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  1. My '89 2.5 TD truck cab bed fills with water every time it rains even though it has a sheep tin on it. Does it make sense to drill some drain holes? If so where? (parking under cover/on slope not an option) And Happy 2020 y'all!
  2. I bought the current wheels/tyres as a set second hand on ebay. I don't know what size the wheels are to know what tyres I can put on them! Also am now short of a spare - what term do I need to search to find a cheap tyre as a spare that will fit the standard steel rim I need to fit it to? It needs to be tubed doesn't it?
  3. I've ordered the X Eng gear stick gizmo so that's a start. Not sure my whippet lurcher is much of a deterrent unless the tea-leaves dislike being licked!
  4. Are there any guides as to how to install one of these and what one needs? Am no mechanic!
  5. Should the rims be marked? I bought them with the tyres already on them
  6. Sorry to be dim, but can I only replace them with 205r16's or can I (or should I) use wider (?) tyres? Haven't really got my head around the tyre technicalities.
  7. My current ones are 205r16's and I need to replace the front 2. Any suggestions please? Low mileage, 95% used to tow a horse box, so mainly road, but needs to be able to get in and out of fields, muddy gateways etc Many thanks
  8. By necessity it lives on my drive and thus is not very secure. Any suggestions for either electronic or physical security to prevent easy nicking? Many thanks
  9. Hi Turbocharger - can you repost your images - the links to them seem to be broken!! Thanks
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