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  1. Fred Dibnah's collection up for sale

    To be honest I thought a lot of it was cheap, if anyone has that sort of stuff hoarded and wants to sell it cheaper then give me a shout I did see one item that is vastly underpriced by comparison elsewhere. Not surprisingly it's one of the only things that has a bid and has already exceeded it's guide. If I were based in the UK I'd be bidding on a few things, I wish I were.
  2. Cast Iron and Aluminum Crack Repair

    So odd you mention him, someone just sent me word that the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre is being auctioned off. Very sad... http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/15614993.PICTURES__What_will_be_auctioned_off_from_the_Fred_Dibnah_Heritage_Centre/
  3. New [old] Camelback Drill

    Yes it's a heavy bird, I'm a little worried about that in terms of it being in transit and especially on arrival but options are limited when you live on an island and need to have big things brought to you. I've been looking for one of these for about ten years, not that they're particularly rare, the model was introduced pre war and despite being outdated was still being produced in the '70's! The factories act issued in 1955 in the UK meant that the drive belts had to be enclosed and whereas mine does have a cage, I don't think it's original so the drill could well be pre '55. It'll get light use for personal projects, mainly car restoration so I'm not fussed about the limits of it's capability. If I'm honest I just love old tools built big with old world beauty. I got switched onto this model at my blacksmith's, a man in his '60's and the Denbigh was there when his father was the smith. He uses his on a daily basis. Good enough for me. I went rummaging in a big box that came with a Drummond round bed lathe I got in part payment for a job and I found some MT bits, think they're MT2 so I'll need a little adapter, and a Jacobs Skil 0-8mm chuck. It's threaded in the back but I'm sure there's an adapter and it'll keep costs down while I recoup and find a few quid to buy a decent motor. Would 2hp be better, or still not enough? It already has a v-belt pulley for the motor, but yes it's flat belt drive and that's part of the charm for me. Here's a video of a working No.1, you can see the twist in the power feed belt, although in this case it's got a double twist and usually they seem to just have a single. I can only guess it's either to correct the drive or to stop the belt wandering, but the wheels are crowned so prob the former?
  4. Cast Iron and Aluminum Crack Repair

    They showed this cold metal stitching process on Car SOS of all places. They got a locomotive engineer to stitch a large crack in the cast iron head of a vintage something or other. he used a grinder to cut the crack deeper, drilled it in a similar fashion to the video above and then let in a strip of new material if memory serves. Absolutely beautiful work.
  5. Very excited, I just bought a drill I've hankered after for years. It's a 'The Denbigh' No.1 camelback like the one pictured below. I think it's probably the 24" version. I've a bit of sorting out to do in that it doesn't currently have a motor, so I'll need to spec, mount and wire one, and it'll need a new belt for the power feed. Not sure what to make that from but I understand I need to put a twist in it. Not sure why? I was hoping for some advice, from reading up a motor with a shaft speed of 1400-1500rpm seems best, but what HP? I saw some using a 2hp motor and someone advised 1hp would be plenty. Are there any guidelines for mounting the motor? I'd also like to fit a lever style on/off switch rather than a pair of push buttons. All advice greatly appreciated! Oh and why are they called camelback drills? George
  6. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    It's just time, and the generalisation that a lot of LR fellas are used to [and expect] a vehicle that is relatively quick and easy to fix. The P38 as Fridge and the Belgian boys say is a great example. The Td5 too, I felt that dismissive thing towards the Td5 for years but people are softening out now that the info has percolated down and is easily available.
  7. Invisible Defender

    They park in my parents drive. I mean in it. I've often gone down and asked people [calm and polite] not to do it and generally I get an argument! I asked one guy would he like me to come and park in his drive, he said he wouldn't mind. More recently they've taken to driving up to the house and use the parking area to turn Then there's a sense of bewilderment why little Johnny grows up to expect everything right now, no questions, full entitlement.
  8. Invisible Defender

    Every day of the week pal, perpetrated by many. I'm actually not going to get started because it's a bone of contention.
  9. Invisible Defender

    Except Ireland right Fil?
  10. Invisible Defender

    100%. Actually 500%, they say a motorcyclist needs to be 5x more alert. How that's arrived at though?? Given the mood on this one I probably shouldn't venture to say, but living across the road from a school campus I'd happily debate it as the place where driving etiquette, logic, common courtesy and safety concern are abandoned most often. You want to see humans reduced to their most primitive form... well I was going to say park outside a school at pickup/drop off. Prob not a good idea edit; just saw your accident Simon, wasn't expecting that. Glad [it seems] no one was hurt.
  11. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Apologies Hercu, I didn't realise you'd already bought the D3 and wouldn't have made a comment that must have seemed like a bit of a poke if I had. Fair play for taking it on and good luck with the build - here's hoping it's the lesser of whatever potential probs there could be when it arrives!
  12. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Interesting to read through this one, despite the litany of known issues, potential issues and grey areas not once does Hercu seem put off. I think you said it best mate when you said 'I can get a good D2 Td5 for the same money'.
  13. New Series - RR Heavy

    I looked it up - the Boyce MotoMeter. Seemingly they fairly monopolised the temp gauge hood ornament market
  14. New Series - RR Heavy

    afFORDable... oh dear Yeah they're from a Model T. Repro of course but I thought a nice touch. Couldn't understand how a rad cap had a hole in the top and then I twigged it's for your hood ornament. I'm Hoping that with these and a few other small details I can make the brake look a little less DIY.
  15. New Series - RR Heavy

    Thanks, I'm just catching up on comments and enjoying the guesses. Care to take a stab at exactly what they're from? Have been working on a budget for a second mic set. The day before yesterday on the way to reshoot a link I destroyed my mic. Rushing. I've managed to take it apart without doing further damage and if I can solder it back together without melting anything or compromising the shielding I'll be back in biz, and back on track budget wise for a second mic. It was one of the litany of f'ups in the past ten days that contributed to the episode being about 3 days late. I've eight days to produce episode 20. Edit; in hindsight I've a feeling the self correcting warping of the metal brake was just the heat dissipating maybe.