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  1. I had problems with my emmissions. I looked for a Manufactured date and a First Registered date, only to find that the MOT directive has a Used date!!! I threw the lamda sensors and Cats away. Got my K reg tested as a Used in '92. i.e. before the Must Have date. Sorted!
  2. "Lightweights have removable body sections and unique axles and halfshafts. " Only the early ones. Once the Chinook and Hercules were in service the width ws no longer a problem. Later ones had normal Series axles.
  3. FWIW: I have an ex-Navy 127 Ambulance with a V8. It goes as fast as my bowels and wallet want! The army ambulances were restricted.
  4. Let us know how you get on. We're "planning" a similar trip in August.
  5. Interesting topic. Don't forget that if you buy a mountaineering type tent that they are designed for using for just a couple of weeks per year for a couple of years. And as light as possible. UV degrades them significantly so that they loose their water repelancy and strength. Trail mag (I think) tested various tents on the top of Leeds University a couple of years back, recording their effectiveness if left up for the summer.
  6. I was just thinking. Has Ladyboy been invited? I'd like to see the auto deleter cope with his spellings!
  7. So when we get married he'll be my father in law! Can you say **** here?
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