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  1. Yeah. Think I'll put it to 45 degrees and see how it goes. Might get a new prop if it gets on my nerves...
  2. Because that's a lot of work and also impossible without lowering the vehicle quite a bit or the steering bar getting in the way of the leaf springs 😕
  3. 22.5 is similar to 45 degrees. Using an inclinometer on my phone I reckon there is about 14 degrees between pinions.
  4. Well 90 is worse than 45 but not as bad as in phase. Think I'll just go back to 45 in the knowledge that really I should have a double cardan... 🙄
  5. Update. phasing the propshaft 45 degrees has significantly improved the noise making it much quieter and less harsh... What are people's thoughts to trying phasing it 90 degrees? From the info I can't tell if that might improve things further or not... Guessing it couldn't hurt to try.. Cheers Jad
  6. I was looking at the attached. I am unsure what phasing my propshaft currently has.
  7. Is it worth trying to change the phasing of the propshaft joints? before buying an expensive propshaft...
  8. Snagger I could almost kiss you! 😘 Removing the front prop has gotten rid of the vibration noise between coast and overrun and also another shuffling noise when coming to a rest! Looks like I need to buy a double cardan propshaft! Still could do with fixing the reason for dodgy bush alignment though... Thank you! Jad
  9. Well the prop is off and I'll drive it to work in the morning. The pinions are at rather different angles.... Snagger on your conversion how close is the steering bar to leaf springs?
  10. Now that's interesting. Entirely possible they aren't completely square. Mine is fitted with 1 ton shackles as well. It does self centre ok but maybe not as much as it should. Assume I could also take the front prop off to confirm? I'm sure the Borg Warner tbox will be ok for a short period without too many beans...
  11. Yeah that makes a lot of sense and yes that was the idea of increasing the hole size. 👍 It might be the seat isn't completely flat side to side and is twisting the bush but then I would expect to see the same problem on the front bush. Still not convinced this is the problem causing my lift off to overrun noise issue!
  12. Yeah you do not have it easy! Engine is central. Lexus engine mounts fit between the rails with just a bit of spare space. Unsure on the arm will have to check. Icing the knee now 😐 Ta
  13. A pattern? don't make me laugh 😂 🙈 there could definitely be something out but we did check a lot.... Will try and measure as much as I can when I get some time. This is the problem with projects never done! TVR is coming apart in the garage at the moment. Volvo needs some work on the exhaust. The push bikes are ok at the moment but my knee is having problems 🙄 The landy doesn't do a huge number of miles... Not particularly many roundabouts.... Reverse into the drive... Tyres the same all round and in good condition. It has a P38 steering box and is driven from the Lexus pump that used to run a rack. The steering is light even with a small steering wheel... Engine mounts are both Lexus. There are plenty of modifications..... Cheers Jad
  14. Sorry gaz think we are thinking the same thing but my spring seat was made by my dad and I and the hole is a tight fit on the bolt so it won't move about on it...
  15. Only thing is that I have done is use the centre spring bolt as a locator on the seat. Is it ok to drill that out larger so I can move the axle a bit?
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