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  1. The oil is specified generally as used for ZF 16K or ZF 01L or 02L very loosely. The Honda's specs have been superseded to Honda MTF II generally speaking. The problem is the lower temp viscosity with most of the 75w80 oils. Many are way too thick at cooler temps.
  2. The MTF spec was revised slightly in 2020. I posted the sheets in another thread.
  3. BOT402 is nothing like MTF94. It's way way too thick. The only oil in South Africa which is compatible and generally available is the Ravenol MTF2 which is approved. The other alternative is Liquid Moly Top Tech 5200 in the GL4 version not the older 3+ version. I would urge extreme caution using BOT402 if you go anywhere vaguely cold like leshoto. It might just be tolerated in the hot but if it's cool you will ruin your box.
  4. Question... What effect would low popping pressure have? All injectors were equal. Spray good. Detrimental or not?
  5. All injectors on the truck tested. All good. Slightly low pressure on all equally which is strange....old 4 from my box got new tips and 3 were resurrected from dribbling squirting rubbish to popping atomising magnificent status. Even correct pressure or there abouts. The last one was not working. Out of them all they are all shimmed and some had 2 shims in and some one shim all various thicknesses usually about 1mm. Some 1.5mm. I cannot figure out which shim size they are from the info online so cannot buy replacements. Any body have an idea? IIRC They are 2.8mm hole and 7 point something mm
  6. Thanks for that. That's is exactly what i needed to know. This type of info is marvellous indeed ! Based on info to come will determine what i need to do for sure. Testing the leak back is just a case of popping it and letting it sit. Is that correct. Let it sit and nothing drops?
  7. super thanks. I've got new nozzles which are DTP replacement and meant to be very good ones so i will just test the opening as all i can do. I wonder what difference the second stage makes and if being way out is really bad.....in case it was...
  8. i think i've got to an answer on the first bit. The Initial pressure is the one the POP tester will show and you need a super expensive electronic one to test the other figure. Still wondering how you adjust anything !?
  9. Trying to do my own. How did you go on with a standard pop tester?
  10. I got some DTP nozzles. I don't have access to a pop tester (yet). We are working on that. I mechanically minded friend in South Africa is going to buy one and i will pay half. Which bits/parts set the pressure in this injector? There doesn't seem to be anything in the 300Tdi holder to set up. Normally its a shim i think but they don't have one if i recall. There's two pressures listed in the book. 2940PSI Initial and 4120PSI Secondary. I've not idea what the two figures mean. Don't they normally open and spray at one pressure so which one is it? Seems strange there's two....
  11. yes he does. Mark managed to get off the impeller so will ask what he did. Mike said he'd never got one off in the video.
  12. doesn't work using a step down. Been tried by Mark who has 4 Ambulances. We've spent hours and hours testing. The inrush on the motor and constant load means the dropper would need to be huge and quite expensive ! He paid me to get a solution and i did. Get another gates motor. We swapped over the housings and it works. even the 24gates motor is hard to get. The 24v and 12v are different mounting for some reason and land rover used the 12v housing on 24v motors.
  13. nah its correct. Not directional so can go either way. Just need to find the impeller. Part Numbers and a link to the motor. There are some changes needed to the case but you can use the old case if you rip the new one apart. https://www.thhs.co.uk/transport-heating-and-hose-supplies/product/1056-motor-to-mp5620hw2-motor-mp5620hw2af-5892 Gate DC Direct Current Motor 24V Verison Part No: J1513 MP 5620/HW2
  14. 3D printer and a design and i can get one made. You're probably right about the motors and polarity but IIRC the motor is sold as CW rotation. So why if you can just switch the leads. Off to do some more google.... I would say the impeller is a standard size anyhow so i bet i can get one. Problem is my truck is in South Africa where things are a million times harder to get. They don't have web sites so you need to call many many stupids to get to someone who understands what the fook you are on about. I need to decide if i'm doing this before i go back.....if they ever let me go back
  15. Thanks. That's sort of what i thought. The video mentioned has given me many pointers. Problem is i'm 24v so getting a motor is going to be tricky. I've sourced RHD replacements before for a job for another owner but a LHD will be even harder to find. I will probably be calling the manufacture. looks like the impeller is other way round but thats least of my worries.
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