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  1. Shackleton

    The Curse of Blondie

    Was chuckling at the level of strip down before you realised you go at the hinge bolts without any peeling back Typical aye! Lovely work and I'm very jealous, I was supposed to be half way through my two door by now. I'm surprised at the comments towards the RRC here, they're the same thing as a Defender just a different shape, what's the beef? I'll send a message about some D2 axles if you like @Blanco? Might be able to find you a pair, but why you wouldn't want the RR ones, I might be wrong but they're stronger both inside and out aren't they?
  2. Shackleton

    Introducing "Lil' Green"

    You said that good Mike ☝️
  3. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Jaypers they're a couple of beauts! Never saw a JPS can like that before. The little JPS cigarette box though, there's one of those in my grandmother's apartment in Greece, has pins or something in it. A relic of my grandfather.
  4. The Lotus looks vulnerable lads 😀 What's the story with sanitising the transfer case replacement photos by taking all the beer bottles out of shot? Deadly Land Rover camaraderie!
  5. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Chuffed there's a Denbigh in the Brooklands museum, thanks man! They're not kidding around either because it's wired to the wall. Seems to be missing it's spindle front cover but otherwise really original. The wobbly wire cage dates it between '57 and '75 I think. So is @Escape 's JPS can the one standing on the foot? Giz a look! The welder thing ran up to the holidays but just before end of business I made contact with our ESAB agent here who was very helpful and has contacted ESAB HQ directly on my behalf. I haven't heard back yet. Tomorrow I'll be starting the chase again. The welder campaign climbed to $1600, which is amazing and thanks a million it's very exciting, and after Go Fund Me fees, money transfer and exchange rates that's roughly €900. I'll put in the ton to get it to €1k and hopefully that's enough to offer a company for a cost price machine that retails for a higher value sso I can get something really nice. The MIG & AC/DC TIG machines are at least twice that and I'd love one, but failing that maybe I can do a deal for a separate MIG and lesser TIG machine. I really want to start to learn to TIG weld, not least because I'd like to fab my own alu fuel tanks for the Esprit. I've also been in talks with a major car restoration hardware provider who asked me to make a wish list, on that list is a bead roller and panel pins and dimple dies and a decent hammer set. Here's hoping.
  6. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Working on it! Looks like it'll be a RR one too, I'm forcing myself out there just now to get things moving again. Have made extra work for myself leaving it sit and quietly surface rust. Going to use a rust converter on the weld pits after I wire brush them generally. Hope that yields a good result. best wishes for the year PS - I've just spent ten minutes trying to find out what's wrong with my notifications. I don't get any email alerts for posts I follow here, I do for The Lotus Forum which is built on this same platform/software, but the LR4x4 follow settings manager tells me I have to consult the help topics of my browser to enable notifications. I can't find anything in there that helps though.
  7. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    haha I feel like I'm clogging up your workshop now, sorry I mean your dad's 😁 Thanks a mill mate, I don't want you stashing them and then it's ages before I get there. UK trip is def on the cards, just not predictable date wise yet. Hang on I'll msg you directly.
  8. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Thanks dude but don't jinx it! Was so busy getting into it I ran headlong into a bit of a tight spot. I hadn't thought far enough ahead in terms of having things like blasting organised. Think I'm on top of it but we'll see. Latest episode for anyone who hasn't seen it;
  9. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    So much inspiration in that thread!
  10. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Haha nice! hmmm, I'd say that's probably in the ballpark. I'll go 84g
  11. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Yeah toyed with the idea but this one will only see the wet the odd time it's caught out. There are certain things it will be impossible to put back exactly as it was from the factory, but the rest I'll keep faithful, and I'm trying to lighten it rather than go the other way
  12. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Steve, Gar who owns Delta Auto Body is an old pal of mine, the space is a massive win and such an enabler. he actually offered it to me maybe eight months ago but I didn't see the overnighting angle back then. Well gents I'm sure you'll have plenty to say about the state of the Esprit's chassis
  13. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Dirty! Thanks lads. Got the chassis more or less bare today and flipped over. Wait till you see the woes. Nothing that can't be fixed. Bed time at the ranch for now...
  14. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    @FridgeFreezer new on is live
  15. Shackleton

    Interesting industrial drill

    £78 for that ☝🏼 in the end. You couldn't buy a bench top budget brand with a wander-chuck for that. Also less than half what I paid for mine. Typical.

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