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  1. Yes very uplifting. There seems the be a good response here in Ireland too, people in general are being conscientious. I tapped elbows as a greeting with a few pals, last week before things escalated.
  2. Social distancing and cocooning are both fine measures and will make a difference. Hand and facial hygiene are paramount now. Trouble is.... people.
  3. The Soup gumption trap, in soft focus because frankly I'm ashamed of the truth. Don't judge me. If it hasn't dawned on anyone yet, this lockdown is your chance. Once in a lifetime moment when all of the back burner, long finger chores can be done. For a better life Do mine too while you're at it would you? glws @lo-fi, I'd be talking to you were we on the same land mass.
  4. Hi Simon, no I have a Td5 in my RRC. Thanks though
  5. Yep, you do. You can leave it to Youtube or manually do it. Generally their system that decides the opportune moment to place an ad, and how many to place, is fairly decent. Frankly I put too much time into my videos to have them messed up by a lot of ads, but being used to a short one like my last being a one mid roll ad deal, I just left it to Youtube. I got caught out.
  6. Ha! Haven't seen this one in years. Just a follow up - I did coax that DII back into service that summer and it was great. In fact it still is... despite the fact I put the thermostat back in the wrong way round, and then travelled to the UK and across the scenic route through Wales to Shrewsbury with a trailer to collect my Lotus. On a very very warm weekend. I had spent not an inconsiderable amount of money doing the head gasket job myself, and made a big effort to do it right. That one little mistake blew it again basically straight away. It never missed a beat though and is still runn
  7. Something's definitely changed. I put up a vid last night and while watching it back for quality control my jaw dropped at the three or four 'mid roll' ads Youtube deemed fit to throw in there. Before now it would never have been more than one mid roll ad in a ten to 15 minute video. edit- as a creator I have the option of turning on video monetisation, or not. Just feel that's important to say. But then if you're following a creator and you value their content then being cool with [the odd] ad is the simplest form of support. I've no definitive on this but they say letting full ad play i
  8. I got trapped by the latest episode about the new Defender, as a podcast it fairly rolls along and it seems to be very well researched.
  9. I hadn't heard of this before and hopefully I'm double posting and you know about it already; a podcast for Land Rover guys! https://centresteer.com/ I have no affiliation, but I have been asked to talk about the making of my Range Rover resto video, which I'm looking forward to.
  10. Yeah part of the cost saving of relays is not having to route the thicker gauge wiring to each switch right? I'm glad I asked, this is a really interesting area of more recent automotive history. Everyone loves to lament the day when you suddenly needed a computer to work on your car, but the average car guy doesn't consider what the alternative was.
  11. The fact that the ZF4 was used in so many cars [on both sides of the Atlantic] is probably testament enough. The reason I was asking about the electrics is it's a vague subject. Difficult to quantify, so I'm kind of looking for a tangible way. My car is full of relays, I see that as a good thing. There are one or two smaller control boxes for things like cruise and delayed systems. None of it seems unreliable to me across my three LR's [which all have some version of those electrics or other. I haven't heard or read of the looms giving trouble, least not without some accompanying reason t
  12. I've been reading very interesting articles about the history of the RV8 and Buick 215 it was developed off. Reckon I've plenty there. Common probs are cam wear on 7/8 am I right? What do you know about the electrics? And yeah any trivia is good trivia. What I'd like to do first and foremost is prove the car is made of good components.
  13. I'm making a video about the Range Rover Classic and I want to make it a journey around the construction and systems of the car, figuratively dissecting it to showcase [or criticise if deserved] the engineering and design. So I've been researching and looking for knowledge, comparisons and real world testimonials on the following; Axles - how thick are they, are they strong [cases / shafts] by comparison to the competition, thoughts on swivel housings/bearings Braking - Info on the Wabco ABS system in later cars [I read that it's the forerunner of modern traction control, and
  14. Couldn't see this one posted going back through the discussion. Catchpole is easy to listen to, no hype, and he does his reading up. Don't think I'll ever get over the rake of the windscreen.
  15. Def feels good to get some traction FF, and yeah there's a new welder Blanco. Two in fact, a MIG and an ACDC TIG, plus a plasma cutter. Vids on demos of all three coming and I'll say no more because I don't want to spoil but I took a sheet of Birmabright with me to see if a first time TIG user could put two strips of it back together. Lads I'm shooting a real world review style vid on the Vogue soon as I get home. I'm in a position now that I can talk about it with at least perceived authority. So what I want to do, rather than just saying 'everyone who thinks RR's are carp is wrong', is
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