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  1. I've got a Defender that has been doing this for over a year now, and cannot find the problem. It has done 40.000 kilometers running this way now. No problem at all, but still would like to get rid of the smoke 馃槥
  2. lets hope he will finaly have to go to jail. Their car thefts have been all over the news, but that's some time ago already
  3. Hi, I have a defender 2.4 TDCI. A few days ago it cut out while driving. It would immidiately start again en run for a short while. Sometimes for 30 seconds, sometimes 10. Now it won't fire at all. It cranks fine, but will not fire. It's freezing here, minus 8 degrees celcius. I thought there may be ice in the fuel filter so I have changed that, but it made no difference. I did have a few alarm problems lately, but at this moment it locks and unlocks fine with the keyfob and there is no immobiliser light on the dash. On my nanocom and on my IIDTool I see RPM's w
  4. Edward Samuel Barrington 1 Wellington Terrace Newnham Gloucestershire GL14 1DT Quote
  5. Yes, they screwed me over, one or two years ago.. Yes it is strange that nobody has gone to his house.. His details are easy to find.. He has built a nice shed: https://www.facebook.com/Edwardbarrington814
  6. To get back at them a bit I regulary buy rather expensive parts from them on Ebay. TDV8 complete interior for 1500 etc.. I make an appointment for collection in a few days. Mark the item as paid afterwards and ofcourse never show up :-) . I hope the will have to pay the ebay charges each time. After I while I will leave some negative feedback, telling the parts where damaged and they wouldn't refund :-)
  7. If I shouldn't have posted his address, maybe a mod should remove it. I just want to send him a letter, but want to make sure he receives it.
  8. Is someone on the forum from his area? Can anyone confirm his home address? : Edward Samuel Barrington 1 Wellington Terrace Newnham Gloucestershire GL14 1DT
  9. Haha, he now has blocked me from his facebook. His account doesn't excist when I'm logged in under my own name. How stupid is he? It's no problem to make a few extra facebook accounts is it?
  10. Well, at least that doesn't seem to belong to the car pictured.... So there must be something dodgy going on there as well
  11. Didn't get any updates off lr4x4, so haven't been here for a while.. Did you guys see the photo of the puma 90 with old registration on his facebook? He offered that car for sale some time ago, and on the photo's from the chassis you could see a weld crossing the VIN number. Can you check the registration of this car online somewhere in the UK? Who can we inform about this car.. It probably has been stolen somewhere.. If anyone knows Edwards private address, could you PM that to me. I would like to send him a letter from my lawyer..
  12. Edward Barrington Hi I'm sorry I will send everything tomorrow will stick it on a express delivery service thanks 29-2-2016 20:46 Paul Stroink ok 路 29-2-2016 20:46 Edward Barrington 路 2 maart 路 2-3-2016 12:58 Paul Stroink did the courier collect the parts? 路 2 maart 路 2-3-2016 19:28 Edward Barrington Booked for tomorrow thanks 路 2-3-2016 21:15 Paul Stroink Ok. Thanks..I' ll check in again tomorrow 路 2-3-2016 21:16 Edward Barrington Yes it's booked to be collected tomorrow thanks 路 3 maart 路
  13. I've bought a LHD Puma bulkhead complete with dash of him a few months ago. He didn't want to ship it, I should collect so that sounded thrustworthy. So I paid him the money and sent a courier. When the courier arrived the bulkhead wasn't ready. They told the courier that they didn't understand why I sent my own courier while they had offered to ship it to me.. He should come back the next day. Next day the courier arrives but they said the bulkhead was somewhere in the back now and the couldn't reach it and he had to wait. AFter an hour my courier left. A week later he went to collect the bu
  14. I've heard lots of bad stories about Yann the Landyman. Cars without a stamped VIN number, problems with paid deposits, cars in FAR worse condition than advertised. I run a Land Rover business here in Holland, and have had more than one custumor who has travelled all the way to the UK to buy a car from him, and came back very disappointed.
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