo-Dot-3rd-Gen-Charcoal/dp/B07PJV3JPR/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Echo+dot&qid=1590518277&sr=8-1 You can play any radio station, podcast, streaming, Bluetooth from your phone or even audio book for £30.
  9. I suppose it’s down to the fact that most working dogs have character. If exercised well they also make good family dogs, so no surprise they are popular. Had labs here too, latest addition a few years ago is a beagle.
  10. I bet they, fun though. shame there’s a lockdown, my daughter would be very happy to pop over and amuse them for a while 👍 Never had a springer spaniel, what are they like? cheers, Steve
  11. Not mine, but I thought you’d like this quick workshop build video...
  12. Agree FF, the coming soon stuff is cr8p. The supported by Belstaff concerns me too. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out too influenced by the Instagram brigade.
  13. Looking excellent James 👍 Were you left with any onduline sheets or verges going spare? I could do with a sheet or some verges to repair a shed roof, but reluctant to pay £27 delivery charge for such a small order whilst on lockdown. A sheet cut in half could probably be shipped for a tenner. Happy to pay full price obviously for sheet etc. cheers, Steve
  14. That’s why I posted Matt Prior’s review from Autocar. He’s at least driven off road a number of times and personally owns a Defender.
  15. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/land-rover/defender/first-drives/land-rover-defender-110-s-2020-review
  16. For the floor you could roll on Upol Raptor. 2 coats would give you a very hard wearing surface that’s resistive to fuel, oil spills.
  17. Just posted this, as clearly the media are ignoring this. I know it makes for a good picture and headline, but showing pics of people walking hand in hand, small groups of people with no context is hardly mass ignorance of the guidelines. Shocking picture of people at the seaside in the daily mail...
  18. To be fair, the government gave less than clear guidelines. Most of the restrictions were aimed at over 70’s and vulnerable, then for the rest they told them to avoid large gatherings and actively encouraged people to get out in the fresh air. So is it no surprise that people go out on walks, to the seaside, on their motorbike etc. Apart from queues for at takeaway food places etc. probably most people were following the guidelines. If a couple that live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, are they to walk 2m apart outside. Same with families that live in the same house use the sam
  19. Why are you expecting everyone to be wearing a mask, when it’s been proven that they offer no material benefit?
  20. Take a deep breath Mo, he’s not worth it 😉😉😉😉😉😉 I don’t think I’ve ever heard him saying a good thing about the previous Defender. Interesting to hear how other car designers talk and where they want to keep that authentic engineering look and function over form. Not Gerry he wants to portray solidness through a stuck on painted panel. 🙄
  21. Gerry gets all defensive, oh dear... https://gearpatrol.com/2020/03/09/land-rover-design-boss/ best quote, below - I think that’s mostly because he’s not ‘a car guy’, as Jay Leno would say. and this piece gives an indication of what he thought of the previous Defender....
  22. If I recall the Bronco will have the same setup as the next gen Raptor, independent front and live axle in the rear with coils and a watts linkage. Current raptor uses leaf springs in the rear.
  23. Personally, and this is not an attack, but maybe it’s you that has the minority view and not the journalists. Mordern cars, for the most part, are more comfortable, steer better, handle better, brake better than a Defender or the new Jimmy. This is especially so on a long journeys and at higher speeds that journalists will normally use for their tests. High speed A/B roads with compressions etc. will show up a live axle easily. Add in the cheap plastics, small space etc. and it’s no wonder most don’t like the Jimny and previously the Defender. Now, you see past all the downsides and lik
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