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  1. I had some trouble bleeding the system on my Discovery after a head gasket change, I used the Rave method but I couldn't get the cabin heater to work i.e there was an airlock somewhere. I traced the air lock to the pipe that runs along the inlet manifold, to get rid of it I raised the expansion tank as high as the hoses would allow and ran the engine till it was warm (without the expansion tank cap) and hey presto, hot air from the heater! Basically just agreeing with what Jim has already said about the expansion tank being slightly lower.
  2. Many thanks for the replies guys!! Bob, thanks for the offer! We're heading up there for the last week of October, the only thing that is in doubt is if I have to be on call for work, which would mean I would'nt be able to go so far away! I'll be in touch nearer the time when I have a better idea of whats going on cheers Mike
  3. Hello eveyone! I'm new to the forum, but luckily not that new to Land Rovers! Anyway I'm off on holiday soon to North Yorkshire, I've not been off roading there before and was wondering if anyone could recommend any lanes or centres that would be worth a visit? I've been told that Langdale is worth a look! Many thanks, Mike
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