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  1. Hi all, I've been on the phone to Ralf's team and bent a few ear's! Aike has said he wil lsend me an email with more info about conversion's, what's options they have too! I'll forward to who ever want's this.
  2. Far to much money for me.... but thats the way comp car's are going to stay at the top! good job i own a Quad now.
  3. I have 3 x 1st place (xtreme) Trophy's sitting on my cupboard.... is that History!
  4. I'D love to take part but .... 1, all cars here are fitted with winter/snow tyre's 2, i'll be out on my Quad in the snow....... 3, i don't own (thank god) a land rover! i will send a picture of me Towing one out with my quad if i can find one stuck!!!
  5. OMT was sold to xtreme-offroad.de send a mail to Ralf they have them in stock with differant wheel stud patten's!
  6. plop i can't see it here in germany Marsie any chance of puting on youtube and sending me a link! i need to see this! :lol:
  7. To close to Croatia trophy comp. But it does look like we may go next year?
  8. Mike this forum is a "Hang-mans Court" did you not know that! post on here and your "Shot first and Hung second" whats why i dont post on here!
  9. Dont see why there should be a "minimum" weight limit? if the other entry's can get there weight down thats there problem! i dont see why you should be worried about your weight as your happy to go up against what enters!!! :lol:
  10. I'm not planning on going in 2011 either!
  11. Daan, Mate YES we would have gone! i took part in the Borneo safari event last year.... yes i was only with the recoverey team. I know the RFC event and i'd liked to have tried it! and i know we would not have turned it down if offered! But i would NOT pay to eneter the Borneo Safari as there is not enough comp driving time for me! but if people want a great adventure then they SHOULD GO as you will never forget the trip!!!
  12. Dont think it was ever passed down the line??? as Dan and i would have gone! Free entry to a very big over sea's event is not to be over looked!
  13. This is the first year i won't be able to make it! i've entered for the last 4 years! still one 2nd place and three 1st place's are enough! i let somebody else win this year! :P
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