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  1. Is it categorical that the safety claims [pedestrian frontal protection systems et al] need not apply to the Defender? Those claims seem unsurpassable with the traditional Defender design, but I've no clue what grandfather rights are.
  2. Yeah those images are nothing to go by. It'll still be a push up bra though.
  3. Tall skinny tyres

    Yeah you won. No contest.
  4. Local mitsubishi moron!

    Unfortunate situation!
  5. New Series - RR Heavy

    I wondered about that, thanks for the info. I thought it might be the lift out panel, or even those brushed stainless panels on the B pillar, that they were referring to. I was exactly the same, had done quite a lot of epoxy work while at sea... different stuff granted but felt like I'd skipped a lot of stuff having worked on F/G with Bill. Forgot to come back and post E.15 so here it is for anyone who missed it...
  6. New Series - RR Heavy

    ha yeah I can se how the Cortina would be fun with even the 2.0 or 2.3L engines they were available with here. But honestly the 1.6 is fine for a runabout. It's still just about able for modern traffic. Been a while, the production has taken nearly all of my waking hours, I've been trying to chase up LR leads for stories and features and there should be stuff coming. Hopefully. Anyway the rear cross member has just gone into the Vogue so that a big step for me. Thanks for the backup gents!
  7. Time for a new LR/4x4, suggestions please

    Not saying SLS isn't good, just that it's not a deal breaker, and could be an area of maintenance you don't want. I don't have a family and to be honest I cold take or leave the suspension end of the deal but I wouldn't swap the big covered bins in the back of my 5 seat D2 for the 6th and 7th seats. Surprised to hearing you say that Richard. I can feel it working which I love. I do like my corners though Was thinking since, the other two things I'd check as a matter of course is the FPR [but as with injector loom, in my experience even the new ones leak eventually] and the ATF cooler pipes to the auto box. The soft sections of those can be replaced with off the shelf 1/2" ID high temp hydraulic hose and jubilee clips. All in all a Td5 D2 is a very attractive proposition if you're willing to do a little leg work, the best bang per buck in used LR's in my eyes.
  8. Time for a new LR/4x4, suggestions please

    D2 auto wth cruise control all day long, they're not fast but so so relaxing. From the point of view of saving yourself time and long term money I'd say attack it this way; buy as good a D2 as you can find [your budget is awesome]. My criteria would be decent rear chassis, low to moderate miles, and quantifiable head gasket history. Then before driving it spend another £1-£2k depending on whether you'll tackle the labour yourself. Within that budget replace the oil cooler, water pump [it's a while you're in there item], glow plugs, all fluids & filters, turbo/cooling system/drop links/Watt linkage/ARB bush health check, and put in an Ashcroft uprated torque converter. You now have a machine that should be head ache free for probably 100k/150k miles before you need to do a once over again, diligent maintenance assumed. Spec wise ACE is a must, SLS is not [so avoid/go for 7 seater accordingly]. Cruise control is easily retro fitted for £100 or less if you can get hold of a Nanocom [you do not need to buy one to own a D2]. If you're looking to carry building materials on the roof you need to look for a D2 with the optional extended roof bars AND cross bars, or fit them later. You should have plenty of change from your £8k. It's amazing how low they are in the market.
  9. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    Just saw this, here's a logo submission [and a favicon so the tab stands out a little from the other forums]:
  10. Discovery 2 td5 "police" spec info

    Lovely bus, so clean!
  11. TD5 Cooling

    Thats odd, never heard that one before. Can't think of anything that would cause a hose to suck in other than a blockage, upstream of the affected area in the hose? Did you notice the level of the expansion tank before you released the cap? There is a valve in the cap btw.
  12. Return of Defender?

    It was always coming back, they had to make a point of killing it off so they could let the dust settle with the die hards, and generate a buzz before bringing back another badge engineered handbag. It's just marketing and PR. They need the Defender so that they can sell everything else. The Defender defines LR, without it it's a range of trinkets. There'd be no credibility if the linchpin of the whole deal was axed forever. The LR [we care about] can't meet the occupant or pedestrian tests. No you can't just move a few things around and sort it. You can't have proper crumple zones with a ladder chassis, and the only way you're going to meet pedestrian requirements is big flexible plastic bumpers and soft edges.... and without those things it just isn't Defender. The whole point was you could prang it off the field gatepost and it got better looking. The classic LR is dead. End of. How on Earth did the human race survive 20th century motoring!?
  13. New Series - RR Heavy

    Oh yeah another trip beckons but a total restoration first. I sold my LT95 but I loved it, rock solid. I'm running a Defender R380, and to be honest it feels quite like the LT but with the extra ratio. I'd love to put an overdrive on it too. Maybe I'll go that way, it'll probably cost about the same as if I want auto.
  14. New Series - RR Heavy

    Thanks for sharing Davo, I didn't want to be banging on about it. RE the fabrication I'm just trying to figure things out. Been thinking about the two door RR more and more lately. It'll be a while yet before I can drag it in and get started but the thought crossed my mind that I could convert it to auto now that I'm a bit older and like my comforts. It'll have to do very little work, just mow a field a couple of times a month [my D2 auto is currently serving that purpose] or tow a trailer. But then I'd be moving totally away from the beauty of the original RR. What do you think?
  15. New Series - RR Heavy

    Hey Mike, I don't know how I ended up watching this but it's interesting and I thought you'd like to see it if you haven't already.