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  1. It came from a FaceBook group which has images and news items slightly before the official ones. I'd guess it is part of a "managed" leak for PR purposes. The line drawings released with them were the graphics from a trade mark application in the USA.
  2. More pictures from the wilds of the Inter-webs, the anticipated pick up version
  3. Yes, but as MBTech and Magna Steyr did the engineering for both, his claim at least looks credible 🙂
  4. Jim Radcliffe has gone on record as describing the Grenadier as a cheaper G Wagen. As a G wagen is stupidly expensive, it must be less than half-price!
  5. And another - bits for 200Tdis seems to have vanished.
  6. Like so many others I have an embarrassment of projects; not all of them cars and the motivation varies from day to day. The '89 LR110 CSW with the 200Tdi will need a bulkhead, four doors and paint soon. It's been rebuilt in my hands once and I'm not sure I have the enthusiasm to get it done again. If it works, it is the usual daily driver but the family find it cold and noisy. (It has been a godsend while sorting furniture, books, CDs and records pending my parents downsize and relocation). I'm thinking seriously of a Grenadier in 2022/3, so the 110 may be sold as someone-else's project
  7. I appreciate I am very much on the geeky end of the spectrum and probably not the target audience, but it was 4:50 and said very little.
  8. I was really disappointed by that - trivial media fluff piece. It could do with a long-form version with some explanations why the design team found them useful in the design process. I can guess some of the influences but I'd like a little more than pretty pictures.
  9. Absolutely! I have a 2019 iPhone in a 1989 110CSW. The iPhone is plugged via the AUX socket in a Awia stereo bought for its ability to drive 4 big speakers loudly. It copes well with Wase and Spotify, which is about as much as I want in a car. I can think of more than a few people with modern cars and in-car entertainment who just hook up with Apple Carplayer or the Android alternative and never delve into the menus of the fancy screen screwed into the car, notwithstanding that the additonal functionality has cost them about £1500.
  10. Many a true word said in jest! If someone provides a service and gets paid for it, it is not unreasonable for the client to be entitled to a suitable quality and that care be taken. If someone is acting as a good samaritan, then I think the only reasonable expectation is they don't make the situation substantially worse! To fail to adjust for the lack of power assistance on brakes and steering suggests they were dumb; to argue that the tow rope was too short upgrades them to malicious!
  11. Mr FridgeFreezer has it right. For members of a 4x4 Response group, each group is required to have a public indemity policy. It is a "last resort" plan, so your personal insurance cover will be looked at first in the event of a claim, but in order to put it on risk, the incident needs to logged with the local controller. Taking a phone video of the incident and the acceptance of a tow on a good samaritan basis is a good idea. Make it clear that recovery is that their risk, for all you know the vehicle could be a pile of rust. Once you ask for money, it becomes a commercial transaction and
  12. Sounds very likely. I have little sympathy for people who attempt to exploit the good nature of others. These days I use a rigid tow wherever possible as it reduces the scope for idiots to create more chaos. It is such a shame that common sense is rare in the wild.
  13. How did the insurance claim turn out? One of the reasons I have legal cover is to ensure that if my insurance company turns out to be spineless, I'll get my day in Court. Just the threat has worked so far.
  14. Thankfully, (or not), it is not that simple and would have to be tested in Court. (But as a personal guiding rule, it should keep you on the side of the angels. If it is too hard, the vehicle to be rescued looks dodgy, or the rescue is dangerous, get the person to safety and seek alternative assistance; the Dynamic Risk Assessment!). As a general principle, the law says that if you act in good faith as a good samaritan, it should not be held against you. If the recovered vehicle was damaged, the claimant would have to show that both you caused it and you were negligent. That is quite
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