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  1. Broken clutch again! Wife is muttering darkly about selling it for a Jimny.

  2. Most motor insurance is on a broker to underwriter basis, (even when the underwriter is a captive of the broker; the broker owns the underwriter and places its business there) and the broker holds a binding authority. (They bind the underwriter to the contract with the insured person). The underwriter will have given the broker the criteria of an acceptable risk and the broker will be trying to ensure that whatever they pass to the underwriter matches the acceptable risk. Depending on the contract between the broker and the underwriter, there will be a hefty bonus for not passing dubious risks on the the underwriter and penalties can be levied for too many marginal risks or proposals out of scope. The Roamerdrive questions sound like a roadworthiness check and nothing else. If they were being really picky, they might have asked for an engineers report. (Sorry, I'm an insurance geek).
  3. I tried the hidden tap option but the truck would run for a while even with the tap off. Admittedly the vehicle stopping in the middle of a road a mile away would attract some attention, but I'd rather it just wouldn't start. (I have a 200Tdi, so minimal electrics but probably too much pipework with a 2 tank cooking oil set up).
  4. I am very fond of my X-Eng pedal box as it has saved my truck on the drive twice. Retired nosy neighbours are good too! (First time broke the lock, so they couldn't release the box, neither could I without instruction! Second time, made so much noise that the neighbours called the police; police car came down the Close, two attempted thieves went over/through garden fence leaving blood and torn clothing. The police have retained the DNA, but no matches). I have just added a wireless HD video camera over the front drive to the mix. The LR110 has a fuel relay switch, a fused isolator and a tracker as well. Layers work but they have to be easy for you to use and actually deploy. There is no point in having some bolt on security item if it is a faff to use. If someone is determined to steal your truck, it is gone; make sure your insurance company is reputable and likely to honour claims. If you have declared a security device, you must use it.
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I was hoping I'd have a 90 on the road as well, but now that will be some time into the New Year. I am very glad there are a number of people scattered around the world I can ask stupid LR questions of.
  6. I insure with NFU for my 110 and I had to send an engineers report to get them to agree cover. (It's a 1989 110 CSW with a 200Tdi, rear disk brakes and a 2 tank cooking oil fuel system). My 90, (not yet on the road), is with Flux.This is as near as I can get to standard given its age. Once it is on the road, I will probably get it covered by NFU. Insurance as a special contract with much of the terms covered by law. The underwriter is entitled to know exactly what they are covering and if you don't tell them the contract will be void from issue. They get the set the level of detail, so 1001 stupid questions is the order of the day. If you materially mis-state, you are not insured. Once the claims start, it will be up to you to show that you were truthful; that can be difficult, but you do have to deal with the burden of proof. If it goes pear-shaped, the final arbiter is the insurance ombudsman or the courts. If an undisclosed fact is immaterial, then the insurance company cannot use it against you. I have always found NFU fair, if not cheap. (According to the local rozzers, a sticker or two is likely to reduce the likelihood of your P&G getting nicked!)
  7. But it doesn't require too much in the way of design talent. Hopefully, JLRs corporate solicitors will have a go; I've heard they are rather fierce.
  8. Well, I'm back home and in one piece. The Land Rover is on my wife's hit list, so it needs to shape up or it will be scrapped/sold into slavery. i've been roll-starting it all week, parking it on slight inclines, heating the glow plugs and dropping the clutch when it was rolling. Getting it running on Le Shuttle was a bit fraught, the train is on the level, so the initial push didn't start it, so we had to push it over the join between the two carriages and get some speed up before I clambered back in and engaged first and dropped the clutch. The train stewards who saw the whole pantomime on the monitors, waved and mimed a feat of great strength! Suggestions for a decent starter motor? I'll pull this one off and see what is amiss; it's probably done 100k.
  9. Being able to follow orders, I have tried the jump lead from the negative terminal to the engine block. No change, so I guess the solenoid/starter is duff. Bloody thing! If I can get it rolling, I can start it within a metre or two, so I'm parking on a hill. Getting off at EuroTunnel Le Shuttle is likely to be fun.
  10. This will cause some of you a wry smile. I'm away in France with my wife and sister. My Land Rover 110CSW 200Tdi is playing up by refusing to start on the key. There is a click from the solenoid but no starter spinning. This morning it started with a jump start from a fellow visitor, but even with the jump, most of the times it just clicked. After a load of attempts it just started and then was fine for the morning. This evening it failed to restart at Disneyland Paris, so we roll-started it across the car park in reverse, (to take advantage of the slope). The battery seems to be OK- i've no method of testing it, but when its working the starter spins quickly and the ammeter shows only the usual amount of charge. Any suggestions to sort a sticky solenoid or suggestions of what else might be wrong? Any suggestions on independents in the area who may be able to fix it? The nearest town is Coulommiers. I have 2 sets of combi-spanners and a set of screwdrivers.
  11. I've been sent a mailer on the subject. http://view.grenadier.ineos.com/?qs=4f6ac00b27e80ec03f3f31fd0b47ed8d7fcbb68fbc25ab403a444fb9d6b6e16d2b3dcf10523c673b4c6db443b71d9b6e3ab2f70bd0f9dd0f3666ac14ce25256228b43b660bb9aec0 No clear pictures of the test vehicles, but the video clips look like a mutant Jap pickup. Looks like the marketing effort has started in a small way.
  12. A US view of the new Defender I wasn't quite expecting. Doug DeMuro comes up with a few opinions on the new Defender, suggesting the US pricing, positioning and styling will ht the sweet spot it may have missed in the UK.
  13. I suspect that's "Marketing" and they are getting them at a discount. Potentially even free, with everything bar fuel and insurance thrown in. Back in the days when I signed the cheques for a vehicle fleet, the discounts and special deals you could get for parcel of 40-50 vehicles were astonishing.
  14. I'm intrigued by the 9mm handguns book between the BMW 3 Series and Peugeot 406. Planning to do an "Elvis" on some recalcitrant vehicle?
  15. Looking at the website and video, I'd guess they are using Tesla batteries, (which would explain the 75/85KWh confusion). You can only use what is available in the re-purposing aftermarket. One day there will be kits of parts to convert vehicles to electrickery. I've been told of a US kit for an E-Type already, together with VW Beetle, VW Bus and in the UK, Fiat 500, (the original diddy one).
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