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  1. Now Geoff I’m sure you already know that’s not correct. 🙄 It’s based on a whole mix of things, things you’ve looked at, demographic profiling, especially if you have a google account, locale, destination site profile and as I pointed out also what other visitors of that site have viewed elsewhere. Now as I’d never seen that ad displayed elsewhere, and the fact that it was an individual product item not a general site advert, I can be certain that it was a regular visitor to LR4x4 that had previously looked at those boots. Now, looking at the boots, I can understand them wanting to be ano
  2. I had the same issue as you, complete novice but wanting to produce relatively good results. The best investment I’ve found is in the compressor. Good high CFM, seems to top out at 14CFM with a compressor running on normal mains power, and with a 150-200l tank. I’ve found when doing full panels, the 200l tank gives you enough air to get some good passes In before the compressor kicks in. If I’m doing a top coat and clear coats, I tend to wait until tank is full before moving on. For primers etc. there’s more leeway. For a gun, I went with a 3m accuspray one, that allows various tips
  3. these weird boots that google ads keeps posting all over the place... https://pearlfeet.com/collections/handmake-shoes/products/145346-men-vintage-hand-stitching-comfort-soft-leather-boots?utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=10002&utm_content=0000&utm_term=google&utm_campaign=google_pearlfeet2_140077_m_uk_20200217_roas_anlisa&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlua8yYD15wIVyjHTCh2puA1TEAEYASAAEgI2-fD_BwE it’s really off putting. 🙄🙄
  4. Personally, I think the looks and more importantly the price will result in a failure For LR. If it succeeds in replacing D5 sales, that’s a failure for the company as a whole. At the prices they’ve set, I just can’t see it selling in high enough incremental sales for LR. A couple of years and we’ll know the answer.
  5. Equally though - I’m not a fan of the amount of vehicles driving around that are paying no car tax and insurance (1 in 8 vehicles in the worst areas). If they’re increasing cameras cars to catch these, as per their current Tv and radio ad campaigns, then personally I think that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, it seems their software needs updating, however, you can understand why they check cars on driveways too, as it’s likely in most cases these vehicles would be in use.
  6. Not cheap, but a neat solution... https://store.switchpros.com/
  7. Your e-class has a proper auto box in it, I suspect it’s with dual clutch boxes like anything from the VW stable as I’ve had this happen too. The e-class auto also has the double press brake pedal feature that only merc seem to do, where it will hold the brake on for you, then you just have to accelerate to set off. What a labour saving tech feature that we all need 😉😉😉
  8. Is this what you mean by “eventually I will add to it”... 😉😉😉😉
  9. I see that Discovery 5 sales slumped by 43% in the UK in 2019. it will be interesting to see what additional dent the arrival of the Defender makes to that in 2020. You can’t blame the drop in sales fully on the looks of the rear of the D5. If so, the Defender better watch out too, with that fugly rear end. So it’s more likely down to to reliability issues, value compared to other brands and overall looks that’s hitting D5 sales.
  10. You won’t be seeing the new Defender in this new museum. Kind of says it all really. 🙂
  11. I have a compact M18 Milwaukee 1/2” impact wrench and an M18 drill. All good, but the compact wouldn’t undo fastened (torqued correctly) wheel nuts and harder stuff, even though it was rated to 300NM. It’s size is great though for getting into most things and it’s relatively light for long use. So when I wanted a beefier impact wrench I found the Makita ones better specified and cheaper than Milwaukee, even though it meant a battery system change. It didn’t for me as I’d recently bought some 36v (2x 18v) Makita tools for gardening. So last year I bought a Makita DTW1002Z - £190 body only
  12. You should be ok with 10% thinners, that is what I have used. You’ll get a light texture if you use a primer tip, 1.8/2.0. Use a something like 1.4, and flat back the primer and you’ll get a completely smooth finish like any other top coat, albeit super hard. I tried some test pieces on some ally plate and you could hit it pretty hard with a hammer or screwdriver without damage. It will certainly take some off road abuse ok. I think for liners, upol recommends the Schultz gun to achieve the full textured finish as it gives better protection to shock impacts. Remember that it
  13. Not the best light, but again I think it looks ok...
  14. It may be polyeurethane based, but that’s like saying enamel paint is like 2 pack. 🙄 I don’t think it looks too bad...
  15. That will be too low temps. You wouldn’t want to paint it below 15 degrees c.
  16. The same person that came up with the idea of having the 130 be just a longer version of the 110 (same wheelbase) and push it further up the price range. 🙄 Also, the same person that axed the pick up version, despite them claiming it was coming, even last year.
  17. Most likely this. Waiting for Neil to add his thoughts too 😉
  18. Agree with you there. At the launch of the Jeep you get the designer talking about how they designed the arches so that owners could fit 35” mud terrains, at Defender launch you get McGovern spouting on about verticality, durability and solid panels above the wheel arches to give solidness 🙄🙄🙄 In the US, at least, the Jeep is well priced too.
  19. My fav pic so far... Not to be outdone by the Chelsea tractor company, get me some wood... And some tasteful chequer plate effect all over the place...
  20. Not sure why it took 8 years to go from this... to what’s been launched. Looks like a mid life facelift of the original DC100 design that was slated so much at the time. It will be interesting to see how much incremental sales LR gets out of the Defender. I suspect it more likely to grab sales from Discovery etc. than from competitors.
  21. The first car to win the Paris Dakar outright in 1981, and winner of car category at the first Paris Dakar in 1979. You should also find out which idiot signed off using Morris marina door handles on the 4 door 😉😉😉
  22. WTF is with the paint effect chequer plate, 😱 now that it is a design step too far. It also encapsulates what the Defender has become for LR, essentially a Discovery with Defender design cues, and the branding that embodies adventure and all that is cool and great about that. 🙄 Interesting to see whether it results in incremental sales for LR or just eats into Discovery 5/Sport and Evoque sales. You kind of feel that with a price tag of £40K plus it won’t stack up against the competition from other manufacturers, so it will have to sell mainly on image. Something the Evoque has done
  23. You could use suspension spacers instead of longer springs, and then use standard range rover classic springs. Remember that with the softer springs, you’ll get more roll, and with the extra height you may not find this desirable. One way to find out though 😀
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