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  1. Or make your own low ethanol petrol (Just need some water and food colouring).
  2. I have the exact same doors on my garage, I lined the inside with OSB to make them stronger, otherwise it was too easy to punch through the wood slats. Also changed the hinges to ones that you could coach bolt to the inside, so people could not just access with a screw driver to unscrew the hinges from the outside.
  3. Might be of interest at 2m56s mark about an electric Range Rover conversion https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-57901893
  4. I found UPS to be much cheaper to send things to the continent.
  5. Use Standard SI prefixes e.g. deca, hecto, kilo, etc (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deca- for full list) Or do what they did for a lot of the engine build upgrades. e.g. Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, etc
  6. How about a better full shank Torx bit with an open ended 1/4 inch spanner I've use this before for tight spots This needs about 10mm of clearance to use as you can cut off the unneeded shank.
  7. The problem is that Samsung has replaced a lot of Google's effort with their own inferior UI
  8. That is because Apple would say that you are holding it wrong 😁 They did actually say this to some people, when they screwed up the design that caused left handers to bridge a gap between different aerials, then they started charging people for "rubber bumpers", then they gave the way free but after the uproar died down, they started charging for them again. The problem with Apple is they treat the customer very badly and bank on fanboys (or people they have locked in to their closed ecosystem) to still buying their over price mediocre product.
  9. I think that all these would beat an iPhone7 on Battery Life, Camera quality, Screen quality, robustness, speed, storage. The only thing the iPhone7 would beat this is on pre installed Apps to do useful stuff like email and messaging, but that it easily solved by downloading a free email program, What's App, etc.
  10. Nice, the Doogee S96 has wireless charging as a benefit over the Ulefone X8, which means you don't have to pull out the rubber stopper and plug in a lead to charge and be a source of physical wear (the usb socket is what is going wrong on my current phone) Let us know what it's like once you get it.
  11. There are a couple of brands like the Ulefone, managed to get a number of Doogee S40 phones for about £50 each, they no longer produce the version we got for £50 but there are updated models to replace it. Not used these as an actual phone but as a portage computing device with NFC, and for this they are great, might not be the faster or best screen but they have good battery life. One downside as a normal phone is that there has been no security updates for them.
  12. I checked 2 different props and they seem to have equal deflection in both directions. But it is totally possible to have deflection values as the limiting factor on each directions is a different part of the prop. They could have different yoke depths and styles of cutouts on the the flange side. I note that it looks like a gap pointed to in the picture below with the red arrow is different to mine which move until there is no gap in this direction/
  13. Only £18.5k for a 2001 Discovery 2 with 180,000 on the clock, A bargain. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164806822143?hash=item265f4088ff:g:aeIAAOSwom9gccBG
  14. Both are true, if you look at the wiring diagram only the 7.5Amp fused circuit uses the diodes, the two 10Amp circuits bypass the diodes and are marked as 12AC And if you look at Page 5 in the diagram it shows both wave forms and if you translate some of the sentences it says
  15. If you mean one of these Mine used for a Defender and the round part is about 30mm diameter and about 129mm long.
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