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  1. Could be that only applies to NA engines, in which case, I'm surprised nobody has done this before!
  2. I really wonder what it has done to low-down torque. As far as I understand it, short intake runners (which you've effectively created here) are better for top-end power, but at the cost of low-down torque (hence the bunch-of-bananas V8 Thor manifold). Interesting mod nonetheless.
  3. Check all the grounds for the dashboard and such, you can find more details in RAVE (which you can find links to in the tech archive here). I wouldn't chip it, it's a diesel auto, it'll be a dog to drive anyway, and when chipped you're just that much more likely to blow it up.
  4. My E-class was, as far as I can tell, number ~5000 off the line. One minor production fault in the digital dash that was fixed swiftly, that's it. Far from a lemon.
  5. Yeah, radio code shouldn't be affecting starting. Do you actually see the little LED on the fob lighting up?
  6. And it did? It just made a note that it didn't especially like what it was fed, it didn't stop in the middle of the trail and went "nah".
  7. From the codes logged, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just carp fuel, maybe combined with altitude.
  8. Try resyncing the remote - lock/unlock the car with the key while pressing the appropriate buttons. EAS manual message is probably because someone butchered the car and took out the air suspension.
  9. Nice to see one with the rear locker used off-road. The TFL guys just took delivery of their base-spec 110, with only the off-road options selected: Should be interesting what they do with it, they were talking about Moab, so should be fun to follow.
  10. They're off-road biased, doesn't mean they're not allowed on the road. As long as they have the right markings for road use, all is ok. Or has London introduced some silly unenforceable regulation?
  11. Hadn't seen it, no. And indeed no P38.
  12. Agreed, took me a while to find it too. But the information is there. That website is a very handy Microcat alternative, though.
  13. "This is part 1 on the illustration."
  14. So you'll have to ship the engine and ancillaries in anyway? Might as well ship a whole car then, I'd think.
  15. Just remember to do it before that end of your axle is stuck elbow-deep in a swamp somewhere
  16. Is an LPG conversion an option over there? I wouldn't bother with converting it to diesel tbh. Gutless and overstressed in auto form. And would need a different torque converter to the V8. To do the swap properly you'd have to buy a diesel Rangie and swap everything over that you need... but then you already have one.
  17. The little icon that appears next to a tab. Looks like it's been updated now.
  18. Yeah, annealing should help a lot. Potentially even do it in multiple stages and annealing the edges inbetween. Have a look at this YouTube playlist, it's about hand-forming a suit of armour from aluminium:
  19. Yup. Any new car requires a bit of pre-flight button flipping (drive mode, stop/start, lord knows what else)
  20. My back was OK with the new Defender seats, even though they were not the most fancy ones. BMWs absolutely ruin it, so do cheap commuter thingies (new Minis, VW, Citro├źn, ...). Best I've sat in, in order: Mercedes E-class, RRC, P38, Mercedes C-class.
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