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  1. Are the wheel spacers for the mach 5's?? If so, are you sure you need them? Most Mach 5's are made with enough backspace not to need spacers, especially for 265's Cheers Steve
  2. That's not the case with the Safari drives. It's held on private land. Steve
  3. If thisis for TD5, you just need tubing as you have push fit connectors already. You need 6mm OD tubing. I ran new tubes from axles into engine bay. Cut existing transmission tube and used Y piece push fit to combine transmission and front axle into one. Then ran rear axle and this combined tube up snorkel. If you do the same you need about 7-8m of tubing Steve
  4. A safety devices fuel tank guard I had for the P38, came with a thick sheet of foam. Filled up space to keep mud out and stopped any vibrations too. It was fine when I removed it 3 1/2 years later with no mud and no water and no rust- but, P38 tank was plastic though Cheers Steve
  5. all booked up. and for those camping I spotted this last week, when I bought some -20 Nanok sleeping bags.. Nanok Special Forces Cold Weather Suit This is an excellent cold weather suit made by Nanok it is reversible and comes in Olive Green/Sand. The suit consists of the trousers,jackets and sleeping bag socks. Cheers Steve
  6. Date is no good for me anyway, but I'm not sure I'll bother with Bures, as the people that bought it seem to be making a right hash of running it. IIRC they bid a price that Peter felt was too much to be economical in running it (he should know) and so he didn't bid. The new owners first attempted to get clubs to run days there and their friendly and informative site seems to give a clear amateurish message out. Hopefully their organisation on the actual day will be better. Cheers Steve
  7. Sorry, not sure I understand your post. You drop it into a garage on 12th August for a service and were happy to wait until 6th October to pick up. Somethings wrong if they needed more than a day to service your Defender. Unless you gave them permission to do the work you should only be paying for service and mot pre-inspection. Did you pay by credit card? Or even debit card in some cases? If so then this may be best route to get money back.
  8. the action is pretty much the same 'cam' type action as the EP9 just with a different shaped handle. It's the fact that once the freespool is engaged the drum moves a hell of lot more easily than the EP series, making freespooling no effort. Another vote for TDS here, especially as they are typically 60-70 pounds less than an EP9/9.5 too. Cheers Steve
  9. If I bought a Defender I didn't know the history of, I would do the following.. Change all fluids.. Brakes, Coolant, Clutch, Axles, Engine, Gearbox, transfer Box Change Air filter and Oil filters Check.. Brake pads for wear Brake discs for wear Bearings all round and re-grease them all if ok. Re-grease/oil hubs. Propshafts for UJ and centre spline wear. Replace if necessary Handbrake, clean and adjust Battery connections Lights for corrosion around bulb holders general condition of outriggers, rear cross member etc Shock and Spring mounts Springs and shocks Bushes on all suspen
  10. I spent 7 1/2 hours outside in the wind and rain at a Rugby tournament in Cambridge yesterday, and it rained for about 6 1/2 hours of that, so yes it did rain quite a bit yesterday ;) If Violets lane was that deep, you should have tried Standon ford on the way there. Would have had your arses wet too! ;) Steve
  11. You are right Neil I do, had it for almost 3 years now. It seems expensive, but it's one of those fit and forget products. Does what it says, is very durable/easy to clean and look ok too. I went for lining that had stereo mount and speaker mouldings.. It's worth the money in my opinion. Only problem in fitting was that pre-drilled holes for sun visors didn't line up on my TD5, so I had to re drill some new holes. Cheers Steve
  12. Yes it is a double beadlock. They cost about £70 each in US and seem to vary quite a bit over here in Europe going up to £150. Devon 4x4 were most reasonable when I looked with each costing about £115inc. They are very popular in US, less so over here. Steve
  13. Find the wheels that you want and fit Staun beadlocks Steve
  14. When putting Simex back on, I'd sometimes use a spade under the tyre. Saves the back and makes putting a heavy tyre & wheel combo back on easier. Steve
  15. In lower housing you will see a plate on drum side. Simply lift this out and you can pull off the drum. When you say that you've bent the drum, what part do you mean? The end plates of the drum? Steve
  16. No hassle way of doing it is here.. http://www.x-eng.co.uk/X-Jump.asp?MID=4 Or you can buy all the bits and do it yourself from somewhere like vehicle wiring products.
  17. That's true , but then I ran my BFG's for 2 1/2 years and 35,000 miles and sold them as a set of 5 with ~9mm of tread left for £250. So a set of five cost me about £250, less than your Insa's to run a good quality tyre for that many miles. I bought a new set five for £535 and hopefully I'll be able to do the same in 2.5-3 yrs. Cheers Steve
  18. I would say it's overpriced, for example... JST's 90 Hardtop and there's a 2005 TD5 Hardtop on autotrader for 7,750 with 35K miles. But at the end of the day it's personal choice and if you find a Defender with the colour/spec you want then you are not talking about too much of a difference. Cheers Steve
  19. Personally I'd fit 255/85 16 BFG MT's. Much better size for UK than both of the above. Cheers Steve
  20. Just to be clear. This wasn't a flippant comment. If you have any doubts as to the health of the battery change it out and start again. P38 BECM's are very particular to battery voltage and can start to give all sort of errors and malfunctions if the battery is not 100%. It's not worth trying a number of methods to recover it if you can't be sure that battery is A1. Cheers Steve
  21. I'd start with a new battery first. Cheers Steve
  22. Yes, my only concern that if you are running the tank off the same pressurised feed as your locker solenoids is that if you lose pressure on the tank from something like a hose ripped off etc, you lose the operation of your lockers, so it's probably worthwhile fitting an isolating valve inline to the tank feed, or easliy being able to pull off the quick release line would do the same thing. Cheers Steve
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