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  1. I'm an independent financial adviser and it has mostly been business as usual. No going to clients, but video chats with Zoom, Teams, Skype or FaceTime. The market turmoil has triggered a few wobbly phone calls but most clients see the markets have dropped 15%ish and their portfolios dropped 3% and now rising, so are fairly chilled. I've done a fair bit for 4x4 Response, both locally and for national, from delivering prescriptions, making grant applications to finalising accounts. Mechanical work = none. Bit disappointing as I have a LR90 with a replaced bulkhead but a dashboard in 1000 random componants. Fixed a few bits of dodgy DIY at home. Now acting as taxi driver for my son, a doctor's receptionist, as the public transport is even more pants than usual, (and the little darling still hasn't passed his test).
  2. Unfortunately they were not sold to the general public. Saw one at the Eden Project and spoke to the operator and he was quite keen; bags of torque and few traction issues.
  3. My truck runs mostly on cooking oil, so I don't have too much of a vested interest, but my wife and I have been looking at solar panels and a potential electric car purchase in the next five years. Most people worldwide don't do much more than 40 miles a day, so the longer ranges of modern electric cars are a waste of battery capacity and excess weight. My wife's Fiat 500C does around 30 miles a day from home to Grantham and back, so a Leaf or Zoe would work, but is just too boring. The new Fiat 500 will come as a full range incuding an electric convertible, so one of those will do, (although the £30k it might cost could be a stumbling block). Technology is moving on quite quickly, with solar panels that work sufficiently well when they are not pointed directly at the sun, (so our roof becomes viable), and batteries that have a cost per kWh of less than US$100. Reuters were reporting that Tesla/Chinese sources suggested they could get down to $60/80 per kWh, https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/14/teslas-secret-batteries-aim-to-rework-the-math-for-electric-cars.html. If you can afford the purchase price, then running an electric car is cheap. It is noticeable that my clients who have electric cars won't go back to ICE, (I'm an IFA, so my clients usually have enough capital to buy shiny things; they are usually surprised how much their fuel bill drops by).
  4. Victor Meldrew syndrome is only ever one inconsiderate numptie away. My wife wants to blow up dog owners whose dogs foul the path and don't clean up. She would like a landmine targetting the owner and leaving the dog surprised but uninjured. (She's a HR consultant, she doesn't like people much).
  5. 110 CSW working on cooking oil again - changed jammed solenoid for new spare. Diesel price drops.

    Delivering prescriptions for NHS to self-isolating/vulnerable/immunodeficient on Thursdays as 4x4 Response volunteer

  6. I drove a few SD1 V8s as a delivery driver - one tried to kill me on the A1 on a drive from Wolverhampton to Aberdeen, when it dropped its prop, (bolts not tightened/locked correctly). The West Mids Police had a worse accident record with SD1s than with the Marina TCs that proceeded them. The Marina was feared as a scary, bad handling car in extremis, whereas the SD1 was considered fairly benign, so they pushed it harder. Always liked the look of the classic "jam sandwich".
  7. 110CSW has stopped running on SVO as the changeover valve won't throw. Sticky valve or broken solenoid? Too cross to care - investigation will have to wait as busy delivering scripts/dispensed prescriptions for the vulnerable / working / managing volunteers.

  8. 110CSW now runs on cooking oil again - just as the price of real diesel plummets!

  9. There is an article in the Spectator that goes through some of the statistics around the various death rates in the UK normally. The phrase that grabbed me was "But we have yet to see any statistical evidence for excess deaths, in any part of the world." (Excess deaths - i.e. more deaths than we would have had normally in the same period). Spectator, 28th March 2020, "The Corona Puzzle" Dr John Lee.
  10. Signed up for NHS/RVS volunteer service - I'm sure a 110CSW will be useful!

  11. When my TD was ripped out we discovered that all 4 pistons were cracked at 152,000 miles. I have replaced the TD with a 200Tdi and the LR110CSW now has 350,000+ on it. Even with extra sound proofing it does sound much rougher the the TD, but with advancing age, I'm going deaf and less bothered by it!
  12. I suppose I had better come clean; I am a 4x4 responder, my 110 has discrete orange lights that I have turned on three times in the last 12 months, road marshalling for a national cycle race, parade marshalling for Battle of Britain Day and road closures for Remembrance Day. I'm treasurer for Leicestershire & Rutland 4x4 response and a trustee for 4x4 Response UK. We are waiting for our Local Resilience Forum, (LRF, the replacement for the old civil defence structure), to decide how to use us. We are expecting to be used as transport for pharmacy meds to the self-isolating and similar. Each of the roughly 35 regional groups are different and some are much more rigorous than others. We, (L&R4x4R), try to get all responders a recognised first aid qualification and training time for public events marshalling and a bit of light recovery. More than half of us are also Police Community Volunteers, so DBS checked and trained. At the moment, I have stepped back as a responder as I am "vulnerable", (asthmatic diabetic with high blood pressure), so I'm group controller. If you meet a 4x4 response idiot, please let me know as we are trying to raise our game nationally. (Although I appreciate that the orange fetishists, the jobsworths and the tinpot napoleons are easy to ridicule).
  13. I have run my 200Tdi on SVO using a two tank system for 8/9 years and 160,000+. I am not running it at the moment as the solenoid valve that switches over the flushing from the diesel pump has partially seized. I am currently looking for a replacement valve. Until the valve failure, I have been very happy with it. My engine was reconditioned last year with an initial failure that might be tied to SVO, (the piston rings stuck in their grooves and the lubrication oil was blown out of the dipstick), but the state of the main bearing shells was such that it had to be redone anyway, (head cracked, valves, pistons, rings, over-bore, oil pump, full set of bearing shells and new injectors). The engine had probably done well over 200k. I'm wondering what I would need to do to run it 100% on SVO; any suggestions? (200Tdi heads suitable for rebuilding are becoming very scarce, I'd like one for the shelf).
  14. But at what cost? £91,650 or £143,520. The G-Wagen price makes even a blinged-up new Defender look almost sensible. (I'm waiting for the LR commercial variants as I'm NOT spending £50k on a work vehicle).
  15. Stolen from the comments in the Sunday Times following Clarkson's review of the new diesel G-Wagen:- "I’d have loved to have wished to buy the new Defender but it doesn’t know what it is; it is neither practical (you wouldn’t throw a sheep in it) nor luxurious (you wouldn’t throw a supermodel in it), so what is the new Defender other than a Disco Sport with great hindquarters but not much else?" Well, it made me laugh, anyway. Reply
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