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    batheaston somerset turn 7th left after the roundabout but before the bend in the lampost
  1. Efing EU they speak we jump (the goverment are weak *******)
  2. Look here http://www.army.mod.uk/ate/public/salisplain.htm
  3. Have a look here http://www.army.mod.uk/ate/public/salisplain.htm
  4. Dont know if its the same byway that goes across the stroud cirencester road by sapperton railway tunnel. Was out on it on saturday about 11 oclock time met 3 landrovers coming from Rodmarton direction all with foreign plates (left hand drive)
  5. ICKY

    Spray gun

    I always use a gravity fed gun I find it easier to use than the suction fed guns
  6. Yes spent to much on things that will just stay in the garage as spares with all my spares and my sons i think we could build a compleate landy Cant wait until April
  7. I used a tape measure to set tracking use it to measure the inside distance of the wheel rims front and back and adjust if not within spec
  8. ICKY

    D1 Inner Wings

    Very impressed Take a gold star for welding and presentation i keep looking at my inner wings and some day i will have to do them as the day light is getting brighter i just hope i can do as good a job (good on you) Rich
  9. Yes join the club Ive had my 110 200tdi for 3 years and my Disco 200tdi for 2 years and still get a lot of enjoment from them both especially when i drive them out on Sailsbury Plain Rich
  10. My Disco failed mot on track rod ball joints Took off trackrod and removed them with big adjustable spanner and a vice Use heat, WD40, and a lot of effert turning first one way then other way gradually frees up Good Luck with yours Rich
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