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  1. Hello fridge freezer, do you have a link to eBay ? Regards Rasmus
  2. Is it possible to weld om det portal gear hous ? maybe it was possible to make a new bracket for the steering ???... Otherwice full hydrosteering will be nice Rasmus
  3. it is 1:599 from a c303 volvo. i think the price is like 35000 ddk with all.
  4. The Volvo c303 axles is now for sale, all incl. Ready to fit your landy. With disc conversation and to lr rims. Is only for sale because i have a new project !
  5. Hello, I have not take material from the Volvo hub only from the diameter of the hub. Regards rasmus
  6. The only thing I need to do with this project is to install new caster correct busches for the radius arms, and make new steel rims because it is 2100 mm width now with my time fitted 39,5-14,5-16 irok tires And maybe find a electric vaccum pump for the lockers ? Any idea there I can find a electric caccum pump on the internet ? Regards Rasmus
  7. Hello everyone I am looking for a kit that makes my c303 from drums to disc. Are there some people in here with links to such a kit? i wouldt like to run on original lr rims. And maybe some picture from your disc project. Regards rasmus
  8. tonight was me and two friends on Funen and get my C303 axles home. they look super good, and very compact. it must definitely going to be really good and get started. I would first find out what condition they are in. get seen on the bearings and seals. then will I make brackets to link the system. and when all this is over I'm going to and make a disc brake kit ... Here is the first real photo of the portals, they are just loaded on my companion's multifueler
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