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  1. I expect you have Steve :). The subject of what is or is not allowed - separate chat forum, etc - are most likely to bleed across to the rest of the site, etc, as you know, This subject has been discussed to the death many times. For those of you that are following this thread - off topic posts cannot be moderated, as one thread should then fairly be allowed as any other, and removing one will obviously be considered as unfair. There can never be a members right to post something off topic by right of time on the site, number of posts, or anything else. This has always been a technical site, and that fact is why it is here and why there is such a wealth of completely free information available.; You bust it - someone will tell you how to fix it. Someone else busts it, then there is undoubtedly someone on here that can tell you how to fix it. Your mental health, sad death of a pet is very sad, but please consider the effort it required to create this website and what it stands for - that has (and should not) ever change. In my opinion A&M team - please don't lock or remove this thread unless there is no other reasonable option. Les(grumpiest person on here )
  2. I agree. If the current pistons are standard, then buy maximum oversize and get the bores matched to them. With care, the resulting engine will outlast you The block will have to be totally stripped for a re-bore, so I suggest you go for a full rebuild/ restoration. All being well, you will be installing a brand new engine. It is well worth it and I speak from experience. Les.
  3. How could it be reviewed. this is a technical website and nothing else. Les.
  4. The subject of off topic posts has been discussed many times and that's why there is a forum charter. If the sad loss of a loved pet is allowed, then why not anything else that someone decides to post. Where is the limit and where would moderators or admins draw the line ? This whole website was created for the sole purpose of technical advice. The old LRE website was closed and the majority of the members of that website came here voluntarily. Cornish rattler - I know your pain. I've sat here and watched my last dog put to sleep and it was terrible. I don't mean to target you, but this is not the place to post about it. On Monday of this week I looked into my dead daughters face and I won't be starting a thread about it as it's not the place to do it. Les
  5. Defender section, why does that matter? The post title could be interpreted as anything at all, such as Land Rover Stolen, crashed beyond repair, etc, etc. Why wouldn't I read it and so what if I did anyway? The subject of what is or is not acceptable on here has been discussed on here many times since I helped to create it. Let it slip, and it will inevitably get worse as you can't realistically allow one person to post something off topic without then letting someone else do the same thing, so what was created as a strictly technical website becomes somewhere you can post any old carp that you like? Since this website became live, My GSD/Collie cross had to be put to sleep right here on my living room floor and he has his own grave in my back garden. I didn't post it on here for the same reason as the forum rules that I helped to create, nor would I post anything outside of those same rules. If anyone posted anything they liked. Would it be ok to have to trawl through loads of posts that's title may be mistakenly misinterpreted as something to do with Land Rovers? Les.
  6. No, that's my dog. If he died I wouldn't be posting about it on here. I recently lost my daughter and I won't be starting a thread about it on here. From the forum instructions - " So, from now on new threads and posts must meet at least one of the following criteria: Must be technical in nature. 4x4 or offroad related. Of benefit to the membership. Threads and posts that do not meet with the above risk being amended or deleted without prior warning. The moderators decision is final. Posts about mental health etc while sad, are innapropriate Les
  7. The reason you make a guide is that there's a possibility that you can damage or reverse the lip of the seal. You can do it by hand, but be careful. If you make a plastic applicator, then be careful as there's a risk that you can over stretch or even split the lip of the seal. Les.
  8. I'd second electronic ignition. I fitted it to a petrol/ gas LTWT once and the difference was amazing. Ducellier dizzys had a bad reputation for wearing out quickly (rotor shaft bush wear). Les.
  9. Handbrake oil seal replace. If there's no play in the bearing then there's no need to remove the bearing housing and the seal can be replaced in situ. Les
  10. I'd be concerned about that vertical score as well. Les
  11. Hopefully it's a stem seal, as they are relatively easy job to replace in comparison to a guide. Les
  12. There's no problem if your insurers are aware of any modifications. You are then covered. Les
  13. You can't beat a good old record vice, but everything has it's limits. I had a vice break on me and I ended up with 4 stitches in my ankle where the broken bit ended up Les
  14. It's not illegal at all to convert one type of suspension to another. if that was the case then replacing standard springs with HD ones would be illegal. lifting the vehicle with longer springs and shocks would also be illegal. What utter rubbish. Replacing standard leafs with parabolics, etc, etc. I have done coil conversions many times without there ever being an issue. Just tell your insurers and that's all you ever need to do. Les.
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