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  1. FridgeFreezer john I'm not that bad am I
  2. I have a couple of friends who have the skytag's fitted/hid in there 110 overlanders it only uses a gps signal so a cellphone detector wouldn't disable it
  3. I have been following just makes me wish I could get out there more
  4. Sorry I haven't been on a lot been very unwell I've have now a second home its the hospital I really haven't had the energy to work on my series in the garage or out an about in the discovery ive just payed out for a new pc so I can catch up with everybody
  5. Hi all not been on here for some time whats the difference between a 200 power steering pump and a 300 pump as the one in my 300 has gone kerput
  6. best thing you could do is join the The Series 2 Club Forum and ask there
  7. here we are as FF has shown you his this is mine 109 straight 6 chassis with 200tdi ,lt77 ,lt230 with 2/4wd conversion MY 109
  8. i have seen these before they were pressed ally never on the wing like that little smaller and on the back
  9. when i done my 109 fuel tank ejparrott the one on the rear cross member i used a inch thick piece of rubber with three bolt holding it on and the middle ones 10mm exhaust cotton wheels but with the bolt going through the middle
  10. Well im half way there 200 tdi and lt77/lt230 already in the series all ive got to do is make the brackets and haypresto twizzle
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