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  1. I've had 4 champs, they are LOVELY ! Spares can be expensive (though 'readily' available. Snorkels are like R H sh*t though. Excellant ride. Electrics were never an issue with mine. Only ever had probs with rear axles. BUY IT and keep us posted
  2. It asks ME to select a file (from my own compoota) that I want to watch ?/ Whats this Giga share thing then
  3. 12" I think (friend did it)
  4. what are yopu REALLY telling me that this mincy ickle magnet will pull the broken bit out of the diff. It will be jammed tight/may be 2 foot long.No,surely it can't ?! CAN IT ??????
  5. champ69


    I've been to Crick,if that helps
  6. blimey fisha, that's an incredibly clean engine/bay are those the £18 'K&N's' that were on ebay somewhere ? Fitted OK obviously. Is he still selling them ?
  7. Hi all, lots of familiar peeps here - what name do I get then ?
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