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  1. Oh laugh it up Davo, I was trying to bring the humour in it to the fore. At the time I didn't really think about it at all once I was out, save to make a mental note never to show anyone. It's only with hindsight that I'm a little more sober about it. The VW's are hot items these days, and there's a real following for the still branded workhorses. that blue red and white one was branded for some steiner beer or other so I'd say some people would have wet themselves over it. And I know there are some who'd endeavour to save it regardless, but you'd spend less time building a better machine if you put a new one together from scratch for the amount of panel work you'd have to replace. Anyway, LR! The Vogue is coming on, I'm into the other side already and soon I'll have to hit the back end. It needs a rear cross but I'm more concerned about finding an alloy boot floor for it.
  2. Yeah sould be ok, least for the medium term. I've never heard of that hose delaminating. Oh and good luck!
  3. lol thanks Davo! Starting to get itchy for a drive of something un-modern at this stage!
  4. I have to find the chops to tackle the rear end of the Vogue, then find the cash for an alloy floor and rear cross. THEN! it's time to take a 2 door to it's component parts, rebuild and the most important part... continue to not treat it like it's some rare and delicate little flower.
  5. Had a look just now, I've placed six orders with Island 4x4 in total, the first one going back to 2011. All shipped to Ireland and all arrived without issue. I like Island 4x4. Dear Island 4x4. It's great that you came on to respond. You haven't addressed the actual problem though so it reads more like you came just to say "sod off". Not good for business. If the OP had gotten some communication from you he might not have posted in the first place. A simple "we're sorry we didn't get back to you in good time and we're making every effort to make sure our sales support is top notch", shows professionalism and that you care about each and every one of your customers - even if you hate the OP's guts and you're not doing squat to up your communication game. That little bit of acknowledgement would give you the chance of having his custom again, and that of anyone else who sympathises with him. Judging by their website, the OP is a member of a very active and motivated club. It doesn't matter how many parts you send around the world if your prospective customers feel as though there's no guarantee they'll hear from you again once the order is placed. I've had no reason to doubt your service in the past, but when it comes to placing another order, of course I'll have question whether your the right supplier. Before you tell me to sod off, I've written this because I'd like to know you're there when I need stuff, not because I want to have a go. George
  6. Hope they bought you lunch for the free rust proofing Not mad on the interior styling but believe the Excel is a fine car.
  7. That Esprit is overpriced, unless there's been a jump since I started the videos, I haven't kept up. You'd have one in from the UK all paid up for half that if you kept your eye out. And if a project came up, which is unlikely but possible, you could potentially have it for less then €10k.
  8. Deadly! Had a good old rumage around there. You should have shown this right off the bat! Love the "grinder-fu" tagline on the website Edit: nicely done lads
  9. How much oil did you lose before you twigged it!? I 'forgot about' a badly perished ATF hose on the D2 only to leave a 100m flush of pink on a very leafy residential street. Made apologies to some people who came out to help but they wouldn't let me clean the road! I've always wondered about the Excel but never had someone I could ask an objective opinion of before, what did you think of it? It's an addiction no joke. I've seen two more cars in the last few days and I'd have them both even though I don't even necessarily feel like doing anything with them . What's mind after mouse?
  10. You've been keeping your powder dry Mike, spill the beans?
  11. Haven't made any Lotus show at all yet unfortunately, I've had the car nearly two years now and I've spent the greater portion of that time doing nothing but whatever needed to be done to get the series going. Including missing important weddings and the like. Were you there? How come?
  12. @elbekko Someone else echoed that exact sentiment and my instinct is to try and please everybody, but it's impossible so I'm resolved to do it how it feels best for me. If you look at the other side of the coin, Edd China put up a video the other day reading out his fan's suggestions for formats they'd like to see him do now he's free and easy. One of them asked for a series that described my series almost to a tee, they just didn't say Lotus in between LR and VW! @Davo All good mate, I was thinking out loud with my producers hat on. Funnily enough the next episode has a glimpse of young lady (driver) in it. Lol at "viewer numbers the easy way". I was involved in a big media campaign some years back where I canvassed for views and votes and did everything asked and expected of me. To be frank it gave me a bad feeling to the pit of my stomach. If someone likes what I'm doing it's amazing (and I was genuinely anxious about posting here, but the supports incredible), and if it's not for someone or it's no good - no hard feelings. RE the Esprit, there's a healthy following in Australia. I know of a guy, two actually, restoring S2's like mine at the moment, both in the east though. I don't know the car but I've evidence of at least one early Esprit in W.A. too. If you thought you'd really like one nows the time, the prices have risen a little but haven't gone nuts like it's contemporaries. I've been trying (as you may have noticed) to get more LR stuff in, just hasn't happened yet.
  13. Thanks "Captain Slow" Nah, you're not the first to say that. I think it could be to do with the lapse sections, I find them hypnotic so when they end its a little sudden. I don't want to be the Youtube guy wasting people's time with 20min videos that contain 5mins of actual content, but I'll try and make it breathe a little more between sections. Personally I feel we've lost our ability to concentrate like we used to. I like getting focussed and hoovering up info. So now I have to figure out how to get the VW in without anyone noticing!
  14. Ok that took a good half hour! Some thread lads, learned a lot, baffled by a lot more. I only have one thing to add and it's been hit upon - the over engineering in LR cooling systems. I know I've mentioned it before, and you'll see it when I get my early RR into the series, but I had to cut my (Td5) viscous fan down by 3" to each blade and mount it without a cowl because of an oversight when I was measuring to mount the engine. Not sure how I'm going to sort it actually. Might have to go leccy. Anyway I've sat for two hours in 35deg Athenian car park-esque traffic absolutely bricking it that a head gasket blow was imminent, up and down Peloponnesian mountains in baking heat, and in 40k miles this Td5 has been bullet proof temp wise. Ok I'll admit I think my viscous unit may have been semi seized from the start. The early RR big open grill must help too, and whereas I made up small panels to close the gaps left between the Defender/Disco rad ends and the RR inner body work, I never fitted them so there's def a some ram flow into the bay itself when moving. Prob all worthless info but anyway great thread for when I do need to make a prettier setup in the RR rebuild. Cheers!