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  1. I could be wrong, but I suspect that mileage is stored in the BeCM anyway? That is where the pulses will be coming into and then the readings just transmitted to the speedo head? Happy to be corrected! Cheers Peter
  2. I had the 4.6 with a GEMS and changed to a front mounted toothed wheel behind the crankshaft pulley. I timed it by using the gap on the timing ring on the flywheel. Ran as sweet as a nut! Cheers Peter
  3. My father-in-law (retired mechanic) always used to say with the older cars that they tended to list to one side (drivers side) as that is where the weight normally was and it was normal. Just replace the spring as it is tired? Cheers Peter
  4. Is that the problem? The solenoid should reach the end of travel (fully engaged) before the power is applied, so it sounds as if there is something wrong with the electrics in the starter motor.
  5. As I assume this is a pre-engaged, the starter motor should not spin until the solenoid has reached the end of travel and engaged (as that is where the contact that put power to the starter motor). Is it completing travel too early? Peter
  6. Pre-engaged, by "punch out" you mean release from the starter ring when power to the starter motor is turned off?
  7. Large hammer and plenty of BF&I. I've broken pullers trying to get the arm off! Cheers Peter
  8. Mine was a 1990 110 Defender and I fitted an eberspacher under the drivers seat box with vents to the foot wells. Probably find some pictures if it helps? Peter
  9. My 110 was with NFU and they had no problems with seats, winches, roof racks etc. Cheers Peter
  10. A friend had the TDV6 with a diesel pump that went recently. Granted he's no home mechanic, but it is an engine out job as it right at the rear (so he was told). He scrapped the car due to the cost of the repair. No experience driving them, I never graduated beyond a 300Tdi and I now have a 1989 Defender!
  11. Situated in there so it gets the cooling effect from the fan! Cheers Peter
  12. I've never been aware of the difference. I have a Sealy tool that does a great job and they've never leaked. Where are you located? Cheers Peter
  13. Once off the car (not a difficult job) they are also quite easy to dismantle and lubricate. Cheers Peter
  14. Percussive is a word you need to get used to with Land Rovers = hit it! Peter
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