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    Breeding and showing Clumber Spaniels and Italian Spinone. Restoring and showing Classic Cars - Rover P5B and TR7 on the road with a Stag and P4 under restoration

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  1. Puffernutter

    Rear flood light

    Thanks. I did the same with an old 110, just checking I would still need to. At least the LED are more common now, they were quite "novel" when I first did it and some b...d nicked them all! Cheers Peter
  2. Puffernutter

    Rear flood light

    Did you need to change the indicator relay to cope with the lower current draw? Cheers Peter
  3. Puffernutter

    2001 discovery 2 td5 auto button

    Cruise control? Peter
  4. Puffernutter

    Rear flood light

    I've just bought a couple of LED floodlights from a seller on FaceBook. £20 posted. I'll let you know the quality when it arrives. Cheers Peter
  5. Puffernutter

    Exhaust Cat or Not? 110 1984 2.5TD

    Agreed. I swapped my 19J (1990) for a 200TDi and kept the same exhaust. No cat in that system! Cheers Peter
  6. Puffernutter

    Brake Bias Valve NTC8836

    The only! issue is normally getting the unions undone if it has been there for a while! Cheers Peter
  7. Puffernutter

    New heater in the 110

    Looks good. Can't get the video to work. I fitted mine under the drivers seat, took the feed from the main diesel line and fed the hot air into the passenger and driver footwells. Peter
  8. Puffernutter

    1985 Ninety, wash/wipe switch issues

    That what I was going to say, it's not the switch on the column, it's the one in the wiper motor causing the issues. Peter
  9. Puffernutter

    P38 air compressor help

    What are the symptoms (apart from won't pump up)? Is the pump running at all? Peter
  10. Puffernutter

    Defender engine number location ?

    Not a 12J! Looks like an intercooler as part of the rad Peter
  11. Puffernutter

    Work/Fog light wiring

    Yes I did, the 12v fused went to the relay (located at the back of the car) in heavy cable (no LED variants when I did it and they (I had 2) were 60W each I think?) Cheers Peter
  12. Puffernutter

    Work/Fog light wiring

    I don't know about the ex MOD versions, but with my 110 I ran new wires on the chassis (one fused 12v from the battery and a switched 12v from the switch I had in the cab), it was a lot easier! Cheers Peter
  13. Puffernutter

    Voltage at Stop Solenoid - Engine won't switch off

    A Google came up with that diode on a DeLorean! It's a 1A diode same as I sent to you. The DeLorean ones are £7.50 each!!!!! Cheers Peter
  14. Puffernutter

    Voltage at Stop Solenoid - Engine won't switch off

    Maybe he didn't :-)
  15. Puffernutter

    Voltage at Stop Solenoid - Engine won't switch off

    To be fair, I didn't hide it and the new owner was fully aware of the problem when I sold it! Peter

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