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  1. Thanks for the replies. I hear what you’re saying about being suspicious of aftermarket stuff. Normally I feel the same but originally this thing was downright dangerous to drive, like a sailing dinghy! But after I fitted the Extreme kit, it was truly outstanding for such a big vehicle. Just a shame the dampers haven’t stood the test of time 😩. I’m convinced enough to get a new set of dampers.
  2. I'm trying to trace all the clunks and bangs in the drivetrain on my 97 300TDi 130. I've got a strange subtle 'pop' noise when pulling away from a standstill. I am 80% sure its coming from the rear. I've been through everything I can think of now including: Transfer box input shaft (good) Drive flanges (good) Half shafts (rear are good but not stripped far enough for the front) CV joints (no issues when wheels are at full lock so I'll assume these are good) Props are new Gwyn Lewis supplied and all good Handbrake was clonking but now that's been stripped
  3. Thanks for the advice, I’m going to call Turners in the morning to order it all. i’m sure I could have got away with it for a while longer but it’s used solely for long distance travel and I don’t want to be dealing with garage repairs in a country where I don’t speak the language. Does anyone know if it’s advisable to replace the valve caps or reuse the originals. Nothing obviously wrong with them.
  4. Well there was only 1 way to find out...... No obvious sign of issue. Am going to stick one of Turners gas flowed heads on. Anybody any thoughts over which style head gasket to go for?
  5. Anyone seen this before? 99% sure it’s coolant and seems to be weeping between the block and the head. Definitely not core plug failure. No other signs of head gasket failure and coolant loss is barely detectable in the expansion tank.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. It’s been very helpful. I’ve ordered a couple of used arms and I’m going to go with the standard parts. If the ball joint ever needs replacing again, especially if I’m away from home then having standard parts will just be much easier. I’m still on the hunt for the clonking noise through!!!
  7. There’s plenty available that’s for sure! It’s just most are advertised as the later part number and I just want to make sure they’re compatible.
  8. Thanks for all your comments. I am 99% sure i’ll replace the arms now with standard ones. Having scraped the paint from my 130 and rust from my 90, I can confirm they both have the HRC1705/6 arms so no difference between 90/130. It looks like this part number is long gone now though and been replaced with NTC2706/7. Can anyone confirm that?
  9. I’ve sanded the arms to find the part numbers, HRC1705/6 so the arms and ball joint have definitely been drilled out. I’m the first owner post military use. Why would the military drill these out? Did they have some fail? The 1/2” bolts looks reasonably substantial for their required use
  10. I did ask Gwyn about that option (hoping to use the wide angle greaseable joint) but he said he’s had feedback that people struggle to remove or fit his joints without damaging them. I am favouring returning it to standard LR by getting replacement arms but I could do with some reassurance the standard 1/2” bolts would be ok?
  11. My existing ball joint has 16mm holes, the new one has 13mm holes. Just spoken with Gwyn, he thinks someone has drilled my ball joint and arms and I have 2 choices. 1. Drill the new ball joint to 16mm (all other dimensions are identical) 2. Replace the A frame arms with standard ones. It’s a 130 at 3500kgs so I’m wondering if the smaller bolts would be acceptable???
  12. I’ve removed the ball joint again, its stamped HRC1197, I can’t find this part number in the catalogue.....??
  13. I wasn't clear, the picture I originally posted was from an ebay advert. The ones from euro4x4parts still look to have the smaller hole but i'll check tomorrow and probably give Gwyn a call as he's always been really helpful. I'm at least 80% convinced there is something dodgy about mine. The fact there is only 1 bolt part number really does suggest mine have been opened up in some way. No idea why? I'll post back when i've got a solution. Thanks again.
  14. This is so odd...... From what I can work out, NTC2707 & NTC2706 are the only arms available. The ones pictured are labelled with genuine parts labels as such. Do you know if yours are genuine parts??
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