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  1. Know anyone with the Marcos OC Mike?
  2. 10:4 Davo, that'll be fun! Mike that's deadly thanks, can never have too much help. There'll be a scarf joint I'm going to have to do on the Esprit but I won't give too much away yet. I lived at sea on an expedition yacht of sorts and got a lot of experience working with West 105/205, their associated fillers and Aerosil, in some diverse applications so I'm not a total novice but I also have a buddy very close by who's business is composite work so he's a great backup too. Bet the Marcos/Jem's are fun? That's some trick you pulled getting the Jem moulds. I presume they're not the Australian moulds? I had a fibreglass front end for a mini for years. It was in terrible shape and I'd been given it. In the end I gave it to a friend who I think sold it. Actually you can't see it in E.07 but it was sitting on the ground in the picture with the three minis in it. Shouldn't have gotten rid.
  3. You're going to tell me she's 4 or something. I'm being teased from across the planet by a little girl.
  4. Poke holes in this please!
  5. Couple of awesome articles there (In the public interest I move that the tunnel painted truck "experiment" be carried out post haste)
  6. Comfort wise why would you choose anything else for 35k miles a year! It'd have to be auto and have cruise control for that much driving though no? As a guy who converted his RRC from 3.5 carb to 3.9 EFI and then to Td5 ordinarily I'd say leave it alone. But that mileage! LPG is fine n'all but a big enough tank to stop you going mad really soaks up so much space. I have the Td5 in mine and it feels quite like the original 3.5 in power delivery. It's also a lovely engine to maintain once some key boxes are ticked. I put it in because I knew I'd be covering big miles, so yeah 35k a year I'd say you need diesel. But now that I've a lot of that overland stuff out of my system I'd happily have the V8 back, just for that smooth burble and wafty nature. Whatever the price is I'd factor spending a bit on renewing some basic stuff. A 30 year old car pushed into that sort of service is a bit of a gamble if not given a once over first.
  7. Just seeing this now too Retro, deadly stuff. Made me wish I'd gone box section on my sills. And that I could have afforded the bulkhead prefab panels. And a 606. And a zinc spray job.
  8. Sounds deadly! I had to stop taking on other video work months back but really intrigued Steve. It's cool to know you shared too on many levels. One of the fun things is I can tell when it's been shared because there are bumps in numbers and I'm always wondering when and where and by who
  9. grammatically lazy I might ad you forgot... "Darling fascist bully boy" Well done mods & admin past and present! boom shanka
  10. The BMW i3 REX has a clever ic charging plant to go with it. Speaking to your point though; I believe what the car companies are working towards is hydrogen powered electric vehicles. That idea stomps all over the argument about the coal burning stations - which it should be said is the chief poo poo made by the EV naysayers, along with some horse **** about hydrogen fuelling stations not being prevalent enough. There were 60 in California last I read, if wiki is to be believed there could be 25+ active hydrogen stations in the UK today, and you can bet your ass fossil fuel stations didn't spring up across the western world over night. The reality regarding coal burning is many humans' lives are being powered by those stations anyway and they don't feature in the ultimate iteration of the EV. If you've ever passed a full blown oil refinery you'll know they're massively polluting just the same. Battery tech is leaping all the time, but packs large enough to power an EV a workable distance are not small enough yet that your [great] idea about swapping out when needed would be feasible. Edit: I've picked up this knowledge from a pal who is very into it, and I can't remember who but there is someone on youtube converting a LR to an EV. More than one actually.
  11. I'm doing my cars by hook or by crook now because I know it's over. These are the last years. No of course it won't happen overnight but it's already begun, and EV's (I'm not a fan at all) are already contributing to a better quality of life for many people. So not quite there for some but very practical for city living and short to mid commutes. I agree they haven't reached their optimum configuration (hydrogen powered/electric motored) neither for use nor the planet but literally every major manufacturer is throwing money at it and much of Europe is echoing Germany (as usual) in posturing to have fossil fuels phased out by 2030. That's only 10 years if you factor a few years for restoration RE autonomy in vehicles, I've no real interest in that either until I can tell my car to take me home from the local, but even then I'm not that lazy. The guy in the states who's Tesla ran into the truck was a great champion for autonomous vehicles, unfortunately his zeal was a little premature. Some of his videos of the car avoiding collisions were impressive.
  12. I got back working on the RR again this week! We'll see how impressed you remain Davo lol. Not sure where episode 7 will land in terms of feature content but I'm looking forward to the next RR bit, another episode or two and it'll be caught up to present day. Not long after that it'll be out and I'll be able to drag in the '73. I asked the guy in Athens what his impressions of the 348TB were, he said it just wants to be driven fast. Then I asked the same about the Morgan, he said if the Ferrari wants to be driven fast, the Morgan wants to be driven even faster. I'm not fussed to be honest, it's just a hand crafted beautiful thing, it's a bonus that it's got guts.
  13. I think it's like Sid said in E.04: "You walk away when it tinkles you off". Difference is I just walk away to another car Daan I do get major dips in motivation though. Sometimes it's very difficult to keep working.
  14. Whats up guys. Bowie I only noticed after the fact, its not a big deal I don't get asked to protect the registrations, I just do it to cover myself. Thanks for keeping an eye out Interesting quirk I noticed though, the Morgan can reflect itself. Has to be pretty unique amongst modern cars. I have a Mini in the wings Daan, may well drag that in when one of the current projects finished, if things continue to gain momentum. It'd be a straight resto because its a limited edition but I've had an ultimate Mini spec in my mind going back to the late '90's Id love to build sometime. Stiffened body and subframes, evacu-sump system and supercharged. And I love my RR with more modern gear. Thats coming soon. Davo beat me to the link there Andy, once you're there click the subscribe and the little bell icon (on desktop youtube only) to get notifications. Deadly to know someone in WA is watching! (please do share with car buddies) Sid its really nice (and new) to have someone be complimentary about SOUP in the same sentence as Project Binky. Oh and the Irish accent may be a secret weapon in some places but when it comes to Irish girls all bets are off for any race, colour or creed You English bhoys are def cat nip for the USA ladies.
  15. There are some amazing offroad caravans out there, not that you necessarily need one but they tend to be a more practical size and shape for towing and far sturdier. Can't think of the name of the last one that impressed me but I'm sure you've been looking at them anyway. Always fancied building a small wooden teardrop caravan, but I never have because I doubt I'd use it. Something like this...