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  1. Just found it :0) looks a fun job :0/ grease up me knuckles ready ,
  2. Inside the car, kinda under the dash then ?? Thanks
  3. Where s it please ?? I think. Mine has some issues, so going to replace it, so where abouts is it located on the vehicle please ?? It's a 51plate 90 CSW, thanks in advance for assistance ,
  4. Air flow meter ?? Changed mine today
  5. Sorted - good old Air flow meter !!! Roars like a kitten again now :0)
  6. Hi all, I have a 51 plate 90' full size big intercooler, IRB remap and over boost box, single box stainless exhaust, egr removed, Anyhow, up to recently its been running fine, I was going on a long run the other week soni gave it a drink of wynns injector cleaner as a treat ( no problems at this point ) During this trip It started to sort of misfire, it hesitates and usually "clears" then revs through fine, it seems to be getting there most of the time now, the misfire is not worse but defo more frequent, I changed the injector loom about 2 years ago for the usual reasons, I have rechecked this and all clean, it has a ecu extender loom fitted also about 3 years ago with no issues, the ecu now sits behind the drivers head rest, changed the fuel filter a cople of days ago also, oil smells fine of the dip stick, and no coolant loss, doesn't appear to smoke any more or less than norm , fuel usage seems norm ( quite bad :0) ) So where shall I go from here please ??
  7. Just ot back from a weekend on the plain - there many many red flags out ( as expected) but there were many many trucks, tanks,planes,helicopters ect to keep us entertained :0) we came a tossed a convoy of 42 "vehicles" some i had no idea what they were or what they might do !! So overall, a load we couldn't do but they kept is entertained to make up for it ,
  8. P.s if you do it on a warm day it's easier to remove/refit the glass rubber seals
  9. It's really quite simple, basically remove the glass, clean and stick the pads to the rear, and choose the best route to wire um up ,I used a carling switch and a relay to be sure, I'm very happy with mine and have been there a few years now, very good in frosty days and also misty mornings
  10. Evening all, I'm after some towing mirrors for my 90' I have had a look around some shops and online but nothing seems to look like it will fit ?? I tow a caravan and just need some extra width to see down the sides , ifi had a choice I would like removable ones as we usually go away with caravan then green laning In between, Thanks in advance
  11. 50.8 they are , so yea- maybe 2" I should of pressed the converter button on the vernier calliper :0) They are terrafirma flanges
  12. And if anyone can reccomended a tool to add metal I'm up for it ;0) just kidding matey :-)
  13. Got a 52 mm hub socket, which does the job, but just wanted one to fit "properly" and the fact i am a bit of a magpie on tools :0D
  14. Where I get one please ?? Can only find 3/4 or 1" drive in sockets, I was after a 1/2 drive, it's for h/duty drive flanges caps, so ot super tight or nout, Thanks in advance
  15. Tray back it !!!!!!!!! Only kidding ! Wifey and I were thinking about having a punt on it , but can't see if it's worth. Our time - ie the bidding goes way over that ?? That's the gamble though I guess :0/
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