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  1. I think q-rover had the right idea with his top-hats NickSusy bearing in mind that, historically, the 4.6 seems to suffer the most from slipped liners, though installing one in the lighter Classic might help the reliability.
  2. I think it's a fine gesture for several forum members to take the time & trouble to post such moving prose. Went to our local village memorial today, huge turn-out of adults, young children (& dogs) but sadly I didn't notice many teenagers - all made possible by the police closing the road. Although only a B classification it's a busy through route just the same. The local branch of the RBL was parading as always, though some of the old boys are vey frail now they still do their best to march. Some of the leaves from the tree I was standing under started to fall during the 2 minutes si
  3. I've read their articles in the mag & it warmed my heart to see that their steed was a 3.5V8, instead of the obligatory TDI.
  4. I agree. Perhaps when there is such a wide gulf in personal opinions those involved should resort to PM's, as what started as an interesting subject is now being seriously diluted.
  5. I've been following this thread since it started. Very informative at first but now seems to have developed into a personal duel, which is a pity as that's surely not making proper use of a forum. At the considerable risk of being refered to as a 'boring old fart' I'd suggest that perhaps owners should accept the design capability of the vehicles they buy but if driver demands exceed that of the manufacturer's intentions it's probably better (& safer) to look for something different. My own standard 3.5efi auto is (like me) a plodder compared to later products, but should the day come when
  6. Christ …. I need to get out more …………… I often think the same! In your case just make sure you stay in enough to post your words of wisdom, very informative
  7. Used comp. gaskets on a 3.5, without having the heads skimmed as engineers confirmed faces were true. No noticeable effect on performance (such as there is!) but it does mean you can happily run on 95 unleaded as opposed to the 97 the engine, assuming 9.35 comp, should use.
  8. Strange how owner's experiences differ: I've had four RRC's, three 3.5's & one 3.9 (never again!) & have always used Champions without any problems. Invoices that came with my last 3.5efi detailed problems with 'misfiring' cured by replacing plugs on three occassions & reference to the part nos. showed the plugs to be NGK. None of the 3.5's have run on LPG or been off-roaded so perhaps that makes a difference(?) Strangely enough a NGK plug is specified for my lawnmower & that never lasts for more than a couple of seasons either!
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