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  1. Any tracker unit is not going to do much more than make it more likely you will get your truck back. As an anti-theft device it is pants; as a recovery device there is nothing better. Anti theft requires layers; different things to make your truck less attractive, time consuming or more difficult to steal. I have a 1989 LR110CSW - in original form you could start it and drive away by breaking the steering lock and direct wiring the stop solenoid. I have installed various things to tiddle off a thief, of which the most obvious and possibly the most successful has been a X-Eng X Defend Pedal Lock. It has saved my truck twice in eight years; it is not Thatcham approved, but I would not bother with an alarm as no one takes any notice of them. It also has a distinctive paint job, 4x4 response stickers, reg - marked windows, electrical cut-off with removable key, steering lock reinforcement, a secret switch for the stop solenoid, the pedal locker, Sky-Tag tracker and is parked on my drive under CCTV. It is also insured by NFU Mutual, who are usually good about claims. If some criminal really wants your truck, it is gone, it has to be too much hassle for them to be bothered.
  2. Digging out the original decision, IPO Decision, 20-40% recognised a LR Defender from a photo, (around section 112). The judge's comments are interesting, 'Jeep" indeed! A bit of commentary: IP Blog posting
  3. JLR shot themselves in the foot by not protecting the shape while it was still in current build. Their survey did not help - recognition was far from 100%.
  4. There are essentially two issues to think about - Cell phone signal or VHF, managed or unmanaged. Most cheap GPS units mounted in vehicles use the mobile phone network for connectivity and can be easily blocked or jammed. Not every car thief knows or cares; the usual MO for any of them with a small amount of brain is to park them up not too far from the theft for a few days and see if anyone comes to recover the vehicle. No recovery= no tracker, so happy days and they will clone/strip/export the vehicle. From a recovery point of view, the non-mobile phone signal units should be better, the well known brand is Tracker. Cost is the usual issue - it 'ain't cheap (thatcham s5 or s7). This is a managed service, with call centres and police liason. The next cheapest is Cellular/SMS with a management service, like Defender Defender or Skytag. I have a Skytag; my contacts in the police do not see a major difference from their side, so I went with "much better than nothing", not as expensive as a Tracker unit. Heritage insurance have a deal that is worth a second look. The absolute cheapest is buy your own cheap unit and monitor it yourself. This will be a SMS/Cellular unit and can be as little as £13 and a sim card. Ebay is your source, eg. This is not a recommendation! I have no idea how good or bad it is.
  5. Yours is about the same age as mine, but mine has a 200Tdi as the TD cracked pistons at 140K. I'd guess your engine has benefitted from a heavy rebuild, as almost all TDs would have been in serious need before 188k came up. One big upside of a TD is it runs much sweeter than a 200 or 300Tdi.
  6. https://www.ineos.com/businesses/ineos-automotive/news/mbtech-engineering-partner/ back a while ago, 15/02/2018 - "engineering partner" https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/ineos-partners-major-engineering-firm-grenadier-development, 17/12/2019 - "development partner" I'd guess that MBtech developed the concept and built the original mules. I expect that Magna Styer have to productionise the resultant pile of bolts and subassemblies.
  7. I'm hoping they go down the agricultural route as I live in Melton Mowbray and there are a lot of sheep and cows here! Other than warranty work I don't much care, I am comfortable about avoiding dealers wherever possible. This is supposed to be a utility vehicle, so shiny showrooms and expensive coffee should not be necessary. (Although the price tags on big tractors and combines would make even a MB dealer blush).
  8. I'd like a modern 110SW, so the currently announced vehicle would do me, but the taxation class would be of interest. In my ideal world, I'd like it to be a commercial vehicle, so the VED is calculated differently. I can live with any speed restrictions; I have little sports cars if I want to go fast.
  9. OBD that is readable without more kit, for the engine, gearbox and interior systems. After my last experiences with new vehicles, I would like to be able to avoid the dealer network once out of warranty. Well priced spares - they don;t have to be cheap, they have to be "good value". The ability to add trim options in the field from factory kits. To afford to buy the damn thing I need a "bare" one, to stop family from whinging, I need to add creature comforts over time. I want a vehicle I can keep for 30 years+, so the same basic infrastructure with stuff I can add/alter, (pretty much like the old Defender, but without the leaks, drafts and rust!)
  10. I had a bit of a dig, as I found your questions interesting, so:- https://theicct.org/sites/default/files/publications/ICCTupdate_EU-95gram_jan2014.pdf The best explanation I could find on how to calculate it, so based on sales volume across the fleet For Suzuki, 95g/KM is a struggle, I couldn't find one of their cars that could make it, https://carfueldata.vehicle-certification-agency.gov.uk/search-new-or-used-cars.aspx Celerio 108, Ignis 127-132, Swift 124-130, Balano 136, SX4 142-148, Vitara 146, Jimny 198. Now the Jimny getting the chop seems obvious; plenty of sales elsewhere and fines heading their way anyway.
  11. Pulled from AutoExpress "Earlier this year, Suzuki said the Jimny would remain on sale in “very limited numbers” during 2020 and that the car would be pulled from the market in 2021. However, this date has been pulled forward, following the EU ruling that all car makers must ensure their vehicles emit no more than 95g/km of CO2, as an average across their fleet. Exemptions exist for low-volume manufacturers and there are concessions such as super credits, which reward brands for selling pure electric cars. Car makers that produce heavier vehicles are also allowed to have higher fleet average emissions than those that produce light cars. As a manufacturer of small cars and with no pure electric vehicles in its portfolio, Suzuki has few immediate options other than to cull the Jimny. The Jimny’s relatively high CO2 emissions of between 154 and 170g/km, coupled with its low mass of 1,135kg, mean it's the latest car to fall foul of the regulations. This trend is one that also threatens Europe’s small-car market as a whole. The future of city cars looks increasingly shaky as firms struggle to balance high emissions and low kerb weights against the disproportionately expensive development costs and low profit margins of small cars." Suzuki have no heavy vehicles with concessions and no pure EVs. Their small cars can still be 'highish' CO2 producers as they have more small cars with 4WD than other manufactures.
  12. The CO2 targets are based on average fleet, (i.e. across the manufacturer's range), with a fixed % improvement each period. Suzuki's problem is their range isn't wide enough and the volume is low. Suzuki just don't have a proper gas guzzler to give them a bit of wiggle room!
  13. The French have some rather nasty laws about making people redundant, so Ineos may be hoping to be bribed by Daimler to pick up the slack and get whatever sweeteners are offered by the French local authorities. (All a bit depressing as my wife, working from home, is making arrangements to make lots of people redundant around the country).
  14. My favourite overheard description was a "Yeti blown up by a photocopier" Scarily, that was a Sturgess Leicester, the JLR dealer, who seemed to have a stream of new Defender owner collections going on. (I was quite taken by the I-Pace also being handed over to the new owner.)
  15. According to the Telegraph, INEOS has just bought BP's petrochemical buiness for $5Bn. There's a guaranteed market for some Grenadiers. Telegraph Business Pages
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