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  1. Metal, it's old, 1989. I think the bolts are 2BA brass ones on penny washers, (as I keep a load for the Morgan wings).
  2. My 2kg fire extinguisher is bolted to the trans tunnel, just by the fuse box. I have to unclip the cylinder if I want to look at the fuses. If I need it, I'm leaving the vehicle with it in my hand!
  3. That will be very early, lift up handles, split doors and glass slides? Pictures please? I have a battered 1989 110CSW with stupid mileage and a 200Tdi.
  4. My local agricultural engineer, (and LR fixer of choice), sometimes rings me for assistance to search for obscure bits of agri machinery, tractors and classic cars, as he knows I enjoy hunting bits down on the Internet. Yes, I am that sad an anorak!
  5. Yes; they'll have access to an authorised body shop, who contractually will use genuine parts and restore the corrosion coatings, (or at least will have insurances to cover their failings if it comes to light while it is still actionable )
  6. Most insurers use policy terms written by the same organisation, so the clauses are often identical. For a new vehicle, insisting on the main dealer is a well travelled path, as is insisting that the corrosion guarantees are honoured, so the clause is not as damaging as you might otherwise think. Ask the question of the provider/broker and keep the answers in writing, (or details of who and when you were told, as almost all calls are recorded these days).
  7. That is a really good question and I don't know how you could get an objective answer. JD Power surveys suggest that all vehicles are better than they were in the 80s-90s. Back in the days when I worked for a motor trade extended warranty company, 1989-96, some marques were much better than others, with Lotus being particularly rubbish and Honda/Toyota and Hyundai much better than most. (Warranty costs killed the Lotus Elan (FWD), when GM ran out of patience). Anecdote only, JLR seem to have lots of niggles with software and poor handling of sensor failures. Again, anecdote only
  8. I think here is the crux of the matter; I don't want to spend £60k, nor I am prepared to accept £60k car repair bills! Manufacturers love to sell £60k cars because the margin for them is much greater than on a cheaper vehicle. The economic margin between success and failure is much wider. That they can screw you on the repairs and servicing afterwards is icing on the cake! I am looking for a durable car, say 20-30 years, as I am a believer in "Reduce, reuse, recycle" and believe that consumerism is wasteful, ultimately a dead end for humanity. My 110 and 90 are currently the best f
  9. I think that is probably an understatement in terms of sales lost. I look at a D3, D4 or D5 and just see a vehicle I cannot fix without a big 2 post lift. The new Defender is just the same; these are not vehicles built for an extended working life but to last to the end of a PCP. I don't buy disposable vehicles, so if it won't last 20-30 years, I don't want it. The JLR dealers don't help; LR independents thrive as the dealers are often hopeless at fault repairs and are always pricey. I appreciate that I am not the target customer, but I know I am not the only one dissuaded by the exc
  10. The Grenadier - what do gamekeepers think; new video from YouTube.
  11. Pre one-piece steel doors, you can bend the tops down to gain access; a deadlock will just make it slightly more annoying, not impregnable. You can pull the side windows out of a CSW, so deadlocks would just mean more irritation rather than proper security. (I don't think Leicestershire Police have recovered from the embarrassment of having the doors and bonnet nicked from the loaned LR110 outside Market Bosworth nick. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3763756/Land-Rover-parked-outside-base-stripped-bonnet-five-doors.html)
  12. There is a concept of "Fair Use" with media; the video is available from YouTube, (free to distribute but not free to monetise), I've credited the source and given the full original URL. I have not passed it off as mine and I pay for my Telegraph access, so I came by it legitimately. They will not sue. Non-commercial research and private study https://www.gov.uk/guidance/exceptions-to-copyright. If they disagree with my interpretation, then it gets taken down and I cancel my Telegraph subscription, muttering darkly that the baby and the bathwater have left the building.
  13. Time to talk to a proper broker or one of the more specialist providers. I've always had good experiences with NFU, but they seem to be getting a little more fussy about the risks they will accept. Try Hiscox or look for Brokers in the phone book, (or Google). Anything tailored will be more expensive per £1000, but that's life I'm afraid.
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