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  1. You can also buy Surge protectors like https://www.weldingdirect.co.uk/12V-Battery-Surge-Protector So you don't need to disconnect anything.
  2. Gates of this size tend to be slide gates not hinged because the amount of force caused by the weight and leverage will need a very substantial point to fix to and probably multiple fixings to stop them pulling out. I've seen some gates with a taller hinge side with a diagonal down bar to help support the weight. The other option for hinged is to have a wheel/caster on the un-hinged end to help support the weight (then your un-hinged side diagonal is the right direction otherwise as @Anderzander say both should run down to the hinged side)
  3. Ah sorry that was £2.26 over budget 😁 Found it at Wickes in 100mm and cheaper and in budget https://www.wickes.co.uk/Manrose-Aluminium-Duct---100mm-x-3m/p/167627 I measured mine and it was 100mm The website of original link also has a stronger version and can handle a higher temp but at a much higher prices (but not as high a price as their rubber exhaust tubing).
  4. I used semi flexible aluminium duct when running my build in the garage, this seem to work well, I seem to remember I picked up a 2m length in B&Q but can only find shorter versions there. Just stuck it out the door and crushed the end a bit to get a better seal. So here is a link to a longer version https://www.ducting-express.co.uk/product/flexible-ducting/semiflex/semi-flex-3m-length-80mm-diameter Though you have to be careful it does crush easily and not good for sharp bends.
  5. A bit late, but M6 rivnut 9.1mm hole with 0.25mm to 3mm expansion should have worked in your 9.9mm hole https://www.orbitalfasteners.co.uk/products/m6-rivet-nut-thin-sheet-steel-grip-range-0-25-3-00mm-hole-size-9-1mm or even bigger grip range https://www.orbitalfasteners.co.uk/products/m6-rivet-nut-flanged-steel-grip-range-3-50-5-5mm-hole-size-9-1mm
  6. This might be big enough https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bliss-HS2500-H-52-48-Hydraulic-Straight-Side-Power-Press-2500-Tonne-Ton-Rhodes/254389041448 😁
  7. For Drawing I have used Libre Draw (part of the free Libre Office suite https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/) with circuit symbols extension (https://extensions.libreoffice.org/extensions/libresymbols) If it does not have the symbol you want you can draw it yourself and then re-use In the past I have used Visio with similar symbols addons, but moved away from paying for an office suite to a free one that is just as good. For Simulation I've used Qucs http://qucs.sourceforge.net/ But it can also draw The main thing is once you have connected line (wires) to symbols wh
  8. You could charge it when mains is not available to charge it with a second 24v Alternator. Gigglepin to a dropper box where you could change a single alternator to 24v and drop it to 24v for things that needed it. I also thought they had a battery switch over system that would allow 2 batteries to be charged in parallel at 12v each and then switched to be in series to power a 24v item (a 24v winch in this case). The other simpler option is to just run a lower output ups (most 825VA/450w) which tend to use a single 12v battery and thus can be charge/run from a normal vehicle setup. If you
  9. Luckily for us the coach was all 24v so we could also use the engine alternator to run/charge it via a VSR
  10. Yes, you can use a UPS as a pure sign wave inverter, we used one on a coach motor home we had, it worked brilliantly. We picked up a UPS that was for sale because the battery was dead for £16 (inc p&p) With a few little mods it worked as what is usually called a "Shore power" device. The mods was to take it apart and find the the on battery power warning buzzer and clip the connecting leg (you could also de-solder it or for some you might be able to configure it off with software) We also extended the battery leads to an anderson connector to allow easy connection to a much larger
  11. Sounds fine, except for isolator for winch and winch power and earth. Winch motors can draw more than 175Amp for extended periods of time. Depending on the winch this can be up to 500A, so anything related to the winch should be in 70mm2 really.
  12. Mine is in a similar position as "De Ranged" but slightly further back and quite tightly packed but even with a Rover V8 and twin oil to water coolers, the second fan of the twin staged fan setup never came on and the first fan came on rarely. It was piped with long lengths of flexible rubber hose down the gearbox tunnel. I think that the greatly increased water volume from the rear rad and the fact that it was not blocked with mud and the engine block itself had access to very unrestricted cold air which could escape out the side easily made it much cooler than my other v8 with a normal fron
  13. The 50mm cleats are designed to handle cable that is 7.8kg per meter
  14. Like Hydraulic pipe clamps, you can get nice armour cable cleats in large sizes https://www.swaonline.co.uk/cable-fixings/cable-cleats and. https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/14348-50-8mm-pvc-swa-no-20-cable-cleats-sold-in-1-s
  15. I saw an Ad for an electric Corsa and then checked it out but then saw that the fossil fuel versions were around £16K but the electric version was twice the prices at £32K. I then thought £16K buys a lot of petrol. 🤔
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