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  1. Yeah part of the cost saving of relays is not having to route the thicker gauge wiring to each switch right? I'm glad I asked, this is a really interesting area of more recent automotive history. Everyone loves to lament the day when you suddenly needed a computer to work on your car, but the average car guy doesn't consider what the alternative was.
  2. The fact that the ZF4 was used in so many cars [on both sides of the Atlantic] is probably testament enough. The reason I was asking about the electrics is it's a vague subject. Difficult to quantify, so I'm kind of looking for a tangible way. My car is full of relays, I see that as a good thing. There are one or two smaller control boxes for things like cruise and delayed systems. None of it seems unreliable to me across my three LR's [which all have some version of those electrics or other. I haven't heard or read of the looms giving trouble, least not without some accompanying reason that mitigates the failure. So the late RRC's that had air were the first 4x4's in the world to use it? I hadn't heard either that the ABS being employed as traction control had actually debuted on the RRC, that's a cool one. Goes a way to verify what I'd read about the Wabco system being the envy of the industry when first launched. This stuff is invaluable thanks!
  3. I've been reading very interesting articles about the history of the RV8 and Buick 215 it was developed off. Reckon I've plenty there. Common probs are cam wear on 7/8 am I right? What do you know about the electrics? And yeah any trivia is good trivia. What I'd like to do first and foremost is prove the car is made of good components.
  4. I'm making a video about the Range Rover Classic and I want to make it a journey around the construction and systems of the car, figuratively dissecting it to showcase [or criticise if deserved] the engineering and design. So I've been researching and looking for knowledge, comparisons and real world testimonials on the following; Axles - how thick are they, are they strong [cases / shafts] by comparison to the competition, thoughts on swivel housings/bearings Braking - Info on the Wabco ABS system in later cars [I read that it's the forerunner of modern traction control, and was the envy of the industry when new] Engine - Foibles of the RV8 Suspension - Ability of the late car in comparison to non ARB equipped RRC's and the competition AND the Defender Body - How do the approach/departure angles compare to the competition AND to the Defender, real world examples of how rust prone [or not] the inner shell is, anything of note? Electrics - Anything inherently bad in design, common problems Transmission - Strengths and weaknesses of the ZF4HP22, likewise the BW transfer box Cross overs - anything on a late RRC that is shared with a non related marque, eg; Wabco ABS, ZF4HP22, Borg warner transfer Firsts - Anything the RR [early or late] brought to the mainstream that hadn't been there before History - Oz was reportedly a LR dominated market until trade deals with Japan meant Toyota became the fav / why does the USA car majority hold the RRC in such low regard All knowledge and opinions welcome, there has been a lot of leg work on this one and I don't mind sifting through a lot of info. I'd like to make this the be all and end all of Range Rover Classic review videos. Not just some hack jumping in a loaned car for two hours and spouting whatever they think sounds good. Thanks and thanks! George PS - If you've other RRC chats going on elsewhere perhaps you could bring this up and widen the net?
  5. Couldn't see this one posted going back through the discussion. Catchpole is easy to listen to, no hype, and he does his reading up. Don't think I'll ever get over the rake of the windscreen.
  6. Def feels good to get some traction FF, and yeah there's a new welder Blanco. Two in fact, a MIG and an ACDC TIG, plus a plasma cutter. Vids on demos of all three coming and I'll say no more because I don't want to spoil but I took a sheet of Birmabright with me to see if a first time TIG user could put two strips of it back together. Lads I'm shooting a real world review style vid on the Vogue soon as I get home. I'm in a position now that I can talk about it with at least perceived authority. So what I want to do, rather than just saying 'everyone who thinks RR's are carp is wrong', is drop facts about components as I talk through the more normal aspects of a car review vid. So for example; I'm driving the car and I get talking about the trans. I'll talk about how the ZF4HP22 must be one of the most widely used autos in the world, and list the more diverse makes it's been used by. But I want to talk about say the axles or the chassis, with some sort of real world comparison of strength, like how the RR chassis were hand welded and are box rather than C section like [Toyota?]. Or the cruise control system which is again a standard and widely used design [from that period], or the Wabco ABS system which I read was at the time the envy of the motor industry [unsubstantiated]. So I'm asking for knowledge, any interesting tidbits of info about literally any system, component, bodywork, whatever. The more specific/relatable the better. Any thoughts? EDIT: something I'd like to mention too is that the RR was the first coil sprung LR, and essentially the basis for Defender development. That'll surprise a lot of people. But I need to be filled in and fact checked
  7. It's getting there, was 9800 at time of release
  8. Cheers Arjan! The gems keep coming; "I'm going to hold my Isuzu Trooper really close tomorrow, thank god it has no rust." Guy watches Land Rover rust video, goes outside to hug his off brand 4x4.
  9. new fav; "This film is like seeing my best friends wife naked. Beautiful."
  10. I was sure it'd bomb, but when you think about what goes on YT these days I suppose it makes sense. The comments [1400+] are highly entertaining, I've been propositioned [by a straight chap], another talked about how it's the longest he's ever been erect, I've seemingly broken the dumb Irish potato farmer stereotype whilst being referred to as Dermot by an Aussie in 'the colony', a Russian called me 'bitch' and a Spanish chap doffed his sombrero at me
  11. There's a little chatter about why I'd bother with a car that was a POS when new, many Americans especially have a really bad opinion of RR. Many miss the point, but I expected that. What still astonishes me is the 'car guy' ability to jump on the band wagon of a stereotype without actually having any knowledge or experience of a make/model. Do RR's rust? Yep. Do they all rust more than the next old car? I don't believe to. Well my '73 made it 40 years with less than a half days work welding repairs, and it worked for a living. Are they poorly engineered? I don't believe so either. I read one comment this morning that described LR's mechanicals as papier mache. wtf
  12. Hi gents! Sorry been neglectful. Yep you said it, been out enjoying myself. The Vogue has done about 2k in six weeks or so. My god it's thirsty, it's very much out of it's time. I mean back when a gallon of juice was £3 it would have been manageable, but now... pfft it's scary. I've been busy in the background and normal service will resume from here. Kind of ;). Don't sweat about channel momentum, I really like where it's at in terms of having a small but loyal following, sure it needs to be bigger to make life smoother for me but that'll come. I've realised I need more of my own time, to be healthy. I mean work/life balance, so the learning curve is still in effect. Hope the full RR feature floats a few boats. I still get enthralled by it despite having watched it a lot of times, there's a big element of 'did I actually do that?'
  13. Didn't realise it existed, thanks a mill. Do you by any chance know how to put one of those cables together?
  14. Oh dear, I'll try shift gears in t-box neutral and see if it bears the same symptoms. Fingers crossed. Whatever it is I don't need it, but thems the breaks. Cheers Mike when the love of the cars isn't quite cutting it for my own motivation it's the messages of renewed motivation from others that keep me going. I do behind the scenes update videos for patrons and they're probably more me trying not to whinge too loudly about frustrations, than they are extra practical content.
  15. What ho Ste! I have a start to finish edit of the Vogue on the way, and tomorrow the Esprit chassis meets a media blaster who I'm going to have a sit down chat with too. I've also nailed down the new welder situation and will shoot some videos with an expert later this month. So there's stuff coming, and then some . Juggling like mad whilst trying to regain a little zen here. The Vogue rebuild got on top of me if I'm honest. Been doing fun little things quietly without a camera, like getting the cruise control going again and stone chipping all that lovely clean underbody work, but I've a couple of niggles that I'm completely unsure about. I haven't managed to track down the gain/loss of power yet, but if I'm honest I haven't done much save for checking vacuum lines and servicing the dizzy cap. I should really just replace those and the plugs. I'm also wondering whether a fuel filter could cause that kind of temporary gain in power after a heavy revving. There's a whine from under the car under heavy load, in fact it rarely happens because I don't have a heavy foot. Not at 15mpg . When I had the rear diff out it didn't show any signs of poor bearing or wheel condition and it's not weeping from the input flange, plus it's just gotten fresh fluid. So I'm hoping it's not that. Likewise the aft end of the rear prop was in good fettle too. I haven't checked the transfer case for fluid, could it be as simple as lack of? While I'm asking questions, is it ok to freewheel an auto RRC? Anyway standby for normal [improved] service to resume, I'm excited to get things going again and bring some extra quality to the series.
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