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  1. And if that does not work then you can also use hammer shock technique while under load from the spliter
  2. zardos

    A cautionary tale

    Given that the dent looks rusty but the rest of the head is not then it suggests that the dent was there for some time (probably before it was sent?)
  3. zardos

    OT - Seeking help!!

    As look for independent spare parts sellers like https://www.hebebuehne24.de/hebebuehnen-ersatzteile/hebebuehnen-hersteller/stertil-koni/
  4. zardos

    OT - Seeking help!!

    A lot of their manual have the stickers in them but cannot find the manual for the 4040 (google seems to find manuals on their site without login) I think I did find the manual at http://manualzilla.com/doc/6761558/st-4032---st-4040---velkommen-hos-kim-have?page=22 But no stickers in that but it does have the lubrication table which I think is the red page, Or the best I could find was Could translate the wording to make your own from this (found on auction site https://www.bva-auctions.com/nl/auction/lot/37845/12164963?pid=2 ) One for sale at https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/auto-diversen/gereedschap/m1389414991-4-kaloms-hefbrug-koni-2002-ko-4040-4000kg.html May be ask for more pics of labels? Or try a friendly distributor or seller
  5. So I've used a Tom Tom truck one in the past and it was reasonable good, that allowed you to enter weight and height of your vehicle and it would select routes that did not go via roads with weight and height restrictions. (Their current line up is https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sat-nav/truck-sat-nav/#productLineup )
  6. For an Android App I don't think you can beat "Here WeGo" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.here.app.maps&hl=en_GB Which is what used to be Nokia Maps and is now owned by some car companies (Edit it's Audi, BMW, and Daimler and Nokia maps used to be NavTeq) It has offline maps that are frequently updated, so does not require a data connection unless you want traffic updates.
  7. zardos

    Seal seating tools

    The old seal usually makes a good seating tool.
  8. zardos

    14CUX HotWire - Ign input - Megajolt

    From memory as mine was connected to a manual switch it would raise the idle by a couple of hundred rpm.
  9. zardos

    14CUX HotWire - Ign input - Megajolt

    My 14CUX had an input (pin 33) from the aircon clutch which causes it to increase the tickover revs to better handle the load of the aircon pump when the aircon comes on. I'm note sure why you would want to do it a more complicated way
  10. zardos

    Refillable spray bottles

    That's the exact one but larger size than the one I have for brake cleaner, still going strong after 6 years
  11. zardos

    Refillable spray bottles

    The best hack I've done a sprayer like that is plumb in a PCL air socket like https://www.screwfix.com/p/pcl-ac21cm-airflow-male-coupling-socket-bsp-taper-male-thread/ Then just turn the air reg down to below max pressure of container and connect up to my compressor and then spray the fence with it 🙂 No hand pumping, bad spray patterns, just constant air at a good pressure
  12. zardos

    Refillable spray bottles

    https://whiterosetools.com/products/sealey-pressure-solvent-sprayer-with-viton-seals Looks a bargain
  13. zardos

    Refillable spray bottles

    Really need something with Viton Seals for chemical resistance and they are not cheap.
  14. zardos

    Retractable Airline Recommendations?

    An old wheel makes a great hanging point for airlines.

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