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  1. Les, Had a decent smell of it this morning and it's definitely diesely. Smelt rather reminiscent of my grandparents paraffin heater and left my nose with a rather unpleasant tingle for a while. Could you advise how to proceed please? Cheers
  2. And another little nugget of information has crept out of the dingiest parts of memory . . . Ordinarily, when I went to fill up, removing the filler cap resulted in an inrush of air and a sort of "thunk" from the tank, as if it were expanding after being in a vacuum. For the last few weeks and seemingly about the same sort of time that this grey smoke issue has been noticeable, that hasn't happened. Presumably then, air can now get into the tank at the same rate as the fuel is leaving . . . I suppose this would be on the wrong side of the lift pump to let air into the system and cause the
  3. Just so happened that this morning, following the vehicle standing idle from Thursday to Monday and subsequent cold start, the grey smoke appeared again but this time I had the chance to pull over and have a sniff. Basically, it just smells like an old diesel engine (I once had the joy of working on a 1975 Leyland Terrier 7 tonner and it smelled very similar to that). There wasn't any other noticeable odour to it at all as far as I could tell. Colour was very definitely grey, without any blue tint to it at all. However; that was at the side of the road idling away. Because I was trundling
  4. When you say "clear fuel filter" Reckless, is that one of those ordinary plastic numbers with the orange papery filter element inside, or something a bit different??
  5. Thanks all for the help, will start going through the suggestions at the weekend and as time permits. In the meantime, I'll be doing the praying and recitation of chants for it to be a simple problem Cheers
  6. Thanks all, much appreciated. In the vain hope that it's not a cracked block and is somehow fuel related; could air getting into the spill-return cause this problem, as it's on the low pressure side of the pump? I only ask as there seems to be a small seepage where the spill pipe meets the front-most injector and if fuel's getting out, presumably air is getting in? If it's parked up for a little while after a run then air may well get in that way. Only thing is I would have thought the grey smoke would happen at every start if this were the case, rather than intermittently?
  7. Thanks Les. I haven't given it a smell no, never thought of that. From the looks of it though, I don't think there's any oil in it as there's no hint of blue in it at all. I did wonder if it might be the cylinder head gasket as I do top up regularly, but (a) there's usually a small watery puddle on the ground after it's been parked up for a while and (b) I ran the engine for a few minutes from cold then unscrewed the expansion bottle cap and there wasn't any pressure in it, so I'm inclined to think it's just a leak somewhere. Will give it a sniff next time it happens. As long as I have my
  8. How do all, Another trouble has reared its head on the old "trusty" '95 Deafener, this time to do with what's coming out of the exhaust. It's not constant and only seems to happen under certain circumstances whichI'm still trying to identify, but I rather think the MoT man would have something to say about it if he were to see it come May of next year. The most common circumstance for it to flare up is after the engine's been running at temperature, then it gets parked up for twenty to thirty minutes (say, about the length of time you might spend in a shop getting a few tinnies and choosing
  9. Can't say I'm massively keen on buying any sort of critical or safety part from ebay to be honest . . .
  10. Thanks Boydie, could you post a link for where to get it please? I've run a number of searches but nothing seems to come up, other than a company called Bestobell (two 'l's) Oilfield Products. And they don't look like they'd sell a sheet of goodness to some oik in Hampshire . . . Cheers,
  11. Could someone suggest a source for the composite gasket please? Last year my P-gasket went about once a fortnight using the metal gasket types and red Hylomar. Then I replaced the auxiliary bracket and used blue Hylomar and it's been sound, up until now. The mating faces of the block and bracket are on the pitted side and I've had my interest piqued by mention of these composite gasket types. I have a couple of this sort which I bought from Britcar (http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/89425/10638/water_pump_housing_block_gasket_300tdi_) but these seem more of a single, papery "fabric", t
  12. For what it's worth at this (much) later stage if anyone's still reading this thread, that Ballytherm/Kingspan stuff (what appears to be some expanding foam sandwiched between silver foil) works a treat. It can be easily cut to size, can be (sort of) bent to shape and is light enough that it can be glued into place. Then covered with something more aesthetically pleasing . . .
  13. Well, it looks like I've solved the fuel gauge issue: It would appear that the green plastic bulb-holder bowl also secures a very fine wire to the metal chassis of the gauge. This is then provided with ground via the long threaded rod on the back. If there is no ground provided by this terminal, the gauge steadily rises to full. By soldering the exceptionally fine wire to the metal case where the green light bowl would normally live, everything returns to normal. So that's one thing sorted
  14. That's brilliant, thanks Western. Blummin' lifesaver Cackshifter; no, it was just the illumination bulbs that go in the gauges which I replaced, the warning bulbs are still the usual filament type. I've checked each lamp by putting voltage at the edge connector, so I know the circuit's good from the tracks to the bulbs. It's quite possible something's been displaced, cracked, broken, disturbed and/or upset when everything was dismantled of course . . .
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