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  1. Britpart lorry's always seem to be at the main dealers
  2. Still trying to get an answer to emails from island 4x4 for a return and they don't answer the phone
  3. Still waiting for island 4x4 to reply Sent them numerous emails and no response,also tried phoning but just get recorded message nobody bothers to answer That's the last time im using them for anything and I have spent a lot with them lately
  4. Britpart watts linkage Centre unit bought as a ready made up unit with the 3 bearings already pressed in Fitted 5/2/16 and centre bearing already failed less than 1 month and less than 500 road miles Waiting for a response from island 4x4 about a refund
  5. Found the cause of the noise it was the front prop cardan joint, the bearing had destroyed itself Funny though even though the bearing was shot there was no play in the prop
  6. I have only had this car for a few months so that's why I have no idea as there were no records with the carI am working my way through all the service bits and changing all the worn bushes
  7. Have no idea when the oil or filter were last changed car has done 120000 Did notice after the car had been stood for a week that it took a few seconds more before drive took up
  8. No soot and all the studs are in place
  9. While driving, the car developed a screeching noise like a slipping belt noise,but the noise goes away if the car is put in neutral while moving and there is no noise when stationary and reving the engine The noise is only there in drive and increases with the revs Any ideas what it could be
  10. I would like to come do I need to bring my mot and insurance or is it on a trust basis Only asking as I will need to see if I can find my mot certificate
  11. http://www.lrparts.net/repair-kit-overhaul-kit-for-brake-servo-for-land-rover-series-vehicles.html This any good
  12. I have a td5 auto and I need to remove the auto selector knob. I have read that it just pulls off but I have been trying that and it's not moving, Any ideas thanks
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