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  1. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Nobody here of course
  2. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    pulling frames out of video is possible, but pointless given I'd have to get out of the frames just the same. It's funny I get asked that quite often and I think folk forget they're not seeing a tool or a hand in the sequences. RE a timerl I did originally expect to set the intervalometer to trigger the camera every X seconds, but it was a pain in the arse because something would hold me up or take longer than expected and I'd get caught in the frame. So I usually always have the trigger in the hand I'm steadying the welding torch with. Like I said, my welds tend to be better when I'm not doing two things at once I'm using .8 but i'm guessing you meant .6. I'm biding my time and will be experimenting as soon as I have a conventional gas shielded machine. I've put this car back together with the gasless machine and that'll do. Tbh a shielded machine would have been useless many of the days since I left the unit and have been working outside. There's almost always wind here. No point getting fancy on it now. Not touching the Esprit chassis with it though.
  3. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    I quickly duck out of the frame and trigger the shot with a remote control after each spot of weld, so the job has to be one where I have very clear and direct access. It all has to happen very quickly so that I keep a consistent heat in the metal. It can be a real work out. @FridgeFreezer thanks for the link
  4. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Don't get me wrong, can't wait to have a MIG that doesn't smoke, and hopefully has a little more scope than four power presets. There are a number of companies doing AC/DC TIG machines sub £1k and decent entry MIG's at £3/400, and what I'm getting at is I'm hoping to have both. In fact some [non related] marketing people have advised me I should be requesting a plasma cutter too. The prob is the channel numbers are small at first glance, every motivated creator on the planet is hitting up marketing people day in day out, and a lot of companies are only waking up to the whole thing. Funnily enough what I was after initially was one of the triple process machines and only Miller, ESAB and Everlast are in that arena. ESAB's was supposed to launch in Jan but I can't figure out if it actually did, so I'm not sure the price. An Irish agent contacted their sales directly on my behalf, that didn't get a response. The Everlast machine retails at around $2k which I thought was very good and it gets decent press. They have a rep for being progressive with online marketing but I couldn't raise their marketing guys either, or the owner of the company who used to openly post on a welding forum. I'm sure they're [all] inundated though. Anyway the upshot is there's some progress with a good company in the background. I just haven't talked about it because I don't want to crack the beer until I know the whiskey chaser is in the house.
  5. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Thanks mate, I wouldn't be welding on the car if I could help it and regardless I've always wanted to TIG, it's not solely about the car. Anyway you've prob seen I don't mind doing things the right way, I mean dealing with the monotony of the TIG prep. I was excited about R-tech, they sell the whole 'family run' thing hard and it's the kind of ethos I love, plus their TIG and entry MIG would fall within budget if they gave a relatively small discount. I called them a few times looking for, and leaving messages for their marketing person, but they never responded to those or email. Call me old fashioned but the lack of courtesy put me off.
  6. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    The stop motion slows the process down so I'm usually trying to work fast to compensate. To get that [smooth] stop motion effect when welding I'm essentially stitch welding, all be it joined up, so stopping after every spot to trigger the camera. It took me a long time to realise how much it can effect a weld. I am able to weld a lot better than it looks when there's no camera involved. The new welder will be an AC/DC TIG before it's a new MIG. That's if I can't attract a deal from a supplier for one of each It's been an ambition to learn to TIG, and as a LR owner it'd come in very handy. Impatience is like vice sometimes 😂
  7. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Sir was very happy with himself focussing on the repairs, until sir broadened his gaze and realised the rest of the panel was throwing a party with the heat in the meantime Feel great having made a stab at paint with rattle cans, like I learned more with this than anything else. It really drove home the methods the Delta Autobody boys showed me. They offered me a spare gun to shoot the primer with, saying whatever about the colour, the primer should be done that way. It was painfully obvious they were right. I didn't take it because I wanted to see what I could do with cans btw.
  8. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Bit of a makey uppy solution to fitting an earlier style alu boot floor to a later, modern door seal style car in this one. Of the two floor support bars only one lines up, plus the factory holes for the seatbelt anchors are in the wrong place now too, but I've got my alu welding rods and will try to fill the old rivet holes and make new ones.
  9. Shackleton

    Best engine

    What is that, Benz? Sounds quality.
  10. Shackleton

    Best engine

    I've never really read a dyno readout before but does this one say the Td5 was taken to 7000+ rpm?
  11. Shackleton

    Which LR's used the LT95

    Thanks gents, that gives me more to go on. I gave away my CDL vacuum switch and I need it back now. The new ones available don't have the light in them.
  12. Shackleton

    Which LR's used the LT95

    Would I be right in saying the cars the LT95 trans was used in were the RR Classic, 101FC and Stage 1 V8, and did they all use the same linkage/diff controls?
  13. Shackleton

    Best engine

    Funny my second one is in an ex-Aussie overland D2.
  14. Shackleton

    Best engine

    That was the most pop up ads, moving pictures and computer overheat inducing peripheral balls I've ever seen on a website. That said I've two Td5's. If I'd any money I'd have more.
  15. Shackleton

    Boot replacement advice please

    Legend @FridgeFreezer thanks man @Discostoo Hi mate, you know it'll be worse than it looks right? You've three panels in play there, the inner wheel arch, the rails for the boot floor and the floor itself. To do it right you'll prob need to cut and let new metal into all three in places. But you could just throw patches in and hope they last long enough for you to have the energy to do it again in a few years Have a look at episode 26, at about 10:10 there's a shot of how the boot floor rail meets the inner arch. Mind though that you need to look closely to see that the rail forms a double layer with the arch. Anyway the episode will give you an idea of the construction and where exactly to inspect before you make up your mind. Other episodes that might have relevant footage are 13 and 29 [iirc]

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