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  1. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    Just saw this, here's a logo submission [and a favicon so the tab stands out a little from the other forums]:
  2. Discovery 2 td5 "police" spec info

    Lovely bus, so clean!
  3. TD5 Cooling

    Thats odd, never heard that one before. Can't think of anything that would cause a hose to suck in other than a blockage, upstream of the affected area in the hose? Did you notice the level of the expansion tank before you released the cap? There is a valve in the cap btw.
  4. Return of Defender?

    It was always coming back, they had to make a point of killing it off so they could let the dust settle with the die hards, and generate a buzz before bringing back another badge engineered handbag. It's just marketing and PR. They need the Defender so that they can sell everything else. The Defender defines LR, without it it's a range of trinkets. There'd be no credibility if the linchpin of the whole deal was axed forever. The LR [we care about] can't meet the occupant or pedestrian tests. No you can't just move a few things around and sort it. You can't have proper crumple zones with a ladder chassis, and the only way you're going to meet pedestrian requirements is big flexible plastic bumpers and soft edges.... and without those things it just isn't Defender. The whole point was you could prang it off the field gatepost and it got better looking. The classic LR is dead. End of. How on Earth did the human race survive 20th century motoring!?
  5. New Series - RR Heavy

    Oh yeah another trip beckons but a total restoration first. I sold my LT95 but I loved it, rock solid. I'm running a Defender R380, and to be honest it feels quite like the LT but with the extra ratio. I'd love to put an overdrive on it too. Maybe I'll go that way, it'll probably cost about the same as if I want auto.
  6. New Series - RR Heavy

    Thanks for sharing Davo, I didn't want to be banging on about it. RE the fabrication I'm just trying to figure things out. Been thinking about the two door RR more and more lately. It'll be a while yet before I can drag it in and get started but the thought crossed my mind that I could convert it to auto now that I'm a bit older and like my comforts. It'll have to do very little work, just mow a field a couple of times a month [my D2 auto is currently serving that purpose] or tow a trailer. But then I'd be moving totally away from the beauty of the original RR. What do you think?
  7. New Series - RR Heavy

    Hey Mike, I don't know how I ended up watching this but it's interesting and I thought you'd like to see it if you haven't already.
  8. Thanks a mill. You've dispelled two myths; I thought the short stick box wasn't as robust as the long stick, and that Birmabright wasn't weldable. Makes a huge difference. What filler wire should I use?
  9. This is deadly! When you say R380 are you talking about long stick version? Also would love to know, how are you repairing the alloy rot? My rear qtrs are dodgy too [not now Soren ]
  10. New Series - RR Heavy

    Know anyone with the Marcos OC Mike?
  11. New Series - RR Heavy

    10:4 Davo, that'll be fun! Mike that's deadly thanks, can never have too much help. There'll be a scarf joint I'm going to have to do on the Esprit but I won't give too much away yet. I lived at sea on an expedition yacht of sorts and got a lot of experience working with West 105/205, their associated fillers and Aerosil, in some diverse applications so I'm not a total novice but I also have a buddy very close by who's business is composite work so he's a great backup too. Bet the Marcos/Jem's are fun? That's some trick you pulled getting the Jem moulds. I presume they're not the Australian moulds? I had a fibreglass front end for a mini for years. It was in terrible shape and I'd been given it. In the end I gave it to a friend who I think sold it. Actually you can't see it in E.07 but it was sitting on the ground in the picture with the three minis in it. Shouldn't have gotten rid.
  12. New Series - RR Heavy

    You're going to tell me she's 4 or something. I'm being teased from across the planet by a little girl.
  13. New Series - RR Heavy

    Poke holes in this please!
  14. Autonomous Land Rovers by end of 2017

    Couple of awesome articles there (In the public interest I move that the tunnel painted truck "experiment" be carried out post haste)
  15. Comfort wise why would you choose anything else for 35k miles a year! It'd have to be auto and have cruise control for that much driving though no? As a guy who converted his RRC from 3.5 carb to 3.9 EFI and then to Td5 ordinarily I'd say leave it alone. But that mileage! LPG is fine n'all but a big enough tank to stop you going mad really soaks up so much space. I have the Td5 in mine and it feels quite like the original 3.5 in power delivery. It's also a lovely engine to maintain once some key boxes are ticked. I put it in because I knew I'd be covering big miles, so yeah 35k a year I'd say you need diesel. But now that I've a lot of that overland stuff out of my system I'd happily have the V8 back, just for that smooth burble and wafty nature. Whatever the price is I'd factor spending a bit on renewing some basic stuff. A 30 year old car pushed into that sort of service is a bit of a gamble if not given a once over first.