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  1. The video makes some interesting points, but key was the trade-off between absolute reliability and the quality of support. He makes the point that less than perfect reliability can be mitigated by good support and then gives the Australian decided case as an example of the importer, Land Rover Australia being much less than helpful: https://www.millsoakley.com.au/thinking/when-life-gives-you-lemons-applicant-awarded-landmark-sum-in-vcat-proceedings-for-faulty-range-rover/. Bare in mind that this summary was written by the solicitors for the supplying dealer, not the plaintiff or La
  2. Official video from Ineos Grenadier, £40k +VAT for a basic commercial and £45k+ VAT for a more trimmed retail version. Mark Tennant, Commercial Director
  3. Early '80s I worked for a Porsche dealer and we had an ARG dealer across the business park, (it's all a Sainsbury's now). Pre-delivery work for us consisted of getting the polythene, cardboard and wax off the car, checking all of the levels, checking the level of battery charge and putting some fuel in. Sometimes, we sometimes had to bolt some special wheels on or add a radio. The poor sods across the car park never knew the sort of dog they had until it turned up. Starting and running was not a given; so many cars were missing componants when rolled off the transporter, that they routin
  4. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/features/ineos-grenadier-meet-designer-controversial-roader?fbclid=IwAR32O0y16SaSR3q0NMTaTaiwKmkvFjGmkpF4I5WUji7lttpR7J9AnzZnn7w Another article in Autocar that shows the clear, blue water between the Grenadier designer, Toby Ecuyer, and Our Gerry. Who is Toby Ecuyer, (lifted from the Autocar indent panel) "Toby Ecuyer is the epitome of a self-made man. His parents lived on a farm in the Peak District and didn’t have a car. When he left school at 16, with neither exam qualifications nor their blessing, he certainly didn’t seem to be heading for
  5. My tame MOT tester, (hardly; his job is to tell me where I have missed something vital and he enjoys that bit immensely), says he hasn't had a vehicle fail its first MOT for anything other than blown bulbs or out of balance brakes for some time. He has condemned quite a number of 10-20+year old vehicles for structural rust, but they tend to be the cars with a rusty reputation like the early Ford Ka, Focus, NB MX5, Suzuki SJ410 etc. Emission issues are becoming more prevalent and the cost of repairs can send cars to an early scrap heap; 3 Series BMWs seem to feature on the early deaths for emis
  6. Many, many years ago I was a MOT tester and some of the shonky offerings would make you cry. Back then, in the early '80s, some newish cars failed their first MOTs quite badly. Most people see a car as white goods and have no interest past does it go or not, so no servicing and total neglect is not uncommon. The rules have pushed the onus on being roadworthy onto the owner/operator, who may not have the first clue about mechanics. I have met too many owners of classic Ferraris, Mercs and Jaguars who buy older cars as an asset, ('better than leaving the money in the bank, what?....."), and
  7. I used to do the fleet accounting for a large insurance broker; the discounts you could get for 5-100 of the same car and specification were eye-opening. It would start at 10% of retail and could get to 70% of retail if the manufacturer wanted rid of them or wanted them "placed" in a suitable environment. At one point all of our middle management had fast Fords like Serria Cosworth saloons as the insurance cost for most motorists were astronomical, so our discounts were huge, (dates it nicely!). We self-insured with stop-loss cover, so as long as we could keep claims within reasonable bounds o
  8. A blocked crankcase breather would be enough to send oil everywhere it is not wanted. Your turbo may be OK, but if the oil seals are shot you will still get oil in the induction system. Once you have cleaned it up, does it run OK and is the oil consumption reasonable? If so, you have solved the issue. Eventually you will need a turbo but if it works, don't fix it.
  9. Yes, that's lightly amusing. I get the distinct impression that the new Defender was designed for the US and that US commentators are being kinder than we are!
  10. I expect to buy one and the price is not the most important consideration as I would expect to keep it for decades. (Although over £40k will make it too costly and I will have to go secondhand*). For a few years I have been trying to follow "reduce, reuse, recycle", so I want to buy fewer manufactured goods but of a higher quality/ease of maintanence/longevity. I bought a Durite toaster; it was 5 x the price of a usual toaster but so far it has lasted 17 years instead of 18 months to 2 years, (and I can still buy spares). It is the chrome deco classic one - the plastic ones are not so gre
  11. I'm an accountant by training - most F1 teams acccounts do not make happy reading, if they have freestanding accounts in the first place. There is a lot of original and applied research done by the teams but any value will go to the parent company; for most F1 teams there is a subsidy in terms of a direct marketing payment or some other transfer of value. Ineos is a bulk chemical company; I am struggling to see the synergy, but that may be explained by me being in my homeoffice, bashing away on a laptop and Jim Radcliffe is not!!
  12. I struggle to see why anyone in their right mind would buy into F1. Even being a sponsor seems a bit crazy as F1 defines "money pit" for me.
  13. For me to be willing to buy the damn thing it needs to start at less than £40k including taxes. The last time I costed a LR110CSW with tow pack and some toys was £37k. I'd like it to be much less, but then I'd like castles in Spain too. I'm hoping the finished product will be more polished than a Defender from the off and I can add trim, luxury and accessories over time. I want a durable vehicle I can keep for decades, not PCP and replace at the end of every warranty! Ineos have consistently said it will be "competitive", so competitive with what? A new G wagen is £90k+, a Dacia Duster is
  14. From the Autocar article I posted earlier:- Most reminiscent of the Defender is the Grenadier’s body ‘shoulder’ that runs from the top of the front wings in a dead straight line right to the rear end. Ecuyer said this gives room for ‘stuff’ inside the bottom half of the doors while allowing their tops to be “no thicker than they need to be”. Sounds like an engineering choice to me; modern vehicles have more 'gubbins' in doors than old ones. My Morgan's cut down doors can barely support a pocket, an old mini could hold wine bottles, and many cars have speakers, electric motors and lo
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