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  1. Has anyone local to Cheltenham got a left head lamp for 300 tdi disco i can borrow tonight until tomorrow night for mot. New one on way from paddocks but retest is tomorrow
  2. Hi As well as landrovers I also volunteer on a steam railway where there is a road rail Landrover 110 The Landrover is used to shift tools etc for the per way team. The Landrover needs upraised springs so yesterday it was weighed We got front axle weight of 1250 and rear axle weight of 1650 The back apart from all the rail gear also has a crane and side legs . She is truck cab with steel load bed on rear. Question 1 What rating springi does anyone suggest ? Thinking 130 with helper on rear Question 2 When Balfour Beattie converted her they stupidly left the chassis plate showing 3050 kilos This means technically too fat buggers and she is fully loaded. How do I go about getting her to 3500kg?
  3. From the sound in high box it does seem that in hi the transfer box is not fully engaged
  4. To get the fiddly gasket and bolts in put the bolts.fpr and gadket together then put a rubber band around the bolts so that it stops gasket from falling off Get all three bolts started and then cut rubber band and it will fall off
  5. good afternoon has anyone any experience with this code reader. Thinking of getting one to try and solve my disco2 TD5 problems - Disco cuts out as if starved of fuel. Also useful for the 98 XEDI freelander. Thoughts as it seems good value.
  6. Try fuel pressure regulator as this shuts off the pump
  7. If you put it in diff lock you should have front wheel drive
  8. Go to landrover with v5 and id and ask for the code
  9. Fpr can shut punp off completely only resetting of battery removed Mine woukd allow pump to work untul system pressurised then it would shut pump off Engine would then run until no fuel pressire and die. Engine woukd not start until battery disconnected and then reconnected Changed fpr and problem cured Just noticed you meant 300 tdi above is td5 isdue
  10. Fuel presure regulator Had peiblens with mine once fuel up to pressure shuts pump down supposed to then lick back in when pressure drops Mine started giving pump failure type sympttons before eventually only running one cydle up to pressure It worked fine when doing the bleed process
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