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  1. New Series - RR Heavy

    This has happened out of necessity, I've actively started cutting out large parts of the processes - some thing when some piece of work has to be repeated more than once for instance. It's a fine balance I'm always trying to strike. The other piece of the picture is the time part of the time lapse. Watching someone doing DIY is frustrating if their hand or a tool is partially in the way, but it's also a let down when someone says "now I'm going to..." and then there's a cut and it's done. You get no sense of what it took to do it. If it helps mate I'll do a lapse of some shirts being ironed When I was nine to fiving I used to do my weeks shirts in a half hour on a Sat morn or Sunday. Have to say I'm happy with a fortnightly instalments, no it's not easy but to shoot for more regular instalments would totally change the format, and it'd still make it more pressured. I've thought of splitting the interviews into their own stand alone videos but that's a completely different series and not what I intended. I think the DIY work pulls people into listening to people they wouldn't normally get to hear, or bother to listen to, and the interviews do the same [probably to a lesser extent] for the DIY. Have to say gent's it's a really interesting and insightful conversation. There's a depth of understanding here for the processes I go through. I've made a fairly big commitment in the last few weeks by bringing the two cars home to work in the open. No unit and no roof over my head but a small saving in both time and money. It was causing me some anxiousness but after the last few days I've a growing excitement for the newfound energy it's given me.
  2. New Series - RR Heavy

    In the simplest sense it's from 'souped up'. But it's a catch all - fuel, oil, water.... booze . Later if I thought it was a natural progression I'd like to bring sailing into it. The self sufficiency that blue water sailing requires is very like the attitude a lot of LR guys have. You need to self sufficient - a navigator, a pilot, an engineer, a dare devil, a carpenter, composites expert, metal worker and cool under pressure all at once. The cool thing is that the internet says the earliest record of the expression is early 20th century and it was used in horse racing - soup was the concoction of drugs they'd give horses to make them run faster. They were souped up. I'm making the stretch that it got carried over to cars with horsepower when they replaced horses.
  3. New Series - RR Heavy

    I'm going to pretend you didn't call the thing I put a huge effort into a gimmick In it's defence the reason I chose to do time lapse [knowing it would add considerably to my workload] was because it's the best way to show full detail with no obstructions or distractions. Because I'm coming at everything as a novice I could see how someone who already knows all the work depicted would find it a gimmick or tedious, but many others don't and many consider it my USP. Anyway that's a tangent - I meant to say that I was thinking of putting links in the description of the episodes that take you directly to each section. If I'm a realist not everyone watches all the way through and it may/may not be harm to have those links present. the brain cell engagement thing makes me very happy mate, if only I were smarter I could force you to engage more of them I'd pull it off and do that mate, thanks a million. Ordinary high temp grease, or moly or copper what's best? [I only have those three]
  4. New Series - RR Heavy

    Cheers gents, yeah I had a good day today pinning the axle back on the RR and feeling a bit more human again. All relevant and interesting points of view. I'm firmly in "the views aren't everything" camp, and have faith the snowball effect can and will happen, and modestly is fine by me. I'm 100% willing to bend on the social media thing if that's where it goes but the one thing I'm not doing is compromising my vision for how the show is edited to try and please the biggest number. I'm producing a series that I'd like to watch and I have an attention span. When I watch something I like to get into it and get something from it, that's why I chose time lapse and do the interviews... for anybody like me who wants to see something in detail, or hear an interesting prospective. You can jump to your preferred section too. Also one of the key instigators for me doing this in the first place was my disdain for how TV [and online media] has gotten so fickle and money driven. So many ads, so much rehashing plot lines after ads, so much manufactured drama and suspense. You watch anything an hour long these days and you're really only getting 35 mins of fresh content, and often it seems to be structured to breed idiots. It's a case of the chicken and the egg but the stats would suggest that SOUP doesn't appeal to the millennials much, and I'm ok with that. I spent too long trying to fit in in my life to try and please anyone else. In fact I turned down a huge millennial dominated car portal who offered to promote the series. Before you tell me I'm crazy, they wanted all of my raw time lapse footage in return for some shout outs. Chancers like that preying on college graduates and those green around the ears compromise the money making abilities of real professionals. I don't get to post on forums much despite making an effort to do so, I've had great support from here, Retro Rides, The Lotus Forums, Backroads.ie, Pistonheads, Lotusexcel.net and SELOC, that I know of. I have some really top interviewees lined up and frankly that's how I'm measuring the success of the series, it has integrity so it's garnering interest from people I never would have expected. Long may that last! Anyway to more interesting talk - I've a pal [and LR4x4 member] who has a Drew Bowler build going, I'm hoping he'll be up for me doing a bit on it. It's the real deal, I can't remember exactly now but I think it's one of 12 original builds. A small number anyway. I must go over and update that thread on the Madza SL35 wiring, there's a new tried and tested version of the wiring schematic I drew up.
  5. New Series - RR Heavy

    Appreciate the encouragement lads. i have a few things in the pipeline that should garner fresh interest. I'll stave off social media for Now and see where it gets me. 😅
  6. Roller painting

    Hi Jamie, I've been planning to roller a van for a while now and someone sent me this run down on roller painting. I don't know how good it is but these guys get really good results. I've since seen other [unrelated] people also using thinned Rustoleum. I'll say this... it's great in terms of off the shelf colour choice. Looking forward to seeing how you get on, good luck with it. George
  7. New Series - RR Heavy

    True that, if you're measuring success by sheer number of subs. SOUP takes all of the time I can give it whilst preserving health so all of this is moot, but for argument's sake lets say I did have time to curate a raft of social media - something the failure fearing man in me considers regularly - I haven't been able to make a connect between incessant posting [absolutely required] and the integrity of the channel. I'm seeing things differently now and I'm not sure I'd pay someone to handle my social media even if I could. I was experimenting with instagram for most of the first year and I found that posting when there was genuinely something interesting to take a picture of meant posting maybe once a fortnight. That don't cut the mustard as you well know. I'm measuring success now by the people the channel attracts - good honest people who are actually interested and didn't land because of the hype [there's no hype 😅]. The channel started for the cars and has evolved into something that can be used to put a microphone in front of people you don't usually get to hear from. I've some very cool stuff coming! The folk who are interested will find it and I can keep chatting to them p2p instead of wasting precious time lulling myself into a false sense of my own importance on social media. This is a deep and tangled web 😂 So many rants, and so much cool info 😎 I couldn't find him talking about it but I realise it doesn't really matter, there's little even AvE can do about YT's machinations.
  8. New Series - RR Heavy

    Where'd you hear that mate? It'd be very bad news for me because I'm already on the back foot - Google want to see lots of social media pointing to a channel, and of course lots of views and interaction. I don't have other social media, I neither have time for it nor want it.
  9. New Series - RR Heavy

    Not sure he knows, but I really enjoyed talking LR with Richard. I think LR would do well to have him as some sort of spokesperson for local or online media. Cheers Stephen! Funny I was trying to not sound like I was worried about popularity but I'm always trying to keep the episodes interesting so there might have been a subconscious fish for feedback in that. I supposed what I meant was that if it's not your cup of tea it's all good, it's fairly niche, but don't miss the episodes over the simple click of a setting.
  10. New Series - RR Heavy

    I fear many won't see this but I've been waiting excitedly to drop this episode here. This one's got what I think is a really interesting Land Rover focussed interview with a man who works in the engine design department at JLR.
  11. I love Ebay

    Is that a D2 rear chassis section? I've wondered if they're any good and how they're intended to be attached. Guessing that's from insideout4x4?
  12. Basic Start & Charge Wiring

    We had each started to focus on the batteries and the starter. There's a new battery on the way and we'll go at it again in a few days. For anyone who this is useful to; I have a feeling the green schematic above is sound, yet to be confirmed - but some extra info: the preheater relay that seems to have been specified by M&D in their conversion of two of my pal's cars with the Mazda SL35, is Mitsubishi part UIT06871. In one car it seems to be operating alone [although further investigation is required] but on the other car it is being activated by LR's own glow plug timer relay PRC6913, which makes more sense. The latter is not shown in either schematic above. It would sit between the 'glow plug relay' and ignition in the schematic. hth
  13. Basic Start & Charge Wiring

    It's been so long since I wired my RR that I'm just not confident in the conclusions I'm coming to while helping a friend try and get his RRC with Mazda SL35 engine running. I decided to go back to basics and draw up some schematics from scratch using a standard 3.9 RRC diagram as a foundation and working in the SL35 necessities. Was hoping anyone with solid knowledge could throw their eye over them and see if there's any glaring mistakes, and maybe they'd be of use to someone in the future. Note they're all standard RRC 3.9 [1990-ish] wiring colour codes save for the yellow to the preheater [which would be yellow with black tracer from the timer unit to glow plugs on a 1990 diesel RRC]. Also the injection pump cut off isn't included in either diagram. Haven't worked that out yet [any pointers where the glow plug/preheater relay low voltage wiring should be connected in the ignition welcome]. Thanks George Edit: forgot to mention, we can't get this thing to crank. The solenoid just ticks madly and there's the slightest attempt to turn from the crank. We've been using two batteries in rotation between car and charger and monitoring voltage. They both start with 12.3 but as soon as ignition is switched to 1 or 2 the voltage drops to low 11's. Is that normal? We even tried them in series at one point but it made no difference.
  14. Yes what's the point of an old car if it doesn't have the character of it's years.
  15. mmmm that'd be a tasty restoration There's a simple philosophy; try and put anything that comes off a vehicle back on in better condition than was when it was removed.