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  1. zardos

    Running an Electric Cool Box in Camp

    So that Model States an energy use of 73kWh/Year (it's in the picture of the standard energy efficiency label) Some calculation so this is 0.2kWh a day or 200Wh a day (* there are some gross assumptions here but about voltage conversions but Wh sort of removes that) So https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/helpandadvice/technicalhelp/solar-power/ States that a 50W panel generate 300-350Wh a Day in summer (less in winter, but then less cooling would be needed in winter)
  2. zardos

    Alloy Wheel Style Name

    And that has turned up part number STC8516 Thanks
  3. zardos

    Alloy Wheel Style Name

    Thanks, seems they made them in 17" for the Freelander as well so why not 18" for Discovery.
  4. zardos

    Alloy Wheel Style Name

    Can anybody tell me the wheel style name of the Discovery 2 (51 plate) R18 wheels in the picture
  5. For 14 CUX you will probably need another 5K car TPS POT as most normal POT's would be 5K over around 270 degrees where are a TPS is probably 5K over 90 degrees
  6. My only concern is how waterproof is that Pot (normal ones are not very waterproof)
  7. zardos

    Tyre inflation - non-standard

    Or just inflate to 8psi because you want the extra grip in the mud And the will be sliced to shreds by stones / perished before they wear out.
  8. zardos

    car trailer straps

    Can just buy the wheel bracing bar many on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Recovery-Alloy-Wheel-Securing-Link-Straps-Trailer-Transporter-x-4-Yellow-Purple/151435048831 or https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/451869-Merry-Recovery-Ratchet-Car-Alloy-Wheel-Protection-Straps/1271210159 Just make sure your existing straps are long enough (4m straps were a bit short especially on 35 inch plus tyres, 5m was better on a standard ifor trailer) Ebay has lots of cheap recovery straps set.
  9. Why bother with fuel cells when it is very easy to run a normal petrol engine on mostly Ethanol. There are a number of vehicles that will run on e85 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E85 ) which is 85% Ethanol . France and the US have this more generally available.
  10. Unfortunately Electric cars actual do have fluids in them. The high performance batteries, electronics and motors need cooling, there are reduction gearboxes with oil and brakes with hydraulic fluid, etc
  11. A nice map of UK power generation output https://www.electricitymap.org/?page=country&solar=false&remote=true&wind=false&countryCode=GB
  12. How about LPG your diesel. More power, cleaner burn (note lpg on diesel is not a fuel replacement, but as an additive)
  13. zardos

    Compressor regulator fittings??

    They might call it a "Slim line quick coupler" I think (I might be wrong) e.g. you need https://www.sipuk.co.uk/sip-02321quick-release-slimline-female-coupler-1-4-bspt-end-fitting.html https://www.sipuk.co.uk/sip-02322-quick-release-slimline-male-coupler-1-4-bspt-end-fitting.html To go to standard BSP The top ring in the picture slots in to the nut and then the nut screws down to just press it against the pipe.
  14. zardos

    Injector spill rail banjo fittings

    I assume you mean a Banjo eye/tail Best I can find is M6 x 4mm https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PLAIN-TAIL-BANJO-EYE-UNION-FUEL-LINE-HOSE-FITTINGS-M18-M16-M14-M12-M10-M8-M6-/331603495414
  15. zardos

    Bent steering rod

    I had a standard one behind a steering guard, it got bent slightly in a winch challenge competition, it soon snapped due to metal fatigue. (There was a lot of left to right wheel turning at low speed/stationary so it got straightened and re-bent a lot).

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