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  1. Lost parcel arrived in the post today... Only 15 days late... Good old Royal Mail...!!
  2. Hi... Bought a set of 3dr roof rails of ebay a few weeks ago, the seller accidently forgot to include the roof to rail adaptors (shown in window 6 in picture) He then removed them, and posted them 1st class, but unfortunately they have gone awol in transport... I've now a set of bars that are usless without the adaptors and I've discovered that the only way to purcase them is to get it with an entire roof rail set and £300+vat...!!! Anyone have a set of adaptors and bolts lying about, or know of a 3dr with rear damage that the rails are buckled beyond use but the roof adaptors are still intact...? Or, anoyone got Microcat, can you look see if the 5dr use the same adaptor system, and if there is a part number...? Anyone help, in any way...? Cheers
  3. Drongo

    Td5 Turbo

    Meant to reply to this, but clicked the wrong bit... If you are looking rid of your original turbo, let me know...
  4. Drongo


    If your original one is coming out of your engine and in good order, I may know someone (me) who may take it off you for the right price...
  5. Not sure on the official rating, though I know it's suprisingly low... However, on my rack, box steel with 5 supports on each side attached to roof gutter I've had 10 foor 8x4 sheets of 18mm MDF... Once also had a 10x8 garden shed...
  6. Righto, tomorro morning I'm off to the UAE to marshal at the Desert Challenge, support Team Saluki and generally have a great time messing with the rich and famous in the sand... Back in two weeks, try not break anything when I'm gone...!!!! Cheers Drongo
  7. Clutch Release Bearing..??
  8. Agree... It was designed for EP90 and worked all these years, why put something that isn't designed for it in instead...??
  9. So Long everyone, and thanks for the fish... Not moving far, only a few doors away... Be nice on Deano now he's lost his minder... Drongo
  10. I got one also... Though I wasn't a stupor, more like oblivion
  11. How about this as an idea for a new sticker...???
  12. I never did get round to sticking my sticker on my truck... Decided I'm going to keep it mint and maybe it will be worth a fortune someday...?? Old Landy tat always fetches a heap on ebay...
  13. Copied straight from their website, I think it sums up pretty much what thay are about... This web site tells the story of Team Saluki, a desert rally team based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It charts the progress - the highs and the lows - of a group of people with a will to succeed. If you've ever wondered what it takes to start, to run and to succeed with a rally team, you'll find the answers within these pages. Go look for yourself at www.teamsaluki.com Their #001 Fan....
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