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  1. On the same subject, I've got a very authentic looking disc on my RRC now that is a dead ringer for the one that would have been exhibited when the car was first registered. It's in keeping with my desire to keep the RR as original as possible & of course it's now totally legal.
  2. Another common one back in the 'sixties was a scruffy piece of paper with the words 'Tax in post' A mate who worked on a building site nicked the disc (which looked right from a distance) off a dumper & was unfortunate enough to be stopped by the plod for a rear-light no working - 'that's funny said the copper, it appears that this vehicle isn't a Ford at all but a Benford' ! nick-nick-nick.
  3. I'll have to tell this one to my neighbour - he's a patrolman for the RAC!
  4. Interesting to see what VOSA will make of it.
  5. Thank FF, good luck with your own project.
  6. Pardon my ignorance! I once spent so long studying oil specs. that my brain hurt. By the time I sussed product (local) availability, carriage in some cases & prices I've settled on Comma Classic 20w50 (which is, I believe, the same as Halfrauds) & change it every year, usually at less than 2000m.
  7. Can you still buy these heaters to run on petrol? I seem to remember petrol engine ambulances using them years ago.
  8. A good quality 20w50 mineral oil & change it (& the filter) every 3000m. My 3.5 gets done every year, despite only covering around 1500m. I wouldn't bother with expensive synthetics as the old RV8 oil pump needs something to get it's teeth into.
  9. NFU must have changed their tune over time then, I can remember trying them years ago (I was over 50 then with a full ncb) & they were happy to cover the LR, but NOT if it was used off-road!
  10. Thanks Bowie, all I need now is to locate a scrap bare block (no workshop facilities to strip) & say to her indoors 'when spring comes wouldn't you just love to plant something in this unusual garden ornament'
  11. Light enough (bare block) for an reasonably fit pensioner to shift then? I think the coffee table idea is a non-starter, but one converted to a garden ornament .......
  12. I like the amusing (if predictable) replies! Just out of curiosity, anyone ever weighed a bare RV8 block?
  13. I think the amount of research you have carried out is very impressive & it's a shame that it didn't result in a solution. My '87 Vogue has a very good heater (but then it's a V8) fine for the UK but I have to wonder how effective it would be in the temperatures you quote! Do normal car/truck heaters used in your region cope with such extremes? It's interesting that you got the best results from the 're-circulate' settings as I find 'fresh air' the best by far, probably because winter UK ambient temperatures are that much higher. Perhaps an independent heater is the answer.
  14. I too spent 10 years punching 'eighties artics, mostly with multi speed Fullers, up & down the UK. When it comes to auto's, of which I've owned several, a 2 speed (yes you read it right) powerglide coupled to a torquey 3.3 straight six always seemed enough. Why anyone needs so many ratios in today's autos is beyond me, especially when it goes wrong!
  15. As I trawl through the many posts regarding LR products, from P38A's to today's offerings from the company, the one phrase I have the most problem with is ''it's great when it's running'' or similar. I've owned various LR's over the years, through series 2A's & 3's (all petrol) to four RRC's (all V8's) & I've always expected them to start & run at any time in all weather conditions. Through my own efforts years ago & an indie's these days I've been very largely successful in that quest, with breakdowns or non-starts only a rare occurrence & certainly no more than any other vehicle. I still think it strange when reading someone's post that they are relieved to have completed a long trip, often in a vehicle a lot younger than my current 27 year old RRC, ''without any problem'' Anyway, having had my say I wish everyone on here a very merry Christmas & a happy motoring, in whatever you drive, New Year.
  16. Well you can't say that there's a shortage of answers! All that faffing around with wheels/winches would drive me 'round the bend - why not let the tyres down just enough for clearance, creep the car in & then put a jack under each rear corner just to take the weight off the tyres? Re-inflate once the car is out side again, then all that's needed is a couple of jacks (which most of us have anyway) & either a battery powered (assuming no mains supply) compressor or even a foot-pump which will give you exercise as well.........job done!
  17. I don't know what the project has cost you, but from the firewall back the result bears an uncanny resemblance to a '50's Volvo Sugga command car.
  18. Fuel pumps can make noises & still function for years. If you decide to change it, another alternative is to remove the alloy floor that is just secured with rivets, there is no inspection hatch on earlier cars - don't think it was provided until the change to plastic tanks.
  19. I've seen info. on this on the internet but not really taken it in as not applicable to me, but I think you can do the business over the 'phone, probably by using the keypad, in the same way as those without the internet can renew their car's VED when it's due.
  20. Does the diff-lock warning light work & does it go out when you shift out of DL? If not, try reversing the car a short distance - I've not had this problem but would think that if the DL was not dis-engaging you would feel roughness driving in a straight line as well. The aforementioned tyre age is a good point, check the manuf. date on the tyre walls (info. on the internet) as although there is no UK legislation regarding age insurers may take a different view in the event of an accident caused by poor road surface conditions. The top tailgate catch can be adjusted be removing the covers to reveal the length adjusters on the rods, don't forget that the tailgate latches at the sides not in the centre so NEVER slam it shut with the handle as you can bend the bottom frame, better to firmly press each end 'till it latches.
  21. I think your project is a great idea. I'm 5 years older than you & have considered the same idea, but with a preference for auto as well as having to pay someone to do all the work, the idea was a total non-starter. I wish you well with the task
  22. Not into this modern machinery, but from what I've read at anything over 80k the 'box is on borrowed time.
  23. I think q-rover had the right idea with his top-hats NickSusy bearing in mind that, historically, the 4.6 seems to suffer the most from slipped liners, though installing one in the lighter Classic might help the reliability.
  24. I think it's a fine gesture for several forum members to take the time & trouble to post such moving prose. Went to our local village memorial today, huge turn-out of adults, young children (& dogs) but sadly I didn't notice many teenagers - all made possible by the police closing the road. Although only a B classification it's a busy through route just the same. The local branch of the RBL was parading as always, though some of the old boys are vey frail now they still do their best to march. Some of the leaves from the tree I was standing under started to fall during the 2 minutes silence, very poignant.
  25. Still not convinced that we are singing from the same hymm sheet Idris but no matter, having posted the original enquiry I promised to update the forum with my own experiences, which is what I've now done.
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