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  1. This is where law away from specifics becomes relevant. As a general statement you can fit what you like in the UK, provided it is not a direct hazard to passers-by. This is not the situation in most of Europe, where there is an expectation that you will leave the vehicle "as built". (Interesting incident where "stanced" cars were tested and seized for non-conformity in Germany: https://www.thedrive.com/news/28082/several-modified-and-stance-cars-seized-by-german-police-en-route-to-worthersee-in-uk). If you put a non-approved bar on a post 2007 vehicle and you kill someone, where an unmodified vehicle would have only maimed them, your penalty may well be higher, your insurance company may forsake you, (or at least read the contract very carefully and look to void it) and life will be much more complicated. I am not aware of an actual case, so this is more theoretical than actual, but this is how the litigators look at it. Winch bars have not been legislated, (so far), but common law suggests you have a duty of care to your fellow man, so unnecessary sharp bits perforating a pedestrian will, most likely, get you in hot water. Looking at the Google ads that Western shared, the A bars are generally sold as "for off-road use only", the only heavy-duty bumper I could see was 2nd hand and all of the ARB bars are winch bumpers in disguise, (with a cover fitted if no winch).
  2. You can charge a Tesla from a 13amp plug, it just takes ages. I have dentist clients who have his and her Tesla 3s and used to charge them alternately with a 13 amp plug until their home charge point was installed. These days, they charge them at work and the business picks up the cost. At 50 miles a day, it was more than enough on a 13amp plug. Nonimouse; what kind of mileage were you expecting to do, as that cost seems really high?
  3. As both the vehicle and the ARB bumper is pre 2007, you will be fine. There is a general expectation that legislation is not retrospective; putting an early bumper on a late vehicle is a type approval issue and will take a zealous policeman or DVSA inspector to spot the problem. After an injury/claim situation, an insurance company engineer/inspector is looking for anything that may reduce or invalidate the claim. Unapproved bars on a late vehicle make their job easier. If you, as the owner of a vehicle, make a vehicle more dangerous to operate for yourself or for a passer-by, you can find yourself on the wrong end of a damages claim or, if you are the injured party, having your compensation reduced.
  4. It is the same document! Mr Drumstick, (tongue in cheek), has not quite captured the nature of insurance companies; they don't apply the law, they are accepting a risk, but if the fitment and use is an offense, they will void the contract. You cannot bind them to an illegal act and it is not their responsibility to ensure your vehicle is fully legal. (Insurance companies are legally bound to pay out injury damages where their insured was intoxicated, but they will attempt to recover their losses to the third party from the insured).
  5. Practically, it's down to the age of the vehicle and the bull-bar. The position statement is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/bull-bars/bull-bars. If it was manufactured pre 2007 and affixed to a vehicle registered pre 2007, you will probably be OK. Post 2007, you will struggle to find any for sale as the fines for unapproved commercial sales are large and unless it is e-marked it will be illegal. What difference it will make to an insurance policy will be unpredictable; sticking a pre 2007 bar on a post 2007 vehicle will not end well; after an incident, the insurer will consider you uninsured.
  6. Can I amplify what monkie said; WD40 is not a good releasing agent, although it is better than nothing: use the proper stuff like Plusgas. Give the bolts a dose the night before and another before you start to undo them. Clean the mating faces to shiny and flat. Use a torque wrench to finish tightening the bolts/nuts - more is not better.
  7. Running what I can see through the Land Rover website configurator comes to £93,920, so only a small premium for quick delivery!
  8. What is the curb weight, 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 2.0 P400e (404 Hp) Plug-in Hybrid AWD Automatic? 2525 kg 5566.67 lbs. What is the curb weight, 2019 Land Rover Defender 110 3.0 P400 (400 Hp) MHEV AWD Automatic? 2286 kg 5039.77 lbs. Pulled off an apparently Bulgarian website, but on the same basis, https://www.auto-data.net/en/land-rover-defender-110-3.0-p400-400hp-mhev-awd-automatic-37677. They will sell you the API if you want to display specifications in your own database. So, the PHEV is 239kg or 526.9lbs more. That's even more than picking me and a friend up as passengers!
  9. I would love some spider stickers! I feel I missed out the first time. (And my Land Rovers are full of spiders).
  10. Me - deposit sent in on the first evening possible: RESERVATION #0005266354. The final price could be a killer, but the 110 will need a rebuild again and I don't think I can be asked.
  11. I'd hope by now that Ineos have a firm handle on the initial build and production costs; I'm hoping that Ineos will match or beat the LR pricing for the basic 110 SW as they appear to have for the 110 commercial. LR and Ineos should both have opportunities for cost saving in production as part of the build learning curves - unless sales are poor, it is unlikely the buying public will benefit from them. LR already have some really bling version of their vehicles available, (LR90X at £80k, sky's the limit for the V8!), I will be interested to see if Ineos offer some blinged up Grenadiers as the current configurator is a bit basic. Having said that, no options are priced yet; LR charge extra for every colour except poverty white, so my solid dark blue Grenadier option may yet be priced at a premium. Remember when BL offered commercial vehicles in a number of solid colours: BT yellow, Navy blue, white, PO red etc. at a standard price?
  12. We are still quite early in the development programme for the Grenadier; there are no retail sales until July 2022 and those statutory details will probably not be finalised until very near to public launch. At the 2B presentation, I was told that the current vehicle is overweight, with the target being 2400kg, and current weight being nearer 2700kg. Weight loss here and any aero changes will alter fuel consumption quite a bit. Ineos have been very brave showing the vehicle so widely and providing such detail as they have. Older manufacturers are very careful to minimise the details that get out before launch, as they tend to ruin the sales of the vehicle being replaced/updated. Ineos did not have a market presence to protect, so being able to test in plain sight was seen as an advantage. Looking at some of the social media, I am wondering whether potential owners are starting to suffer from publicity fatigue, as information is drip fed. Certainly, as the US launch is delayed to 2023, (probably due to JLR's legal action on trade marks), I have seen some evidence of anger from too much teasing.
  13. The rather fancy looking Tremec transfer box. Ineos seem to be collecting a "Best of" OEM suppliers.
  14. It's the only way to get a decent speaker in. A Defender is a noisy place, so big speakers and high power is the obvious choice, (especially if you are going deaf).
  15. You can get a full Euro pallet in the back, it needs that to be classified as Commercial in Europe
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