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  1. hi guy's, on my Disco with 200 tdi engine around 1500/1700 rpm the engine stutter after this range nothing, pul very well, start up very well cold or warm, no smoke at warm only a bit on cold in the morning, fuel filter new, decanter cleaned today, no strange noise , no injector leaks, What could it be? the engine stutter both stationary and moving, from a standstill, it ticks in that range of rpm 1500/1700 thank's at all
  2. Yes dash centre vent, but there is a mods for this?
  3. hi at all, i bought the Disco 1 200 tdi, i've a question on front air vent: why i've cold air came out from front air vent, or warm air on windscreen and down on the foot? I've the warm air on hottest and warm air came out on foot and on windscreen, but if i move on front vent the air is cold, why?
  4. hi at all, my front brake caliper with vented disks of Discovery 1 200tdi, fit on 62L axle of Def 90 2.0mpi with 24 spline? i need to convert my 10 splines disco 1 to 24 splines, i buyed 2 axle of 90 of 1996, but on 62L axle there are solid disks, and i want to change it to mantain my actual vented disks. Many Thank's
  5. Here there is the recording of the strange sound,keep attention since 0:12..(raise speaker leve) help please!! advice?? ideas???
  6. Hi, i want an advice from you: my td5 defender (2004) have an horrible knocking sound at first 5-6 second from cold startup every morning.it's like a tumf tumf tumf, it comes out from bottom of the engine. I'm using a Castrol diesel magnatec 5w-40 oil and this have 2000km on it, oil filter is new, and the level is ok. What could be??
  7. hi all! i'm italian, so sorry for my bad english.. i've installed oil pressure gauge on my 2004 defender td5, and i would like some advice: workshop manual says that max oil pressure should be 4 bar, at this pressure relief valve should be open and the pressure should remain at 4 bar.. but why my pressure rise up at 5 bar and plus?? many thanks
  8. Hi, is a bit 'of time with my TD5 110 80000km 2004, when the engine is warm, as if there was a ticking injector that doesn't sprays fine, like a "cla cla cla cla" sound .. The problem is that it only happens on idle running only when the engine is hot, when is cold, there isn't any problems .. Injector loom new and (for now) no diesel in oil,oil level is ok I've checking all with the nanocom but there isn't imbalance with injectors, everything is normal.. What can it be??
  9. Hello everyone, I would like some advice from you, my Def 110 TD5 2004 with 80000km, has a decrease in performance after a long acceleration, or at highway speed, the engine speed rises but feels little boost, the turbo turns but it is as if the engine was in recovery. If I turn off and on again after 5 minutes or so, the car returns to normal, "ready" and snappy, until I accelerate with all gears at 3000 or much revs or highway or more than 100 km / h. Another thing that i've made, is install a pressure turbo gauge, and the pressure rise at 1,0 or much when the car is normal, while in "recovery" mode rise at max to 0,8 or less. I haven't Nanocom. What could it be?? - MAF sensor replaced new original - MAP sensor / IAT new - Fuel pump was checked and cleaned (but not test pressure) - Fuel filter new - Injector loom new - Throttle pedal new - Wastegate checked and sprayed with WD40 Thanks to all
  10. I've checked my oil sump, oil pump and oil relief valve, the result is that the oil relief valve was completely loosen. I've recheked the plug, there was no trace of thread locker. I've replaced thread locker, the oil pressure rises almost immediately now, but still not perfect, I'm considering replace entire pump, here in italy 402 euros, ( Other Ideas??
  11. Full flow filter changed, but nothing change: oil light, (and the oil pressure), is low at first start in the morning (10 degrees). Help me please. many thanks
  12. I'm using 5w40 A3/B3 because i think that the temperature range of this type of oil is better than 5w/30, and also because here in italy is hard to find ACEA A1/B1, and the owner's manual tell that "if you don't find a1/b1 you can use a3/b3". And that's all.. The next week, i try to change oil filter with a mann&hummel filter, instead of britpart..
  13. I'm using 5w40 castrol. Please help me
  14. Hi at all, I'm italian, in my def 110 td5 year 2004, i've a problem with oil light: sometimes, when i turn on the engine, the oil light takes 4 or 5 seconds to go off and simultaneously feel the engine that makes it difficult to draw oil, after that all came normal.The oil level is ok. Can someone help me?
  15. Hi at all, i've 110 td5,the clutch pedal is hard as all Def, but is not very fluid, if you press it very quickly you feel but if you press it slowly to the end, I feel that is rough, as if he needed to be lubricated, and then, while i'm going in any gears, if I try to touch the pedal without pressing, apart from the play, feel the vibrations .. I was wondering if everything is normal and how can I fix it. Thanks at all. Sorry for my english i'm italian
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