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  1. Handbrake oil seal replace. If there's no play in the bearing then there's no need to remove the bearing housing and the seal can be replaced in situ. Les
  2. Flexi hoses do internally swell up with age and eventually block or restrict the return of brake fluid. Doesn't tend to do intermittently though. Les
  3. That is awful. Someone should just punch the seller in the face. I'm not sure about Mad max - more of a dodgy Gilbert thing really. Les
  4. "other than a driving brick" ​But all land Rovers are Les
  5. Few things can cause this. The worst being piston blow-by. To check this just remove the oil filler cap and see if the pulsing stops and then can be felt through the filler cap hole. Other thing is exhaust/inlet gasket leaking between exhaust and inlet port. Valve not seating/cracked/chipped. Head gasket compression leak to the camshaft side of the engine. Les
  6. If there's any air left in the system - especially the injector pump, injector pipes, or injectors themselves, then it can take a few flat batteries to get the engine to start on the key. With older diesels it's far easier to get a tow start if you can. Les.
  7. Spill return is after the engine, so even if you direct the spill to a container it wouldn't effect how the engine runs. Any air in it would be from the injectors backwards. Les
  8. Just because the cooling system isn't pressurising doesn't mean the head gasket isn't leaking. There are several ways it can 'blow'. It's quite common for the timing belt to be fitted one tooth out on the 300TDi engine, and I've done it a few times in the past, but it's always noticeable once it's fitted as you have to turn the engine clockwise back to the timing marks and check them. One tooth out means that from cold it takes an awful lot of cranking to get the engine started, but it's not too bad if it's already warm. Idle is terrible though, and there's almost no acceleration. Grey smoke
  9. Smell the smoke. Does it smell of diesel (stings the nose), burning oil (tends to be blue or black), or steam (you will be having to top up the coolant on a regular basis). Les
  10. Adwest are the best. I think they actually remanufacture their steering boxes as opposed to re-con, which can mean anything from giving it a good clean, to replacing seals on a unit that still retains the worn output shaft. Les.
  11. Doesn't look too bad in my opinion apart from the paint job. The seller is obviously a devil-worshiper Les
  12. Early Hippo's were known for having weak rear diffs. Ashcrofts (I think), supply tougher units. I've rebuilt a few, and it's do-able for a reasonably competent mechanic. Pinion bearings tend to wear quite badly, but the whole diff assembly is complex to rebuild, as there are several 'normal' roller bearings, plus needle rollers, seals, etc. Jack the rear wheels up, disconnect the prop, then rotate the diff flange, and feel for roughness. Diff has no drain plug, and it's glued on with RTV sealant, so be prepared for a bit of a mess Les
  13. Still trying to figure out why the back doors are still on it. 'Professionally built' only means he paid someone to do the job - not that they could weld/ be any good at the job/have any kind of imagination, etc, etc. If I'd paid someone tio build a 'trayback' and it looked like that - I'd be looking for my money back. Les
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