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  1. I have a copy of my magnecor spec I used for my 3.9 Disco 1 engine but with the coils in a non standard location (because Nige's bracket would not fit with a second alternator, so mine are mounted above the driver's side rocket cover)
  2. zardos

    Thermostats that last??

    Also how accurate is the gauge and sender? From https://www.vdo-gauges.com/media/instructions/TU00-0770-5104620 Temperature Sensors_short_version.pdf At 85C some of their senders have a +/- accuracy of 8.91 % And as they actually measure resistance then the wiring resistance which can be affected by various things like temperature of the wiring and other factors While expensive fluke IR temperature guns tend to have an accuracy of +/- 1C But cheaper ones are known to be +/- 2C And they also they are measuring from an area (cone) which might include colder components depending on distance measure. And to add to their inaccuracies the temperature on the inside of the thermostat housing will be higher than the outside. So overall I think you quest for this level of precision is flawed unless you do measurements in a more accurate setting outside of the car with calibrated instruments and measuring the opening and closing movement of the thermostat vs temperature.
  3. zardos

    Reciprocating saws

    Yeah I bought mine Saxton from Amazon, they are cheaper than direct from Saxton 🤣 Reading the reviews the titanium seem to get better reviews than the carbide for metal but I'm sure that people are probably going to fast with the multitool as Saxton site says " Please be aware that these blades will fail quicker if they overheat. Try using the Multitool on a lower speed and use the whole width of the blade without using excess pressure. Use a suitable cutting oil. This will add to the longevity of the blades. " This gets me thinking my multitool goes from 6000 to 23000 spm whereas a Reciprocating saw tend to go from 0 to 2700 spm so I would say for metal that a Reciprocating saw is less likely to overheat the blade on metal but has similar access issue to a hand hacksaw.
  4. zardos

    Reciprocating saws

    Fein/Multitool was the best tool I bought, used for lots of things but only had to cut nails with it, not bolts. But the right blade is essential as the standard blades are only bi-metal (for aluminium and copper) I found that https://www.saxtonblades.co.uk/fein-multimaster-bosch-makita-compatible-blades was a good place to get blades and other accessories
  5. zardos

    Favourite socket set

    Given that @soutie picked his set up before they should be available on 3rd Feb, this is probably a set of old stock from a different special offer day.
  6. zardos

    Favourite socket set

    So my mistake the £50 one is the NON flexible version.
  7. zardos

    Favourite socket set

    Halford have the "Advanced" version of the ratchet spanners in stock with £5 off at £50 with "Life time Warranty" but not the "Pro" version at £30 near me.
  8. zardos

    Favourite socket set

    I was talking Lidl for the through socket set, I think that for the price/quality/warranty combination is better than other cheap tools and good enough for a lot of DIY use.
  9. zardos

    Favourite socket set

    They don't have any stock because the they are not due to come in until Sunday 3rd of Feb 😉 in the UK for Ireland https://www.lidl.ie/en/special-offers.htm?articleId=15826 Not due in until Monday 28th of Jan
  10. zardos

    Favourite socket set

    And if people want a set of through sockets then Lidl is doing one on Sunday for £12.99 with 3 year warranty https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/MiddleofLidl.htm?articleId=19998
  11. zardos

    Favourite socket set

    If the quality level that is acceptable to you is a £30 socket set then make it an impulse purchase and buy a under £30 12pc flexible ratchet ring to see how you get on with them instead of buying an over priced "Quality Set" 😉 I've had my two cheap sets (long and stubby) for about 5 years of light DIY use with no problem.
  12. zardos

    Favourite socket set

    Sort of half way been a socket set and a ratchet ring, I prefer a ratchet ring as the pass through diameter is as big as the nut size and you can get them with flexible heads which make getting in to tight spaces easier.
  13. zardos

    Dremel or similar

    I have a Lidl mains powered one, which has stood up to my light use fine. For my level of use, a cheap one with 3 year warranty is great. Note that they have a battery powered one in the middle isle at the moment, but don't know how good it is.
  14. zardos

    Online buying Advice

    So may be appeal to a forum member who lives near Lincoln to go a pick one up personally or it seems that he visits events around the country and again get some forum member to get you one and then post it on to you (with tracking).
  15. zardos

    Online buying Advice

    Ask for proof of posting (this is free to get) so you can get royal mail to investigate the losses and if they did not ask for it, then they have no proof that it was sent. If they have proof and royal mail cannot find it then you probably won't be able to claim on paypal but could get £20 from Royal mail. Note that Royal Mail don't consider it "lost" until 10 working days after due date (so 11 working days for first class)

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