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  1. MTF94 is available from BMW Dealers, Mini Dealers, TVR Places, Honda Places,
  2. You can use 2.9 litres of....GL4 something.... 75W80 MTF (Redline or other) Any ATF M2C33 F or G Any Dexron IID Any MTF94
  3. www.overlandbirds.com as i have no idea which of the hundred or so manuals you want no i cannot link them directly.
  4. Air filter cross ref list. PRIMARY: Alco MD7544, Atlas Copco 1310033926, 1310-0339-26, 1310034889, 1310-0348-89, 2991546, Baldwin RS3542, Case 222425, 222425A1, 47128201, 85826956, 87418366, Caterpillar 1232367, 123-2367, 1547108, 154-7108, 2310167, 231-0167, Clark 6666375, Compair Holman 13306974, A13306974, Coopers Fiaam AEM2670, FLI6905, Crosland 9232, Donaldson FPG070006, FPG070009, FPG070017, FPG070018, FPG070019, FPG070020, FPG070059, FPG070060, G070006, G070017, G070018, G070019, G070020, G070059, G070060, P772579, P774574, P775827, P776156, P776715, P776914, P777494, P777498, P827653, Fiat 1930587, 51768550, Filtration FTA3507, Fleetguard AF25291, AF25526, AF25555, AF25588, AH19091, AH19092, AH19093, AH19094, Fleetrite AFR825291, AFR825526, AFR825555, AFR825588, Ford 86982522, Fram CA5745, Greyfriars 1363A, Hanomag Henschel 4916567M1, Hengst E571L, Hyster 1462439, S007624611, Ingersoll Rand 35393685, 85400679, In-Line Filters FFR-CA5745, JCB 32/919001, 32919000, 32919001, John Deere AP3330, AP33330, KV16428, KV26904, PE71011292, RE508449, Kalmar 9234360720, Komatsu 12993512520, 129935-12520, 42U01H0P02, 42U01HOP02, LFA04887, YM12993512520, YM129935-12520, Z760234750, Kralinator LA1770, LA1799, Kramer 0000805187, 1000000365, 805187, Kubota 5980026110, 59800-26110, Lancer Boss 2088554, 208855420821, 8129832, 8129832?, 8876279, A12326K98, Lister Petter 36608109, 366-08109, 36608133, 366-08133, Lombardini 104.2175.1260, 10421751260, 217.5126, 2175126, Luberfiner LAF7653, LAF8148, Mahle Knecht LX1241, Manitou 227959, 490494, Mann and Hummel C14200/1, C142001, C14202/1, C142021, Massey Ferguson 3540046M1, 3540046-M1, Match 20888554, Meuden 560937, 68560938, Nelson Winslow 870286N, New Holland 47135972, 5080756, 5176855, Onan 1403067, 140-3067, Perkins 26510337, 901047, 901-047, Racor EAPE68320, Sakura A7003, A-7003, A8506, A-8506, Sambron 634964, Same 102.095.0, 1020950, Schupp SL5889, SL8003, Sure Filter SFA5588P, Terex 6000043, Thwaites T15832, Toro 1044260, 1083814, 108-3814, Virgis CH0714074, CH07-14074, Volvo 11711497, Wix 46652, 46671, 546652, 546671, Woodgate WGA1079, WGA1865, Yale and Towne 580010991, Zetor 71011292, 71-011-292 Saftey: Alco MD7452, Atlas Copco 2991557, Baldwin RS3543, Case 222429A1, 47128200, 47135976, 85826959, 87418367, Caterpillar 1232368, 123-2368, 2310168, 231-0168, Clark 6666376, Compair Holman 13308874, A13308874, Coopers Fiaam AES2671, FLI6928, Crosland 9233, Donaldson FPG070009, FPG070017, FPG070018, FPG070019, FPG070020, FPG070059, FPG070060, G070006, G070017, G070018, G070019, G070020, G070059, G070060, G070125, P775300, P829332, Fiat 1930588, Filtration FTA4507, Fleetguard AF25484, AF25556, AH19092, AH19094, Fleetrite AFR825484, AFR825556, Ford 86982523, Fram CA5745SY, Greyfriars 1364A, Hanomag Henschel 4916566M1, Hengst E571LS, Hyster S007624612, Ingersoll Rand 85400703, In-Line Filters FFR-CA5745SY, JCB 32/919000, 32/919002, 32919000, 32919002, John Deere AP33331, PE71011293, Komatsu 42U01H0P01, 42U01HOP01, Z760234790, Kralinator LA1800, Kramer 0000805188, 805188, Kubota 3A11119130, 3A111-19130, Lancer Boss 8925279, 8925297, Lister Petter 36608110, 366-08110, Luberfiner LAF9332, Manitou 227960, Mann and Hummel CF850, Massey Ferguson 3540047M1, 3540047-M1, Meuden 560398, 560938, 68560937, Nelson Winslow 870287N, New Holland 47135975, 5080755, 5176855, Perkins 26510333, 26510338, Racor EASE68360, Sakura A7004, A-7004, A8565, A-8565, Sambron 634972, Schupp SL8004, Steyr 47135977, Sure Filter SFA5484S, Thwaites T15833, Toro 1044261, 1083816, 108-3816, Union AF2293, Vapormatic VPD7106, Virgis ST0714270, ST07-14270, Volvo 11711496, Wix 46672, 546672, Woodgate WGA1079S, Zetor 71011293, 71-011-293
  5. Also all the manuals are on my website linked.
  6. Sorry didn't see this. I have the entire cross ref list if you want it.
  7. i would get yourslf some long bolts to guide the box onto the shaft. Get some long coach bolts cut off the head and put a slot in them so they can be screwed into the three or four left side holes. This way and especially as you are on your own you will not damage the seal. M10 x 180 (or 200) will do. LET ME CHECK THOUGH. BE RIGHT BACK> 2 or 3 M10 x 180mm will do. Confirmed. cut of the bolt head. put a slot in the place where the bolt head was for a screwdriver. Screw them in in positions nearest the shaft to assist you guiding the box onto the shaft. Once fitted replace bolts with the correct ones. NOTE the positions of all bolts as the wrong bolt in the wrong place will lock the box up.
  8. see that black round thing....the end of the inter shaft. Cover it completely in silicon.
  9. no it will be fine it will just probably leak from the intershaft end. You can still cover the end if the box isn't fitted yet.
  10. The excessive use of silicon on the end of the shaft and over the entire shaft end is recomended. COVER the entire thing. he O Ring is a pretty much standard size you can ge them almost anywhere but genuine are best. The below sizing is of another site. Front O-ring FRC8292 is a 122 - 2.62 mm cord, 28.24 mm ID. The groove it rides in on the front of the intermediate shaft is 28.18 mm diameter. Rear O-ring FRC7439 is a 120 - 2.62 mm cord, 25.07 mm ID. The groove is 24.97 mm diameter which obviously should match the ID of the o ring.
  11. Don't cut corners. change the races and bearings. Change as much as you can afford to change. Don't skip something just because it looks a little difficult. You only want to do this once ! Find a brass punch or piece of brass bar and use a hammer. They all come off eventaully.
  12. I do not think its possible for the case to wear that much.
  13. 10mm is a lot. the case does not look worn and to be honest it would be impossible to wear that much away. Theres only 10 parts the the inter shaft assembly including all the O rings and nuts etc. So Gear, Crush Spacer, 2 x Bearings, 2 x O rings, Shaft, Plate, Bolt, Lock Nut. How theres a 10mm gap is a mystery. However you are correct about the case being squeezed to take up the float but NOT 10mm! Possibly 1mm max!
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