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  1. Well I can now smile again it was a lambda sensor that was the problem and whilst it is still annoying and more money to spend out for the mot it could I suppose have been alot worse
  2. Thanks for the advice. My bad wording i wouldnt say it was a sudden loss but say you are on the motorway and you increase your right fooot it can feel like there is a brick wall in front off you then suddenly you will get the power back,.
  3. Looking for a little help if possible please. Just got back from the yearly MOT and i have failed on High CO emissions the guy has said it is more than likely the lambda sensor as i have had other symptons, like loss of power then suddenly getting it back. Just phoned up to cost up a new one and been told that there is two on the freelander. Can anyone suggest which one it would be i need to replace. I have a 1.8 K Series 3dr 98 freelander. Thanks
  4. I have started to get a slight oil smell through the air vents when i stop at traffic lights or junctions etc, it then goes away when i drive. I have had a look over the engine and i can seem to see anything or oil deposits. Also i dont seem to be using any oil or have any warning lights on. Does anyone have any ideas, It is a 98 3 dr 1.8 freelander Si
  5. I would also try tyreshopper.com if like me you are only road using it and very little mileage they can be quiet good i had the two rear tyres replaced at the cost of about £120 all in. Si
  6. Mike, Have a look on the MSA website there should be a list of them on there for you to go through i am sure someone will be able to help / give advice out there, also maybe contact a local 4x4 club they might have someone in there Hope this helps Si
  7. Hi all, I have a 98 3dr 1.8 petrol freelander. Recently i had a need to use my spare keys and remote, the remote wouldnt work so i changed the battery and still nothing, is there something i should be doing and not or does it look like i am going to have to get it programmed at specialist. Cheers Si
  8. Hi all, I have a 3 door 98 s plate freelander. I have noticed with all the wet weather that where the removable roof connects with the body i am getting white streaking from water ingress. I know i need to replace the rear door seal and thought that at the same time i will do this one. Can anyone tell me what sealant to use between the body work and the actual seal and also does anyone happen to have the codes for the purchase of the seals. Thanks Si
  9. Tell me about it when i was in this morning, i could not decide whether to get one or not as was not sure whether or not it would be compatible with my phone and by the time i had got home checked the net and then got back the 5 they had reduced to 1, however they have managed to get me another 3 shipped over to the store for a mate i was on the phone to while i was in there.
  10. Full fitting instructions, has a seperate microphone and is basically wired up to the car by three wires, one for ignition, one for power and third for earth. It will work with a full range of phones. (ps i do not work for Halfords)
  11. Not sure if this is a UK wide thing or not but was in Halffords earlier and managed to get one of these http://www.datakits.co.uk/store/motorola-hf850-bluetooth-handsfree-car-kit-p-3485.html reduced to £5. YES YOU HAVE READ IT RIGHT £5. Hope it is of use to someone (it is in there clearance part) Si
  12. Hi all, I posted this before and i can not for the life of me find the original post. To enable the little trailer to flash on a freelander 98 3dr dash, someone posted an adaptar for the exisiting relay please coudl they repost for me what it exactly was or if someone can tell me what size relay i would need in place of the one in there. Thanks Si
  13. In this lovely weather i have started to consider an eberspacer for the freelander, just want any thoughts or if anyone has done this. Obviously i would have to source a petrol on as it is in a 3dr 1.8. Also while chatting to a friend about it, he thought he had heard that landrover had actually left a space for one to be fitted, not an eberspacer but some sort of pre heater has anyone else heard of this.
  14. Pleased i am not going anywhere in the next few days, but the amount we have had fall in High Wycombe since about 1945 is fantastic.
  15. Just got a question with regards to TYRES. I need to replace my front set on the freelander, currently on there are Pirelli Scorpions 225/55/r17 97h however when i have started to look around they are very expensive. All i do is general driving and have found some tyres from a dealer on Ebay alot cheaper however there speed rating is 101W does that matter. The rears are pirelli scorpions. Hope this makes sense
  16. "Don't touch a petrol one unless you like walking a lot, lol" - Bit Harsh I have a 98 3 dr 1.8 Petrol and love it, have had no problems. As far as i am concerned as long as you keep up with maintaince etc you shouldnt have a problem, although admit would love a V6
  17. Have to say i live in High Wycombe and have used Dingocroft a fair few times as it is not that far from where i live and work, and i know of quite a few other people that use them and to be honest have found them to be very helpful. I appreciate the problem you have had but to be fair lets be honest, if the computer said they had 3 in stock and there wasnt, well mistakes can be made but on the other hand did you ask please could they just check the shelf, i have found thats the best way and they have been happy to every time. On a another note, didnt realise how many people on here where from around High Wycombe
  18. Thanks for the all the help,think i am now sorted
  19. Still cant to seem to get them to match up
  20. Sorry for posting this on the international forum but need help fast. I am fitting a tow bar to a 98 3dr freelander. I have found the connected and cut the head off as was planning on soldiering it all together however i have come up with a major problem. The colouring from the connector does not match up with the colouring on the tow plug ie green, yellow etc on the freelander i have the following coloured wires Red And Black Green And White Green And Purple Red And Orange Red And Yellow Black Red And Green Could someone please give me a clue as to what it what. Thanks Si
  21. I have a 98 3 door freelander and i have just purchased a towbar for it from ebay. I think i am sorted on the actual fitting of the towbar itself but the electrics i am not so sure about, i have been told there is a connector block behind the right hand panel on the rear of the freelander and was planning on cutting off the connecter and soldering the wiring together. I have the diagrams for that but i have also read i need to change or add a relay for the indicators, could someone please shed some more light on this. Thanks in advance, Si
  22. I have a 98 3 Door freelander which has the full body kit on. I have noticed the bits that wrap around the rear bumper have started to come away. Can anyone recommend what sealant or glue substance i should use to stick them back down.
  23. Thats what i am thinking it might be a blocked filter or injector as it is clearing, for example used the car last night hand had the problem, gave it a bit of a blast and this morning no problem at all
  24. Opps Thanks Adrian I forgot that 99 S Plate 1.8 3dr Freelander with 90K on the clock
  25. Good Morning all, Need some help with the freelander. I posted the other day that i was having a few problems but these now have me more worried. The car has been parked up since the beginning of the month due to problems with my knees. About 4 days before it was parked up it had an oil service and also the front discs and pads were replaced, I mention this incase it is relevant. My neighbour has kindly taken it out for me a few times to stop battery from discharging etc. I have now been told i am allowed to drive and having taken the car out the other day it was feeling like something was hoding it back and it was strugglig to accelerate, then after a very short distance it suddenly came back no problems and i had full power, this was monday, i used it briefly on tuesday evening with no problems and then again yesterday, i have just however moved it off the side of the road to its parking spot and again it is holding back, at first i thought it might have been the handbrake seizing on or something like that but now i am not to sure. When i get power back i have no loud bangs, crashes or anything like that it seems to just suddenly start to accelarate away properly. Does anyone have any ideas as i am supposed to be going on holiday in about 2 weeks and that will inclde driving from High Wycombe Bucks up to Penrith so if it is likeyl to be something major need to get it fixed. Many Thanks in advanced
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