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  1. Shackleton

    Interesting industrial drill

    £78 for that ☝🏼 in the end. You couldn't buy a bench top budget brand with a wander-chuck for that. Also less than half what I paid for mine. Typical.
  2. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Well you know I'm the chairman of that club. But there's an angle... kids, I could breed a workforce. How to feed them though. On a different matter; just heard about Newark Autojumble. Supposed to be big. Anyone going? I think it's this weekend.
  3. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    ha deadly! Do you have enough to come finish the Vogue for me?
  4. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    no pressure then Stephen? 😄 Little behind because I got caught up in the super-grind and was editing the daily footage at night in the tent at the auto body place. When I got home and saw the results in the light of day it was obvious I had to do it all again. Put me at least a day and a half behind. New episode should be live in the next 48hrs
  5. Shackleton

    Interesting industrial drill

    Speaking of which, there's a Denbigh No.1 for grabs right now, they don't come up that often. Built like a brickhouse and with good features. It has it's original wobbly mesh guard which dates it 1957 or younger. They were made into the '70's. Denbigh No.1 auction
  6. Shackleton

    Interesting industrial drill

    Radial arm! Noted. Lovely thing. Just glad I'm not in a position to go after it. I'd take an arm off for the crate of accessories frankly, still haven't gotten an drills for my Denbigh pillar. Then again I haven't bought a motor for it either 😄
  7. Shackleton

    Interesting industrial drill

    🤤mmmmmmm Goes up to 20
  8. Shackleton

    Interesting industrial drill

    What's in the airing cupboard?
  9. Saw this and thought at the current bid the crate of drills or the vices alone are worth the money. Interesting looking machine, had to share.
  10. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    😄 I'll take that as an insult
  11. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Hadn't. Would be great but don't you need to put a vacuum on double glazing, or fill with some fancy gas or other? I'm a big believer in Sika! Will have a search mate thanks.
  12. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    That's the plan Mike! Weld in a frame, bond in the see through bit The flat circumference that will hold the rebate will have to be relatively deep to bridge the distance between the outer extremities of the van wall, and those of the inner ribs and insulation. So the window will have a bit of depth to it. I haven't nailed down an adhesive that's appropriate for polycarbonate yet, but I have found out that just because a given bonding agent might do glass, doesn't mean it'll be suitable for polycarbonate. If I end up having to bolt the poly in, like a split rim, and use sealant for weather proofing then so be it, but I'm sure that can be avoided. None of this is happening until the Vogue is done though!
  13. Shackleton

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Oh boo! 😆 I could fit windows, I just got the screen back in the Cortina, flat glass would be a p.o.p. compared to that. I have conventional side windows sourced second hand and I'd even done a mock up of them before the one above, but I'm carving out a lifestyle for myself playing with cars so I figured why not have some fun with the Sprinter.... one man's hellish amount of work is another man's challenge. I'm looking forward to a change from straight restoration. Plus it's a 16 year old van that I traded some wiring work and cash counted in hundreds for because I needed storage badly. It won't owe me anything and resale is not on my agenda. It's going to be rolling advertising for the series so it might as well be eye catching [think; presence at car shows]. It'll be a studio of sorts too and the modifications will be even more novel from the inside. I want to bring the level of the interior down a foot or two, lwb van conversions tend to feel like you're living in a hallway. There won't be any presses or worktops up the walls and big windows will help pull the light down. Aside from all that I'm in the biz of making videos of my car exploits... it'll make interesting content. Tell you what, if when I'm done [assuming it comes off] it was an exercise in ball ache, I'll say you told me so 😋😋
  14. Been looking into it and there are any number of them, there's so much 'van life' stuff online. Here's a couple I've seen recently; http://www.epsolarpv.com/en/index.php/Product/index/id/571/am_id/134 https://gpelectric.com/products/30-amp-digital-solar-controller/ Know nothing about them other than they seemed to be working well for some people living in their vans.
  15. Great work man, that's a big bus 😎 What watt is your solar wot wot?

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